The tragedy of pastors, ministers, preachers, and those professing to be Christian who sat idle, unbelieving of the degree of evil and its swift ability to make that which is abnormal, an abomination against God and nature normal is being met out all around the Western world. In every Western government.

Over 40 years ago, when I lived in Southern California, not yet transformed by the power of the Spirit of God I witnessed what was taking place. I’m not a prophet, and I was not a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ way back then. I’ve just been given a wee gift of keen observation and the ability to put things together to paint a picture. Back then I told people there was coming a day sooner rather than later when the immoral abomination of homosexuality would be accepted and lauded, and homosexual marriage would be permitted. A person doesn’t need to be a true Christian to know in their heart and mind that homosexuality [this includes lesbianism as that is homosexuality] and transgenderism are immoral. A sin. Against God and nature.

People I told this to laughed in my face and told me outright I was nuts.

I told this to the woman I was dating who would eventually marry me over 35 years ago. While she did not laugh in my face back then she did not believe me. At that time. Since then she has mentioned more than once how she didn’t believe me when I said what I did and how she never thought things would become as they now are. She now tells me how she remembers my telling her what I did and how it has come to fruition, tragically.

I don’t write this to boast. I am nothing and whatever I do have is by the grace and gift of God. We’re all given certain gifts. Mine is observing and putting pieces of the picture together. That’s all. I am nothing without God. I can’t make my heart beat or give myself life. Only God can do such things, such amazing things. I write this to reference the opening sentence of this piece. No one saw or spoke out about what was coming. Because they never believed it could happen. Like my wonderful dear wife, who I love so much. [She has other gifts from God].

The overwhelming majority of people were incredulous when told such a thing would take place in America, in Western nations.

“That will never happen here!”

Well, folks, it has. In what amounts to the blink of an eye in the timeline of history. Everyone wants a sign, a sign of the times, a sign that what is written in the Bible is true yet those same people refuse to look, to see, to listen, to hear.

You can call this [conversion therapy] whatever you want. The world has twisted, corrupted, and perverted language along with everything else over the past 20, 30 years or so — call it conversion therapy if you want to be accepted by the world. What the brouhaha amounts to and why this is now coming to a head wherein legislation is being enacted is all because individuals who were being convicted in their hearts and minds that their immoral sexually deviant lifestyle wasn’t right sought out a Christian minister, a Christian counselor, a Christian person for help. Something was wrong in their lives. And they knew that in their heart and mind. So, individuals sought out clergy and sought out pastors and Christian counsel regarding what was troubling them.

People met, talked seriously, prayed, and were counseled.

Well, evil wasn’t going to sit idle as so many professing Christians and pastors had for so long without addressing the times in which we live. No siree, evil never is distracted, lazy, tired, or preoccupied taking time off. Evil is noisy. Evil is relentless. As are the ministers serving evil. They obey their master, Satan, eagerly and constantly desiring to please him.

Imagine what the Christian church would be if the same were true of those professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

This didn’t happen overnight. It has been a transition over the past 30 years or so. Yet much quicker than at any other time in world history for such a major shift in a culture. The people have been given over to reprobate minds, wicked minds, forsaking God and God has in turn given them over to their lusts, lies, delusions, unrighteousness, and sin due to their unrelenting thirst for wickedness and their rebellion against God.

Few pastors, ministers, preachers, or churches address this. I believe for fear of having to deal with phone calls, emails, texts, letters, protests, and loss of revenue.

Imagine where Christianity would be had the apostles, the 12 plus Paul thought and lived as so many professed Christian preachers, teachers, pastors, ministers, and professed disciples of Christ have these past 20 years or so.

Christianity wouldn’t presently exist. And at the rate it is deconstructed, perverted, corrupted from within and from without what remains is anything but what it ought to be according to the Word of God.

There wouldn’t be any Christians at this time in history had the apostles and those early Christian church servants and workers taken the same view and course as the modern-day model.

It’s high time pastors, preachers, ministers, elders, those working in the church, and those professing to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ face up to the reality we are living in the last of the last days. Judgment has begun! We are witnessing and living God’s judgment met out on a sinful, wicked, turned to every unrighteousness under the sun people. It’s high time all the aforementioned got off their arses, stopped their preoccupation with other matters, ceased their denial of what has taken place and what is taking place, and actually bore good fruit. Actually were bold and not afraid to speak the truth. Didn’t hide or remain idle or silent because they just don’t want to deal with the pushback from evil, which will come. Or the loss of revenue.

Tell you what — if you make it to heaven? Seek out the apostle Paul and explain to him why you just couldn’t make the sacrifices, that you have so many meetings and the financial planning with the church board, your church book club, that car wash to attend, that committee, and on and on and on with the why you couldn’t be bothered to speak or write to the times at hand according to the Word of God.

How you could not tell people we are in the time of judgment.  God is presently judging the sinful world. See if the apostle Paul understands why it was you refused to make the Lord, make what is in the Word of God your priority rather than all those other things. That you were fearful of preaching or speaking or writing to the times, that you didn’t want the hassle. To hear people complain and accost you.

Evil grows, evil has grown only due to one fact.

