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This evil indoctrination of very young minds is not a Northwest America problem, nor a west coast, east coast matter. The ministers of Satan love the smell of evil in the morning, and all the day long. Poured into babes, innocent children as young as 2, 3, and 4 years old throughout America. In schools, in libraries, and all across the land. All throughout Western nations and every other place on earth.

This is not a democratic party, liberal American political issue. This is a spiritual warfare matter. A matter of Satan’s determined evil to attack and enslave children now — universally — something that was not really done much or at all for millennia to the degree it now occurs. This is an evil Western world agenda of Satan and all his minions, ministers, and those he holds captive matter.

Do not allow the media, someone you may know deter you from this truth.

Evil knows young minds are very pliable and absorbent and they cling to much that is fed into them. Evil knows its time is limited — it’s why young people, children so young as this, were never targeted to such an intense and widespread level now. Evil knows if it can indoctrinate, confuse, capture, and ensnare millions of absorbent very young minds they will follow him to the depths of hell easily unless they are wrestled from this evil and given a foundation in the Holy Bible. In the truth and ways of God, of the only way to life, salvation, and eternal life — the Lord Jesus Christ — and Satan knows this. This is why what is happening is happening. In plain view. Growing. By the day.

The stench of the sacrifice of children in such indoctrination in these abominations and sin, these sexual perversities and immoralities along with the sacrifice of children in abortion rise to heaven — and will not go unjudged. Without consequences. Without an accounting.

This is happening in large part due to the laxity, the unbelief of professed Christians that things like this could, would never happen. Not in their lifetimes! Not where they live! It can’t happen here!

Being otherwise occupied, lazy, disbelieving, and paralyzed to be that light unto the world. Yes, professed Christians are accountable to a great extent for the evil we now see openly taking place. Many refused to believe it, and many still do believe what is taking place. I’ve had those I know say as much to me.

Tragic that so many soldiers in the spiritual war professing they are attired in the full armour of God, that they are dutiful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, children of God — Christians — were AWOL, have been AWOL, have been hunkered down expecting others to engage in the battle for them.

Let’s hope and pray those doubting, those in their slumber, and those listening too much and too long to the Enemy’s propaganda finally wake up and no longer hesitate to be lovers of the truth of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God, all of the Bible, and they finally put on that full armour and become engaged. Not in the streets. Not in shouting matches, protests with poorly painted signs, not in signing petitions, or elections — but in coming to know what it means to be elected by God to be one of His chosen people. And the holiness, the righteousness imbued in them is a free gift from God, not of their doing except by their faith and obedience, and in doing so they, we, become true lights unto the world so they SEE THE FATHER IN US and GLORIFY HIM. That is what being a light unto the world is and means.

And due to this each of us needs humility, spiritual maturity, and spiritual wisdom, to be more Bible literate and fluent, to pray more and not amiss, to believe even greater, and to serve the Lord better. To imitate Christ. That means not thinking vainly and foolishly that we can create the kingdom of God in this present spoilt, fallen, corrupted, and perverse world. Only God, only the Triune God can and will establish His Kingdom when the Day of the Lord occurs.

But until that day?

Well…soldiers get equipped and ready! Forget all passes and don’t even contemplate going AWOL. We’re at war. Let’s act accordingly.

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Wednesday, January 18th, 2023


Kindergarten ‘social science’ curriculum in Oregon district instructs 4-year-olds on neo-pronouns


Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

By Joshua Nelson

Reprinted from FOX News


A “social science” curriculum for kindergarten to 5th graders in an Oregon school district instructs them on neo-pronouns.

Per documents that Fox News Digital has obtained show details of the “social sciences” curriculum administered by the Beaverton School District in Oregon.

Listed under the Lesson 1 Activities section in the Beaverton School District K-5 Elementary Social Sciences curriculum and “Activity 7” are the picture books “They, She, He, Me: Free to Be!” by Matthew Smith-Gonzalez and Maya Christina Gonzalez and the other is “The Pronoun” book by Chris Ayala-Kronos.

These books are listed as “optional.”

“When you were born, you were given a name, and a pronoun. Probably he or she,” author

In “They, She, He, Me: Free to Be,” the authors wrote how kids are given a name and a pronoun when they are born.

“As you get older and know yourself more and more on the inside, some of the ideas of she and he may fit you and some of them may not,” they wrote.

In the other book, “The Pronoun Book,” author Ayala-Kronos wrote, “How do you know what someone wants to be called?”

The next page reads “Ask.” The children’s book goes on to list each pronoun “he, she, they, him, her, them.”

“This unit was prepared by Past Present Future Consulting & Media in response to directives and feedback from representatives of the elementary curriculum leaders of Beaverton School District (BSD),” is stated at the top of the document.

The document states the development of the curriculum “adheres to the requirements and guidance provided by” the Oregon Department of Education K-5 ALT1-Knowledge themes and state standards, the National Council of Social Studies, among others.

Beaverton School District is a school district in and around Beaverton, Oregon, and presides over 39,180 students.

Proponents of teaching pronouns and gender identity in schools argue that it helps create a tolerant and accepting environment for LGBTQ+ youth. CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

Proponents of teaching pronouns and gender identity in schools argue that it helps create a tolerant and accepting environment for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ youth. CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images© Provided by FOX News

Fox News Digital reached out to the Beaverton School District, but they did not immediately respond.

Proponents of teaching gender ideology in schools say that it helps maintain tolerance and an accepting environment for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ youth. According to the Trevor Project, an organization that advocates for the inclusion of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ individuals, “[O]ne in three transgender youth reported attempting suicide, almost one-third reported being a victim of sexual violence, and more than half reported a two-week period of depression.”

The issue of education has become a top concern among voters, resulting in organizations like the Oregon Moms Union to form. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, school board meetings have often times become battlegrounds between parents and school board officials.

Parents across the country have protested controversial curricula like critical race theory as well as certain books being in public libraries. This has reignited the debate on how much control parents have over their children’s education.

Fox News’ Hannah Grossman contributed to this report.