Islamist, NOT Christian, not merely “depressed” not mentally ill, and in need of counseling. Islamist — Emad Al Swealmeen


In the article below from The Times London much ado is made of “no evidence of ideological motive,” and that the Islamist bomber was “depressed.”

This was and is all about Islam. Not Christianity. Not mental health.

It’s all about Islam. And the fact the United Kingdom has permitted a tsunami of unvetted Islamists to enter the U.K. via the sea. Tens upon tens of thousands. And they are still pouring in. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Unvetter. Terrorists pouring in to disrupt, dismantle, destroy that which has been established.

It’s all about Islam. It’s all about evil. It’s all about the utter stupidity and blindness of those who attended the best universities and refuse to acknowledge what’s going on. They, many, almost all everywhere have lost all rational thought, all reason, any sense, critical thinking, objectivity, and an awareness of the truth. Of history. Refusing to address and confront the facts. Refusing to write, speak or inform as to the truth regarding Islam.

It’s all about Islam. That’s why this happened. And the U.K. has permitted tens of thousands of these and potentially worse events in their blindness, their ignorance with regard to Islam. Their refusal to speak or write the truth regarding Islam.

And the flow of Islamists continues to pour in. Unabated.

And yet they still refuse to acknowledge the reality.

The walking dead. In utter darkness. And oh, so educated the lot of them are they not!?

Test the spirits. Just because someone utters with their tongue they are “Christian” does not make it so. Is there evidence in their walk? Do they bear fruit? Are Christians, real Christians making the evaluation here? It is clear that those in political offices, at MI5, in local law enforcement in the U.K. are NOT Christians and therefore do not, cannot know how to discern a true one from a fake one.

Otherwise, this would have been avoided.

Because true Christians do not make bombs and go around blowing themselves and others up with murderous intent.

But then, Priti Patel, and those at 10 Downing Street, in the House of Lords of Parliament, in various local offices, in law enforcement, and at MI5 wouldn’t know a real Christian if one fell out of the sky and landed on them. He or she would be arrested at once as a terrorist! But the tsunami of Islamists? Can’t speak or write the truth about them or Islam. Oh no, not that!


Ken Pullen

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


Liverpool explosion: Bomber Emad Al Swealmeen tried to ‘game the system’ by claiming he was Christian (Video)

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

By Matt Dathan, Home Affairs Editor, Washington | Fiona Hamilton, Crime and Security Editor

Reprinted from The Times [London]


The Liverpool bomber was a failed asylum seeker who tried to “game the system” by converting to Christianity, Home Office sources claimed yesterday.

Priti Patel, the home secretary, said that Emad Al Swealmeen exploited the “merry-go-round” of Britain’s “broken” asylum system by making repeated claims to stay in the country.

Al Swealmeen, 32, killed himself and injured a taxi driver on Remembrance Sunday when he detonated an improvised explosive device outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

The bombing was declared a terrorist incident but detectives have not found evidence of an ideological motive. He was not being monitored by MI5.

Al Swealmeen arrived in Britain in 2014 and sought asylum, saying he was from Syria. His claim was rejected by the Home Office the following year on the grounds that he was from Jordan.

Friends said yesterday that he became depressed in 2019 when a second claim was rejected. In it, he had claimed that his late grandfather’s Syrian passport had been found.

A Home Office source said that he came to the U.K. legally, adding that he attempted to use his conversion to Christianity in the asylum process, which was typical of the way Iranians and Iraqis in particular had attempted to “game the system”. Applicants who show they are committed Christians can argue that their new faith would put them at risk in their home country.

Patel, who is travelling to Washington on a three-day trip, separately said that Al Swealmeen was typical of migrants and “a whole legal industry” which tried to exploit the system. She will hold her first face-to-face talks with her Biden administration counterparts.