I understand anyone asking, “Why is this article appearing in this place?”

I debated within myself for a bit whether to post the following article here.

The following article truly does not fit, upon first consideration in this place. I get it.

It is here for all those who know little of yet continue to denigrate, revile, and hate the nation of Israel.

Or those who have determined on their own to cast aside the truth within the Scriptures that the Jews and Israel are God’s first chosen people and will remain so, and that Israel is God’s chosen land, Jerusalem His chosen hoy city, and instead they believe and follow the errant, worldly replacement theology, or the words and doctrines of the pagan world that hates Israel.

It would behoove every person to take the time to study and learn the level of research, development, and creation taking place already has taken place in this land chosen and blessed by God the Creator.

Learn the level and degree of inventions, innovation, creations, discoveries, and how God blesses His people in wisdom and knowledge percentage-wise to the rest of the world — and study also what the rest of the world devotes their time, resources, and efforts into in comparison.

Yes, the people of Israel refusing the truth that Jesus of Nazareth, born in Bethlehem, of the lineage of King David IS THEE Messiah, yes they are a stiff-necked people, and yes many have turned from God and turned to the pagan world, the lusts of the flesh and are not only denying the Lord Jesus Christ but also God and the Scriptures.

But that does not mean whatsoever that God no longer looks upon Israel as He has and as He has promised them in the covenants He gave them — which are eternal. God is unchangeable. His word is eternal. And Israel is His chosen land, Jerusalem His chosen holy city.

Don’t believe this? Refuse to believe this? I didn’t make it up. Open an approved translation of the Holy Bible and learn these truths for yourself.


Ken Pullen

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


New Israeli Air Conditioner Kills 99.999% of Viruses and Bacteria

Tadiran filed a patent for technology uses hydrogen peroxide based technology to destroy airborne germs in the home.


January 12, 2021

By Yakir Benzion

Reprinted from United with Israel


The Israeli air conditioning company Tadiran has filed an international patent for a new air conditioning system that purifies 99.999% of viruses, germs and bacteria, which exist in just about every home in the world, Globes reported Monday.

The innovative technology was developed by the company over the past three years and uses a system integrating the chemical hydrogen peroxide, which is known for its other uses as an antiseptic, rocket fuel or for coloring hair.

The technology was tested in an FDA-approved laboratory in the United States and got rid of all household pollutants, the report said.

Tadiran was once part of a giant Israeli conglomerate that manufactured a wide range of products including batteries, home appliances, medical equipment and satellite communications gear, but was broken up into different smaller companies including the air conditioning division that at one point was owned by the American air conditioning pioneer Carrier.

The new system, being marketed as “Air Care 02,” is now part of Tadiran’s Sense Inverter series mini central air conditioners. The technology converts moisture in the air to hydrogen peroxide and uses it to purify the air by killing viruses and bacteria.

“The technological need for purifying and disinfecting air has increased significantly in these current times, due to the changes that have taken place over the past year, with the need to stay in enclosed spaces and the increased use of air conditioners as a result,” the company said.

Tadiran says the new products will be introduced to the market later this year.

“Research by the World Health Organization has found that our home living environment is five times more polluted than the outdoor environment – something that causes infections among millions around the world,” said Tadiran CEO Moshe Mamrud, noting that the pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in the time people spend indoors.

“Several years ago, we already decided to lead in the field of treating the air and producing a healthy home,” Mamrud said. “The patents that we have developed are currently being presented to leading air conditioner companies around the world and they are arousing major interest.”