Just a reminder…


Friday, July 17th, 2020


There is more here, much more than the 3 articles that appear at the top of the Home Page, and the content on the opening Home Page.

There are over 3,900 individual postings on A Crooked Path. And over 300 pages.

Taking a few minutes to scroll around and discover what is here might prove a worthwhile endeavor.

Just saying…

Try it sometime. You might actually like it and find something. A little nugget you’ll agree was worth the search. Just as there is more, much more to a Google search besides the top three things that come up on the first page when searching Google.

As the administrator, I am privy to seeing what articles are read and how frequently. Invariably day after day week in and week out what are those articles? The top 3 that appear at the top of the Home Page. Only always those top 3 articles on the opening page.

Be a bit adventurous. Scroll about. Try seeing what’s beyond the top 3 stories or only on page 1. And if you don’t like what you find? Please, let me know. You’ll find a contact email address near the bottom of each page.

Thank you.


Ken Pullen, administrator of A Crooked Path