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Overview of Matthew (Videos): 15 minutes and 26 seconds that can change your life, your eternal life


by Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019


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I have been exceedingly blessed by the Lord to have been led to a truly alive in the Spirit, Bible-centered, Bible-based, Bible-focused, Bible-teaching genuine Christian church. No place is perfect where it is made up of people still in the flesh, but the church I have been richly blessed to have been led to, and am in the process of becoming a member of is the most Bible-teaching, Bible-centered — all of the Bible not concerned with appeasing the world and making people “feel good” rather than be taught the Scriptures by men of God relying upon the Holy Spirit to lead them — church I have ever experienced.

In this church, which is large and growing — because people truly are seeking the truth of God, of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit and Their living inerrant word and not the muddied, mingled with worldly false doctrines and “feel good” politically correct (New Age pagan, demonic) abominations, the refusal to preach sin or refusal to preach the True Word of God which are spreading like Ebola through America and the once firmly Christian nations of the West — there are Bible studies during the week. One for men. One for women.

I have joined the men’s Bible study. Because I am a man.

This is my first men’s Bible study at this church. And we are embarking on a 10 week intensive study of the Gospel of Matthew.

I am including here a video we watched in the introductory class on the study of Matthew because it greatly impacted me in its clarity and ease of understanding, which ought to lead to further, deeper study and greater understanding then of anyone studying and meditating upon the Gospel of Matthew.




In the comments section found below the above video on YouTube, you may have read some contention, some disputes forming over “How could he say John the Baptist was neutral!?” And some took exception to the statement made in the part 1 video above.

Perhaps they are not familiar with Matthew 11:

Matthew 11 — English Standard Version


Now when John heard in prison about the deeds of the Christ, he sent word by his disciples and said to him, “Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?” And Jesus answered them, “Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive their sight and the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up, and the poor have good news preached to them. And blessed is the one who is not offended by me.”

Matthew 11:2-6 — English Standard Version


While in parts of God’s Word it is a mystery as to the chronology of events, as sometimes we do not need to know the chronology we just need to know and discern wisely the Word of God to know Jesus better and grow closer to God in our daily walk — here in Matthew the chronology is clear. John is in prison. AFTER having met Jesus, AFTER having baptized Jesus — and John sending two of his disciples to inquire of Jesus, “Are you the one who is come, or shall we look for another?”

In our study we need to slow down. Read every word. Ask for understanding of every word. Taking all in context and nothing out of context.

On the former theme of ACP I had the following quote by Miles Coverdale on the Home Page. Due to how this theme configures and for spacing, so on, I made numerous attempts to permanently include the following quote, because I deem it of great value and something we each ought to turn to and memorize when we read Scripture (I am still working on how to make this quote a permanent part of ACP as it was on the previous theme, but until then here is the quote):

“It shall greatly help ye to understand the Scriptures if thou mark not only what is spoken or written, but of whom and to whom, with what words, at what time, where, to what intent, with what circumstances, considering what goeth before and what followeth after.”

~Miles Coverdale

John the Baptist, in prison, soon to be beheaded, sent two of his disciples to inquire of Jesus. No word in the Holy Bible is there by mistake. There are no words in place that are not there with divine purpose and intent in the God-breathed Scriptures. Let us read slowly. Understanding the history, the culture, the times, the who, where, what, when and why. And then discern from this what is means.

Also, at this time, let me state what the man of God preaching in our time who relies upon the Holy Spirit in all this teachings, Alistair Begg, who always says, “The plain things are the main things, the main things are the plain things.”

Let us not get distracted, pulled aside, pulled in a direction that will not benefit us one iota in a point of minutiae. Let us keep the simple, plain, direct and true words of Alistair Begg in mind when studying, and especially when in church, in discussing Scripture with someone;

“The plain things are the main things, the main things are the plain things”

~ Alistair Begg.

In context. Historical, cultural and spiritual.

