Once again professed Christians are permitting the corruption, the perversion, and death of language to occur. Bowing to the world’s terms and altered realities and definitions. Euphemisms. Lies. Misdirection.

When a homosexual or transgender person is seeking counseling due to their awareness how they have been living isn’t working, that it is wrong, that they have been convicted in their heart to seek help in their situation it isn’t “CONVERSION THERAPY” being offered or at work. It’s called repentance. Seeking forgiveness of sin and being at enmity with God. Not wanting to live in such a state any longer.

This is why homosexual [and lesbians are homosexuals] and transgender individuals are seeking CHRISTIAN pastors, counselors, people to help them at this juncture of their lives.

And evil is so desperate knowing its time is limited it has got its enslaved minions to alter the laws. To adopt new laws making speaking to a person about their dilemma a criminal offense.

Evil is attempting to make any speech, any writing, any discussion that opposes it and allows the Word of God, a Christian viewpoint, a Christian way of living unlawful. Illegal. Punishable by years in prison.

This is what is in store for a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ praying with, merely speaking with a homosexual or transgender individual about their way of living and to help them in their wrestling with how they have been living, as they sought out someone, a Christian person, for help thus knowing how they have been living isn’t right. Otherwise, they would just carry on as they had been.

Now if any help is offered, a prayer, a few words, an offer to help such an individual? If reported to the authorities the person offering the help, the prayers, the few words can and will be arrested and face a lengthy prison sentence.

This isn’t fantasy or some fiction. This isn’t something in the future. This is NOW!

And it’s spreading. Because those professing to be Christian have been lax and otherwise preoccupied. Perhaps never believing things would get to this state. It’s clear those haven’t and don’t spend any time immersed in the Word of God.

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Ken Pullen

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

ACP — A Crooked Path


New Canadian Law Denies Some People Exist (AUDIO)



By John Stonestreet & Shane Morris

Reprinted from BREAKPOINT



Canada has just adopted a new ban on so-called “conversion therapy” that criminalizes any “practice, treatment, or service” designed to change, repress, or reduce a person’s same-sex attraction or transgender identity.

According to WORLD, the ban covers even the mildest forms of “talk therapy,” including counseling for adults who want to de-transition.

So, in effect, Canada is denying that people even exist who detransition or who may legitimately want help reconciling themselves with their biological sex. And offering that service is punishable by up to five years in prison.

The lack of science behind this law is staggering. As Canadian clinical psychologist James Cantor points out there’s not a single study showing harm from so-called “transgender conversion therapy.” It could, in fact, be desperately needed, since up to 80 percent of minors with gender dysphoria will desist at puberty.

This Canadian law isn’t designed to protect patients. Rather, it is designed to protect the convenient fiction that transgender feelings are unchangeable. We know this narrative is false.

Though Canadian lawmakers may want to pretend de-transitioners don’t exist, that’s as much a denial of reality as believing someone can change their biological sex in the first place.