The righteous people didn’t show up. Those professing to be Christian were otherwise occupied. Refusing to believe it could get this bad, that these things that are now reality would ever happen. The professed Christians sat on their laurels and their butts speaking and writing about everything else under the sun refusing to do the dirty work required to battle against evil. Making it a political matter rather than a spiritual one.

Thank God we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit on our side otherwise evil would consume and devour almost all of those professing to be Christian!

Hey, pastors, how about finally addressing the times in which we live? Preach to the times in which we live. Preach of the judgments we’re witnessing and the judgments to come due to our refusing to be obedient, living as we desire rather than according to the Word of God.

I don’t want to hear another person that says they are a Christian saying, “How did this happen!?

It has happened for one reason and one reason only.

Those professing to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and children of God allowing it to happen.

Disobedience, being lukewarm, appeasing the world rather than obedience to God. Fear of offending a person while having no qualms about turning from God.

Too many other things to get involved in, talk about, and get mired and distracted in to pay attention to the raging spiritual war taking place I guess. Those on the other side in this war aren’t spectators, aren’t foolishly thinking they can sit out this war.

Tragic. Really tragic.

And now? Now we are where we are. And where do we go from here?

Well, the remnant is being buffeted and tried and tested, while many others who built their houses on the sand are falling, they are as the seed that fell on the hard path where the birds descended and devoured the seed, they were the rocky ground where when the seed fell it could not take root and quickly withered, they were the thistles, and when the seed fell it was choked out — yet these still call themselves Christians!

The remnant will prevail. Because our God is a Mighty God, an Eternal and Protective God. The ONLY True God and He will prevail. Evil does lose in the end.

But between now and then? What now Christian, what now?

When will the pulpits ring out with pastors and preachers truly relying on the Holy Spirit to give them the words to speak, and the sermons delivered are those to equip the flocks before them? When will the meat be served up rather than a sugary beverage? When will pastors and preachers actually preach the times in which we live to the people of God!?

What is everyone waiting for?

What is more important than this?

Your Bible vacation school, that camping trip, the Christian softball game, the Christian cruise with a celebrity pastor, that bake sale, or car wash?

What are you waiting for folks, what are you doing with the time the Good Lord is blessing you with!?

Maybe it’s time to pay attention to the signs that are all around? Many of them glaring, flashing, and making a lot of noise. I don’t know how or why they are being missed and people can’t see or hear them.

Call it what you will, but it is only people in need of God, in need of Jesus, in need of the truth coming to a Christian for help. To pray. For comfort. To read Scripture and be there to help the person in need of salvation. And now it has to be legislated against. With even the queen of England’s speech, which I doubt she wrote this time, or that she is in agreement with. Her son, Charles, a minion of the Evil One, delivered the speech to the nation.

But it was delivered.

When will those professing to be the Lord’s stand and deliver? Not be concerned about the consequences or saving their backsides, or not having to deal with the pushback from evil?


Ken Pullen

Thursday, May 12th, 2022



Queen’s Speech confirms legislation to ban conversion therapy


11 May 2022

By Staff Writer

Reprinted from Christian Today [in the U.K.]


Plans to bring forward legislation outlawing so-called conversion therapy were detailed in the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday.

The speech confirmed that transgender people will not be covered by the ban: “Recognising the complexity of issues and need for further careful thought, we will carry out separate work to consider the issue of Transgender Conversion Therapy further.”

The legislation will only fully cover under-18s, with adults allowed to consent to the therapy.

The plans were confirmed by the government despite an angry backlash from lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender campaigners who are pushing for transgender people to be included in the ban.

Simon Calvert, spokesperson for The Christian Institute’s Let Us Pray campaign, has warned against legislative overreach and said that the Bill must not be allowed to become a form of blasphemy law that criminalises the expression of certain opinions.

“Everyone deserves to be protected from verbal and physical abuse. But No.10’s leaked memo on conversion therapy confirmed that lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people are already protected by existing law, a point made by former No.10 Director of Legislative Affairs, Nikki da Costa,” he said.

“The memo also admitted that ‘the evidence base for further legislative measures on conversion therapy is weak’. There is always a danger of unintended consequences in any piece of legislation but legislating blind, in the absence of an evidence base, is especially dangerous.

“Pursuing this Bill seems to be more about placating angry backbenchers than addressing an actual gap in the law.”

Mr. Calvert expressed concern about calls from lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender campaigners for the ban to include “gentle, non-coercive prayer” and the teaching of abstinence, and from Humanists U.K. asking that it include confession and repentance.

His concerns have been echoed by Jason Coppel Queen’s Council who in his expert legal advice warned that a broadly worded ban could criminalise Christian parents and the ordinary work of churches, including prayer, pastoral conversations and preaching.

“The Government says it wants to protect religious freedoms in the legislation but many of those calling for the ban simply do not agree with them,” he said.

“They want the ban to be a new speech crime – a kind of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender blasphemy law – to criminalise those who express the ‘wrong’ opinions.

“By pushing forward with a ban the Government risks handing these activists a veto on the ordinary, innocent, everyday practices of churches.”