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Ahh, their feelings were hurt. Because the truth was spoken. And as a result? The church leaders apologize. Because they brought in a speaker that spoke the truth, in part.

10 years ago this sort of thing never happened and would never happen. A supposed Christian church apologizing to evil for speaking the truth about sin and what is enmity with God and goes against God’s word!

These things…Christian web designer opposed to creating same-sex wedding websites loses at 10th Circuit…and supposed Christian churches having practicing homosexuals as pastors? Elevating and celebrating the sin, the immorality, the perversion and abnormality of homosexuality and transgenderism in churches? Never would have happened only 20, 30 years ago and are now commonplace. Becoming the norm. Beginning to dominate.

These things to this degree so openly, so blatantly, so widely accepted and approved of, so incorporated while spitting on, removing, altering the inerrant infallible living and active word of God never have happened in all of world history. Until recently.

We are witnessing things on a worldwide scale that have NEVER HAPPENED IN ALL OF WORLD HISTORY BEFORE!

And people do not believe or see how close we are to the end of world history as it has been known? And the return of the Lord Jesus Christ one more time?

These things have never happened in world history before. Not on a worldwide accepted level. Not growing as they have as quickly as they have, being adopted by and accepted into so-called professed Christian churches, in schools, in government, in every aspect of life on earth in the West.

Never before.

And it isn’t very, very close to the end? People are actually capable of deluding themselves this is all going to continue to go on for another 1,000 years? Another 100 years even? How lost, blind and deluded can one be!? What will it take to finally see?

Evil, sin, abominations, perversions, deceptions, corruptions, lies are all being elevated, celebrated, applauded, lauded, and approved of. Replacing the foundations. Replacing the truth. Replacing facts. Replacing history. And this grows by the day. And the people think it is good. They think it is leading them to some enlightened place. Better than ever before.

And we have professed Christians, who are clearly not anything close to being or knowing what a Bible-centered, Bible-believing, Bible-literate, God-fearing, Bible-living disciple of the Lord, child of God true Christians APOLOGIZING to sin, refusing to call the sin, sin, and saying how much they love the people committing these perverted, immoral acts and sin.

If you truly love them? Then you are not fearful, not cowardly, not hesitant, not spineless in telling them the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help you what is in God’s word. Speaking, telling, writing to them, counseling them in the truth of God’s word. And how sin is sin and unless they repent? Confess their sin? Turn to God? Are transformed into new creatures with renewed minds and spirits, made new by the power of the Spirit of God to regenerate and bring life and light into death and darkness? Unless that occurs? Unless that is taught and made clear? And unless they are instructed if these things do not happen?

That these poor lost souls living lives of delusion and in utter darkness, in bondage to Satan and their sin will have to endure the depths and pain of hell. For eternity.

Ahh, they were offended and hurt by what was spoken for a bit on one Sunday.

Imagine the hurt these very same are going to experience for eternity unless they come out of the darkness, turn from their sin, repent of their sin and commit their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. In truth. In the whole of the word of God. Not omitting or adding anything.

And not only them, but those that have apologized for a bit of truth entering their ears and refusing to live up to what being a true Christian means and is. Standing up to sin and evil. Boldly. Boldly fearlessly speaking the truth of the gospel. Sharing the whole of the word of God. Not capitulating, not appearing, not more concerned about their feelings but actually caring about their eternal fate.

They love these folks?

Hardly. Another lie — for if they possessed true agape Christian love? And they had the love and truth of Christ in them? They would not bow to the god of this world and his evil, his lies and they would not capitulate to him, but they would speak the truth to the lost souls, to those walking in darkness, living grossly immoral and sinful lives and speaking to them, helping them see their sin and helping them to see the only way out of their enslavement and eternal death is to hear the Lord, see the Lord, come to the Lord, confess their sin, repent of their sin — sincerely — not merely feeling remorseful, but true repentance. And then to be baptized and to live lives according to the word of God — as they are truly incredibly transformed, made anew, by the power of the Spirit of God.

But to apologize? To perpetuate lies and delusion? To serve the Evil One rather than serving the Lord? And declare you’re Christian? Oh, woe to them, woe to them and all those. And I pray they see their grave error and stop serving Satan and finally learn and know what it is to live and serve the Lord. what it means to truly be a Christian, taking up one’s cross in obedience and being a living example of the miracle of being transformed into a new creature by the Holy Spirit to live, walk, talk, do and be as a true disciple of the living Lord, King of kings, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and only Redeemer, Saviour there ever was, is, or will be.


Ken Pullen

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


Ohio megachurch apologizes after speaker criticizes cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

By Nicole Alcindor

Reprinted from The Christian Post


An Ohio megachurch has apologized after a guest speaker from a socially conservative advocacy organization drew backlash and protests from the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender community and its supporters.

Demonstrators gathered on Sunday for a protest at the Crossroads Church campus in the Oakley neighborhood of Cincinnati following a speech made by David Mahan, the director of policy with Center for Christian Virtue, Ohio’s largest Christian public policy organization, on Sunday, July 18.

With several campuses, the church is the largest church in the tristate area.

