Comedian John Cleese angered some Twitter users after he criticized slavery as a "disgusting practice" that has "always been a worldwide phenomenon." Fox News Digital

Comedian John Cleese angered some Twitter users after he criticized slavery as a “disgusting practice” that has “always been a worldwide phenomenon.” Fox News Digital© Fox News Digital


When I was darkness and in darkness, in open rebellion against God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the inerrancy of the Holy Bible I was just another fan of Monty Python and Mr. Cleese and his troupe of irreverent, blasphemous cohorts. Monty Python created many anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible blasphemies and Mr. Cleese is an overly educated rapid liberal — but one that also knows history and speaks and writes more sense than many in these last of the last days.

The overwhelming majority, be they young or old, are totally ignorant of history, especially the history of slavery. To obsess and continually get in error due to an unhealthy and errant focus on America and the slavery that occurred up until its formal demise on January 1, 1863, with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation — this American slavery obsession, this white people are the only slave owners and perpetrators of slavery reveals the massive and consuming ignorance is many people in this age. Why pay attention to the facts? To real history? The truth? When the lies and misinformation, utter rubbish suits the agenda better?

Yes, the British were slaves. Twice.

The Jews as a people were unanimously taken into slavery and their slavery endured much longer than did the American version.

As Mr. Cleese says, slavery has occurred worldwide for over five millennia. It is not a European or white folk’s origin. But why tell the truth, know the facts, when the lies so better suit the perpetuation of evil and the racism and discrimination, the denigration of white people? American or European?

Know the history.

Know the facts.

Know and then speak and write the truth.

Or shut up. Because there are more than enough ignorant waging tongues all around this world serving evil and refusing the light, refusing truth.

And if Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today he would most likely concur with what Mr. Cleese said and I have written here today, for Mr. King knew of slavery existing for millennia, of the Jews, of many tribes in Africa being taken into slavery by other tribes in Africa, of the Egyptians, the Islamists, those throughout Asia, the Middle East, and throughout the world forcing people into slavery. The strong and rich subjugate the weak and poor. The story has never changed throughout history.

And, as Mr. Cleese asks, where is the mention of the real slavery taking place today? Of the Islamists, those trading in human beings worldwide? Where is that discussion and the speaking and writing of people of color, of places worldwide seizing, kidnapping, and luring many into slavery? Where is that discussion and why haven’t those so obsessed with white people as devils, as only Europeans and Americans as slave owners and perpetrators bothered to include all involved in the trade? Especially that the slave trade taking place this very day. Worldwide.

Why? Because it doesn’t suit the agenda of the master they serve in THEIR SLAVERY TO HIM! As they are bound and chained in mind and being to Satan!

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Monday, January 16th, 2023


John Cleese comments meet backlash on Twitter: ‘Untrue to suggest that European countries invented slavery’


Monday, January 16, 2023

By Jeffrey Clark

Reprinted from FOX News


Monty Python comedian and actor John Cleese argued with a number of Twitter users last week after he fiercely criticized slavery while also pointing out that it was not unique to the Western world but a global practice.

“I think it’s untrue to suggest that European countries invented slavery,” Cleese told his over 5 million followers on Twitter.

“The pyramids were not built by independent contractors. Nor by volunteers,” he added. “Sadly, this disgusting practice has always been a worldwide phenomenon. Suggesting otherwise looks to me like a form of racism.”

One user agreed with Cleese, writing that it was a fair point to make in a debate that has been “taken hostage by the woke brigades.”

While Cleese’s comments prompted some to defend the 83-year-old comedian, others labeled him, a white graduate of the University of Cambridge, as a “racist.”

“Every time you post a tweet liked this you’re exposing how much of a systemic racist mindset you have… It’s really quite depressing,” one user wrote.

“No, not true Mr. Cleese,” another user told Cleese after he argued that it didn’t help anyone to turn the history of slavery into a competition. “Before American slavery, slavery as an institution was mostly an economic condition. Americans turned it into a racial condition.”

“I see your point,” Cleese responded back. “So American slavery is more reprehensible than ordinary slavery…” he wrote, giving a seemingly sarcastic reply.

Cleese told another Twitter user that the history of all peoples was unfortunately characterized by the strong abusing the weak. “The basic fact is that the history of the World is a history of Crime – of more powerful people subjugating less powerful people,” he wrote. “It didn’t require any specific gene.”

He has also called for the full history of slavery to be taught, especially where it still exists. “I think the history of slavery throughout the world, should be taught – all five millenia of it [.] And there should be a special focus on where it still exists.”

Cleese’s most recent comments on Twitter closely echoed a panel he attended at the music festival South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

He told panelists that “[h]istory is a history of crime. It’s a history of people who were stronger beating up people who were weaker, and it’s always been that. It’s deeply, deeply distasteful.”

“But to pretend that one lot were worse than another — you do know the British have been slaves twice, right?”