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One time active, thriving church in Scotland



Prayer Request #20 — Six places and many people to pray for fervently


Sunday, September 8th, 2019

ACP — A Crooked Path


1.) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Europe)

A national awakening is needed. there has been one in virtually every century of the last 800 years — the last was in 1859-69. Pray that Christians might grow passionate and obedient, humbled and repentant for God’ honour turning back to Jesus the Lord, God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the life-giving Word of God. May we all be burdened to pray for revival and be freed from deadening negativism and materialism and multiplying false teachings that pervade the churches.

2.) England (Europe)

England is the most secular of the four countries that comprise the U.K. (United Kingdom). National Christianity is giving way to atheism as the main barrier to true faith; the trappings of inherited cultural forms of Christianity are being discarded. This presents both a great challenge and a new opportunity for a fresh start to the re-evangelization of England. Pray that the Holy Spirit may break into lives and bring a sense of the reality of God and the truth of the gospel. Pray that hearts and minds be pierced in the truth of the Holy Bible and the growing darkness spreading over England recoils, retreats and more and more repent and turn back to God the Father, Jesus the Lord and the ways and teachings of the Scriptures.

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Church in United Kingdom converted into a bar / nightclub


3.) Northern Ireland (Europe)

Segregation and sectarianism remain, despite the prevalent peace. Separate confessions, separate churches, separate schools, separated communities keep Ulster a divided land— roiling always under the surface the great divide, the bitterness and disobedience to the Word of God. Northern Ireland’s history has long been used as an example of religion’s destructive influence by the unbelieving, pointing, saying “Aha! See how the Christians are!”; pray that is may no longer be so and becomes a testimony of faith’s power to heal and restore by the people allowing their hard hearts to be thawed by the truth of the Word of God and to live in obedience to His Word.

4.) Scotland (Europe)

There is a shortage of sound in the Word clergy; many current clergy are out of touch with the needs of the congregations. Nominalism is widespread, liberal theology still dominant and Freemasonry influential. False teachings and worldly doctrines have infiltrated the hearts and minds of many clergy and congregants. Churches are being converted into bars, nightclubs, residential homes, businesses and so on. Still, there are stirrings of new life through those evangelicals who remain. Pray for the Church of Scotland to return to its Biblical roots and to the radical but Biblically grounded faith of its early martyrs, pastors, preachers, writers and genuine believers.

5.) Wales (Europe)

Wales is known as the land of revivals and the land of song. From early in the 18th Century Wales experienced a consistent series of revivals, the last of these occurring in 1904. Since then, decline in church attendance and closure of churches in Wales have been higher than in any other part of the United Kingdom. In recent years, though, pockets of growth have appeared, especially within evangelical congregations that both proclaim the gospel and demonstrate it through community involvement. Pray that revival may come again and that the entire country will again sing the praises of Jesus Christ the Lord.

6.) Isle of Man & Channel Islands (Europe)

The Isle of Man has a long Christian tradition, but just as in all the U.K., nominalism is rife and non-religion is growing. Pray that the Church will continue to strive to bring people back into the fold and that the Isle of man might see an awakening. Relative prosperity and an emphasis on material wealth have inevitably blunted the spiritual life of the Channel Islands; pray for an awakening to allow the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and lives of the people, for repentance and turning back to the Lord in obedience.