Mahan was invited as part of a series of guest speakers and spoke to the audience about gender identity and gender transitioning.

During his speech, Mahan touched on the effects of puberty blockers on transgender-identified children and families.

According to The Enquirer, Mahan argued that transgender individuals should be viewed similar to anorexic individuals who are suicidal because they think they are fat.

Mahan reportedly asked the congregation what they would do if an anorexic teen came before them saying she was suicidal because she was fat.

“What is your response? Affirmation, or do you try to get her distorted mentality of herself to line up with her biological reality? What do we do? And if we do the latter, why wouldn’t we do it with the same dysphoric condition of transgender?” Mahan said.

The church’s auditorium was reportedly filled with applause. Mahan concluded the talk by citing data from a study attributed to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Mahan reportedly called it the “best science we have on this topic to date.”

“We are hosting a demonstration as a response to the Crossroads sermon from last Sunday, which was primarily talking towards transgender people and transgender youth in which they made a lot of hurtful comments about transgender youth and transgender people,” co-organizer of the protest Jack Crofts told Fox Now 19. “We came out here to show our support for the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer community and also to hold Crossroads to account to what they’ve said and get them to solidify their viewpoints.”

In response to the backlash last week, Crossroads Church released a statement to WCPO offering an apology.

“This past weekend, Crossroads hosted a guest speaker who broached the subject of children seeking to transition to a different gender. Unfortunately, there are many who have been hurt and are looking for clarity,” the statement reads.

“Regardless of a person’s sexual or gender identity, we love them and welcome them, as does God. What was shared this weekend was never meant to hurt anyone, and we deeply regret that it did. This is a topic that warrants increased care and empathy and we’re sorry that didn’t happen this weekend. Crossroads also does not financially or otherwise support any political organizations and their platforms including the Center for Christian Virtue, where this weekend’s speaker is employed. We have no intention of being active in this or any other political space. Our main goal has and will always be to bring people to Christ.”

Center for Christian Virtue President Aaron Baer said in a statement shared with The Christian Post that the invitation for Mahan came after Crossroads staff saw a video of him preaching at Columbus Christian Center in May on the “medical and political movement to put children on dangerous cross-sex hormones and sterilizing puberty blockers.”

“I was blessed to attend all three services, and was deeply moved by the response of the congregation — there were standing ovations for David’s message and his conversation with Senior Pastor Brian Tome at the end of every service,” Baer explained.

“However, as with all conversations around sensitive topics such as the effects of puberty blockers being forced on families and children, there were some in attendance and online that were offended by David, and condemned Crossroads for giving his message a platform.”

“In the wake of the backlash, Crossroads released this statement, apologizing for causing harm to people. They also removed any mention of David, CCV, or his message from their website and social media,” Baer added.

Baer argued that it is “essential churches continue to press into this very urgent issue.”

“In today’s culture, any discussion of gender identity is going to spark harsh backlash. Yet few speakers in the country understand the real-life impact of the transgender movement like David Mahan,” Baer stressed. “He’s personally witnessed the pressure children are under today, and has sat with parents who have been bullied and intimidated by doctors to put their children on dangerous experimental procedures for the purpose of ‘gender transitioning.’”

Baer stated that at least five “gender clinics” in Ohio are “pushing cross-sex hormones and puberty-blocking drugs on children.”

“Cincinnati Children’s Hospital attested under oath that for 100% of the children that enter their clinic, they recommend cross-sex hormone therapy,” Baer said. “These treatments have not been approved by the FDA, and cause permanent bodily damage.”

In response to the many who took to social media to express distaste for the guest speaker, Mahan told WCPO Cinncanati that he loved the congregation and that he wanted to help steer kids suffering from gender dysphoria away from suicide.

A shocked and devastated congregant, Ashli Kurzhals, who attended the service, told The Enquirer that it felt like the rug was being ripped out from underneath her because she once thought the church was affirming and accepting.

“It felt like the rug was being ripped out from underneath me. I came here thinking it truly was an affirming, accepting church,” Kurzhals was quoted as saying. “And sitting inside that service last week, I was appalled, disgusted, and then devastated to see how many people stood up in ovation to the message.”

Brian Webb, a former worship leader at Crossroads, talked to news outlets to address his concerns about Mahan’s comments.

“I was shocked,” Webb was quoted as saying. “He was saying we need to keep transgender people and activists out of the church. That causes so much pain to a group that’s already very vulnerable and marginalized.”

Fox Now 19 reported that Lead Pastor Brian Tome addressed the controversy during this past Sunday’s service.

“This past week we have heard from a wide range of people who are hurt. Those from the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ community, those who have friends in the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ community, teachers who didn’t feel supported, and last but not least, those who are upset that we seem to be apologizing for everything that was said and being weak and afraid of ‘cancel culture,'” Tome said.

“As you know, our community’s unique, and that we go to the scriptures for how life is best lived. We do this in a transparent and respectful way. Of all the mistakes I made last week, the biggest was I didn’t say this, ‘We love people in the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer plus community, and that wasn’t clear last week. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. That is on me. God loves all people.”