Evil hates the truth. Satan hates the spread of the gospel and the mention of the Name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ. Evil hates Jesus, the Son of God and the only way to the Father and heaven. Just as Satan hates the Lord, the Bible, and truth, so, too do all of the devil’s workers, minions, and enslaved serving their master before they discover there really is a hell, there really is a Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings, the Son of God to return to destroy all the evil nations serving the whore of Babylon.

Evil likes to keep its disciples not only in the dark but also being darkness and have its followers mock, scorn and ridicule those who know the truth and once were darkness but now through the free gift of grace from God, for their faith in and obedience to Jesus are brought out of darkness and into the light.

When everything comes to its end, and it will, let’s see who was correct and who wasn’t. I’ll remain firmly in the faith and beliefs I have come to know and cherish with the Lord having mercy on someone as undeserving as me, a bit of living dust for a while. Thankful God was near me though I for so many years was so far, far away from Him.

Tragically, the vast majority will never desire to remove the shackles of slavery from their cold dead hearts and even consider the Way, the Truth, the Light, and the Life only faith in the Lord Jesus Christ affords.

Tragic. Needless. Heartbreaking.

But, so it goes…evil loves its darkness and lies.

As or me and my house we will serve the Lord and live to abide in His Word all the days He blesses us with.

Scorn, mock, laugh, call me whatever your tongue can spew.

I trust in the Lord and in His Word.

And no degree of effort, censorship, or work to ban the Bible, ban the Good News of the gospel from being heard and spread will prevail and succeed. Why? Because our God is a Mighty God and there is nothing Satan or all his deluded walking dead hordes can do to remove the truth, remove the Word, or destroy God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the eternal living Word of God.

The Lord’s army may be but a remnant and much, much smaller in number than the massive legions crawling along blindly behind Satan, but let the visible lessons of history teach something, and these are not in any way comparable to the army with the Lord upon His return — but the United States became a nation with all the odds against America from ever occurring. America was fighting the largest, best trained, best equipped military of Britain. Both her soldiers and sailors.

Just as little ill-equipped, much smaller in number army is defeating the mighty bear to the north that everyone feared so much for the past 60 years or so.

These are earthly examples.

Just imagine what it’s going to be like when the remnant fights the good fight, ahh, yes, all may be slaughtered for the faith, but their reward is in heaven for eternity. When the Lord Jesus Christ returns, see Revelation 19 for one reference, all the armies of the world assembled in the Middle East in their attempt to remove Israel and all the Jews from the face of the earth will be met with the greatest slaughter to ever take place on earth.

I can tell you the ending. God wins. Jesus wins. The Holy Spirit wins. The Word of God wins. The faithful believers in the Lord Jesus Christ win. Though none of this is a game.

I can’t say the same for Satan and all those who permitted themselves to remain blinded and shackled to him during their life here on earth, their opportunity to come to know the truth and permit the Spirit of God to change their lives — for eternity.

Tragically, far, far too many will never allow that change to come near them.

They will have the bitterest, most painful suffering beyond any human comprehension for eternity to ponder their grave error.

Evil knows it loses. Evil knows its time is running out. Why do you think what is happening and has been happening to such a degree and so quickly has been taking place?

Do not be deceived. Use the good brain the Good Lord blessed you with. Let the Light in.

This applies to those convinced they are Christians without having a clue as to what is really in the Bible or what a true transformation, a true renewing of mind and spirit, to know what being born again truly means. As well as all the false teachers and those that follow them. As long as God will’s provides breath and a beating heart in this fleeting, temporal life to those in darkness. The door of grace and salvation remains open for a while. Do not be one to show up too late when the door is shut and locked. For eternity.

Christian persecution is on the rise everywhere. Especially in one-time bastions of Christian preaching, revivals, some of the greatest Christian speakers, preachers, writers, and men of God in the one-time  Bible-centered, Christ-centered, Bible-believing Bible-preaching places such as Scotland, England, Wales, and America.

Tragic what has happened.

But no one ought to be surprised. All of this is told in the Holy Bible to anyone desiring to know.


Ken Pullen

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

ACP — A Crooked Path


Liverpool Mayor fails to learn from Blackpool Council’s discrimination against Franklin Graham (Video)


5 May 2022

Reprinted from The Christian Institute [in the U.K.]


Liverpool’s Metro Mayor has demanded the removal of bus adverts for evangelist Franklin Graham’s ‘God Loves You’ event, claiming they would leave passengers feeling “uncomfortable” and “unsafe”.

Labour’s Steve Rotheram branded Billy Graham’s son a “hate preacher” for his biblical views on marriage and sexuality.

Last year, Blackpool Council was ordered to pay out over £100,000 for discriminating against Christians, after it removed bus adverts for the Lancashire Festival of Hope at which Mr. Graham was speaking.

‘Hate preacher’

Following the appearance of the Liverpool advertisements, which display the slogan ‘Looking for something more?’, Rotheram wrote to Stagecoach and Arriva insisting they be scrapped.

In his letter, Rotheram said it was “inexcusable” for the companies to promote “the views of a known hate preacher”.

He claimed that the appearance of posters on public transport advertising Mr. Graham’s event at the ACC Liverpool on 14 May exposed passengers to “bigotry and bile”.

“this opposition is familiar and predictable”

He added: “There is no place for discrimination of any form in a civil society – and that should include your buses. I would ask that you remove these advertisements with immediate effect.”

‘Predictable opposition’

In response to the accusations, Mr. Graham said: “There is nothing offensive in these adverts. The objection is to Reverend Franklin Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association based on our Christian beliefs.

“Unfortunately, this opposition is familiar and predictable.”

He also described it as “deeply concerning” that “certain public officials are attempting to interfere with our contracted advertising in the Liverpool area based on opposition to our religious beliefs”.

Unlawful discrimination

In 2018, adverts for the Lancashire Festival of Hope were controversially removed from local buses by Blackpool Council over guest speaker Franklin Graham’s preaching and teaching on sexual ethics.

Last year, Manchester County Court ruled “overwhelmingly” in favour of Festival organisers, stating the Council had shown “wholesale disregard for the right to freedom of expression”.

After being ordered by the Court to apologise, the Leader of Blackpool Council admitted the decision to ban the adverts – which displayed the slogan ‘Time for Hope!’ – unlawfully discriminated against Christians.

The judge also said that the Council had misrepresented the reasons for the ban, wrongly characterised Franklin Graham’s belief in marriage between one man and one woman as “extremist”, and had acted in breach of the Equality Act.

Unlawful discrimination

It was one of a series of successful legal actions taken by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in recent years.

Last December, in a case backed by The Christian Institute , Scotland’s largest grant-making trust formally apologised to the BGEA for unlawfully discriminating against it, and paid a substantial contribution towards legal costs.

In November 2021, it settled legal claims with three venues that had tried to block its evangelistic rallies.

The venues, including the Exhibition Centre in  Liverpool, tried to pull out of their contracts but subsequently agreed to host the BGEA tour.

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