Perceptions of the Value of Human Life — Report #7 (Cultural Research Center, Arizona Christian University


Dear subscribers and readers of A Crooked Path. I receive regular e-newsletter updates from the Cultural Research Center located within Arizona Christian University, in conjunction with George Barna Group Research gathering, one of thee most accurate, if not thee most accurate research gathering centers in America today. I believe it is helpful, if not vital, to know as best as can possibly be gleaned from polls and surveys the pulse, the heart of people in our times.

I realize some folks don’t like clicking on a link, opening a .pdf file, and reading the contents, but this is the only method possible with all this very important and timely information. Whatever inconvenience might be felt, or aversion, I sincerely hope all will overcome those matters and take the time to open and read the .pdf of seriously compiled information on just how little the majority of people value human life.

AWVI 2020: Perceptions of the Value of Human Life
(Report #7: 06-23-2020)

Below, readers will find the contents of the e-newsletter form letter sent out to people by Arizona Christian University Cultural Center President Len Munsil.

I hope each of you will spend time reading not only the .pdf mentioned, but scroll down below Mr. Munsil’s letter and readers will find a “Related” area with further research gathered:


Dear _________:

This week, as we release the seventh installment of the American Worldview Inventory 2020, we’re seeing more clearly than ever our nation’s desperate need for revival—for a dramatic restoration of God’s truth throughout American culture.

The latest AWVI 2020 research finds that the majority of Americans no longer believe that human life has intrinsic value—with six out of ten rejecting the fundamental idea that human life is sacred. Stunningly, only 39% of Americans today agree that human life is sacred, or that it has unconditional, intrinsic worth.

This research from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University also shows that almost seven out of ten—a whopping 69%—of Americans see human beings as “basically good.” This view is so pervasive that a majority of every subgroup of Americans studied in the AWVI 2020 adopted it.

The segment least likely to say “people are basically good” are those with a biblical worldview (52%), according to the research conducted by Dr. George Barna, CRC Director of Research.

This latest research is especially troubling as we consider how important a biblical understanding of human nature is to our nation’s institutions.

The biblical worldview provided the framework for American institutions, life, and culture, informing our founding values and the creation of our political system.

Our Declaration of Independence embodies the biblical view of human nature—the essential understanding that we are endowed by our Creator with natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The biblical worldview is clearly embodied in the Declaration—human life is sacred, even if a majority of Americans no longer believes this to be true.

Similarly, our Constitution—which establishes a limited government with separation of powers within the context of the rule of law—embraces a biblical understanding of human nature as fallen and not essentially good.

Because human nature is fallen and not essentially good, the temptation of those with political power will always be toward corruption, toward amassing and abusing political power. To check fallen human nature, the Constitution first limits the powers of the federal government, then systematically divides and disperses this limited power between the national government and the states, within three branches, in a multiplicity of ways.

American founder (and second president) John Adams famously summarized this biblical understanding in Novanglus in 1775, when he wrote that ours is to be “a government of laws, and not of men.” The founders embraced the biblical understanding that human beings are fallen, with the rule of law needed to protect liberty by establishing objective legal standards for all. Similarly, we are reminded by Lord Acton, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

We abandon the biblical understanding of human nature at our peril. If we harbored any illusions on this, CRC’s latest research is a clarion wake-up call to speak and teach the biblical worldview.

As we’re seeing our national moorings being systematically and thoroughly dismantled, and the biblical worldview understanding of human nature all but lost, our mission at ACU is more important than ever.

Throughout their time at ACU, our students are taught the biblical understanding of what it means to be human, created in God’s image (imago Dei), yet fallen and in need of salvation through Jesus Christ. They study America’s biblical founding principles, and learn the ways we as fallen people have sometimes failed to live out those principles. We’re training a generation committed to placing God’s truth back in the center of our culture.

This starts with each one of us, in our families, our neighborhoods, in our communities—wherever we are, we are part of the call to restore God’s truth and the biblical worldview. As Jesus taught us to pray, we are committed to doing God’s will on earth as it is in heaven, and to restoring Kingdom principles to our communities.

Yours for equipping Christian leaders,

President Len Munsil, B.S., J.D.


AWVI 2020: Perceptions of the Value of Human Life
(Report #7: 06-23-2020)



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