John the Baptist was a Jew. Raised on the Scriptures — the Torah. Well versed and knowledgeable in the books of what we know as the Old Testament. As such, along with the times he lived in, the Jewish culture under Roman rule and oppression, and from applying presumptions each person makes in approaching anything and everything — many Jews, especially in that time — were expecting a Messiah that would come and rule like a worldly king. That was their finite minds working. They expected and wanted a mighty king, with a great army and much power to come, show Himself and destroy their oppressors and set up His earthly kingdom.

John was perhaps expecting just such a Messiah to rise up. Expecting Jesus to finally rise up and assume this role. Otherwise why would he send two of his disciples to inquire of Jesus, ““Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?”

Basically saying, in today’s parlance and vernacular, “Look, man, are you the guy to bring the kingdom we’ve all read about about!? Are you going to do something other than preach as you have been doing? Are you the guy we heard about all these years? Or do we need to keep looking? Our leader wants to know.”

Also, read all things in context. As Miles Coverdale stated — what comes before and what follows. The what comes before and WHAT FOLLOWS cannot be stressed enough in its importance.

Does Jesus then throw John under the bus, to use a very crude and horrific bit of modern-day vernacular?

No! Hardly! Read what Jesus then goes on to say about John the Baptist.

So here’s another clue for you all, let’s never bring presumptions into our Bible reading and Bible study. Let’s allow the words of God to truly speak to us. One word at a time. One sentence, one verse, one passage, one chapter, one book thusly the whole Word of God. Each word important and where it is, stating what it is with divine purpose. Not just randomly tossed in.

Okay, in the title I wrote “Overview of Matthew, 15 minutes and 26 seconds that can change your life, your eternal life.

If you are counted among the saints and walk with the Lord as one of His, one of His disciples then in viewing both of the videos included here, taking up 15 minutes and 26 seconds of your time I strongly believe each person will have a greater depth of understanding and clarity of the Gospel of Matthew than before viewing the videos. Even if you are an acclaimed Bible scholar, a teacher, a believer of decades — watching these two videos can greatly benefit you.

And if still unbelieving? Still walking a fence? Thinking being a “good person” is enough? Going to church on occasion or even every Sunday is enough? Or if you vehemently doubt and permit the raging of the devil to resound in your ears, in your mind, in your heart? The master of lies, mayhem, rebellion and confusion?

All I ask is for you to take 15 minutes and 26 seconds to watch both videos. In fact, just watch the first one, taking a mere 8 minutes and 16 seconds of your time. And if that does not perk your interest? Help you in understanding who Jesus is? What the Bible is all about? Who is this Jesus? Why do these people believe, do as they do? I pray the Lord will work in you. That a mustard seed is present and it will grow and take root.


But if in watching and listening during that 8 minutes and 16 seconds a stirring? An interest? Something was going on inside of you? Then do not ignore it. Do not continue to permit the whisperings of the Evil One to keep being heard in your conscience of Christians are this, the Bible is that, Jesus was only such and such — tell the devil to flee and he will.

Get yourself in a calm quiet place.

Acknowledge sin. Sin in your life. We’re all sinners contrary to what this world teaches. Confess your sins.

Ask the Lord to give you understanding and spiritual wisdom. To forgive you.

Jesus’ ministry, Jesus Himself came as a mustard seed, not a king at that time to overcome the world by force and with a great army — He came as a mustard seed that began to grow in Matthew, and thorughout the New Testament to spread out like a mighty cedar, a mighty oak and that mustard seed now almost has grown to cover all the earth and all the earth’s people regarding Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus the Lord. Jesus the Messiah. Jesus the Prophet. Jesus the High Priest. Jesus the King taking the place of every other lord, prophet, priest and king.


Then take a mere 7 minutes and 10 seconds more and watch the 2nd video here, and then allow the heart to soften, the Lord to speak, and each of us to pray and understand and be led by Him and to get to know Him. To get to know Him better each day God our Father blesses us with.