Some finding themselves here may be asking, why is this article here? Because it’s another sign of the times. This is not isolated. Nor is it the by-product of politics as many believe. This is the result of an accelerating erosion of every aspect of human society on this earth with much less time in front of it than what lies behind.

This isn’t oppression, as Melanie Phillips astutely writes in the article below. This is part and parcel of people being given over to reprobate minds. Unsound minds. Lost minds. Because they refuse to accept the truth. They reject the truth. Of all things at this point in world history. Whatever a person now believes and says or writes is supposed to be the truth. And it just isn’t. Most of what is thought said, or written is utter rubbish. Lies, delusion, a clear indication of a loss of logic, sense, rational thought, objectivity, the ability to converse, the ability to distinguish lies from the truth.

Relativism isn’t the answer. Although it is what has become the doctrine of the late 20th century and is deeply ingrained in the 21st.

Words no longer mean what they really mean. At a whim, without sense or care for correctness — and there is either correctness or error here — individuals have taken it upon themselves to massively pervert and corrupt language. Change the definitions. Remove the meanings and make words into something other than they mean. Just as history is altered to fit the mindless, the clueless, the ignorant, the arrogant and the blind.

This is handed out as something political, something racist, something tolerant and inclusive and this and that and it’s all total rubbish.

It’s the massive and accelerating breakdown of human society.

With sin and disobedience at its dark dead heart. Imagining itself enlightened, illuminated, better, and greater than what has proceeded.

What a lost world, a lost people!

Satan is singing. Satan is dancing. The devil is tap dancing and partying like it’s a hot time in town on a perpetual Saturday night. His lies, his ploys, his ability to seduce and mislead, his gift of creating utter confusion and making the truth appear either unimportant or untrue and lies to appear alluring and factual has the masses racing headlong into the abyss.

Melanie Phillips writes in her appraisal of matters its academics and the custodians of our culture to blame.

No, dear ones, it doesn’t stop or rest on academics and so-called custodians of our culture.

This is a sign of the times. The erosion, the destruction of the foundations. Making truth a lie and lies the truth. Removing logic, sense, critical thought, making it so there are no right answers, no truth, and whatever anyone comes up with, thinks, or believes is correct.

And this could not be MORE WRONG!

There is a correct answer to all things. And errors, the wrong answers, the incorrect response to all things.

The subject matter of this article has more, much more to do with people turning from God, turning from Jesus, turning from the Holy Spirit, turning from the Bible, turning from the truth, and being given over to reprobate minds for their wickedness, their love of sin and evil ways, their love of their unrighteous vain imaginings and disobedience to God.

This is Romans 1 being lived out daily in our world. In every corner of the world.

This goes far beyond academics, so-called custodians of culture (and who are they and who anointed these as the custodians?) far beyond mere politics, or borders, or gender or age groups, or ethnicities or nationalities.

This is but one of the by-products of the bile churned out and excreted 24/7/365 by the people and their sin of this world.

Most will scoff at these statements of mine. Imagining reading too much into this matter.

This is a result of the total overall decline, erosion, and decay within the hearts and minds of the people of the world. Their minds being ensnared and they vainly imagine they are on the path of progress, justice, fairness, ending racism, not stifling creativity, not oppressing young people, and all they are doing in truth is causing great harm, great injustices, taking everyone backward into greater ignorance, dumbness and numbness, blindness and playing right into the sleight-of-hand of the father of lies who they serve.

Everything from and by everyone everywhere weaves and knits the fabric of history. And when those threads of rot, decay, error, and incorrectness are woven into the fabric that cloth will not bind and hold together. A fungus, a disease, a mold, a decay cannot be knitted in, and then a society expected to grow, prosper, withstand and wear that fabric through the elements that will most certainly come upon it.

What a lost people. What dark, dead eyes, minds and hearts. How lost, how sad.

Know what this means?

You think you’re praying a lot now?

It’s now time to pray all the more. Not amiss. That God’s will be done. On earth as in heaven. And that His Kingdom come.

For there are still many, oh who can know the number, of broken hearts, broken lives, those in darkness who are not predestined to remain in the darkness but need to have their hearts, their minds recognize, hear, see the words of Truth, to see the Way, to come to know the Life, and to enter into the Light.

Of Jesus Christ’s saving salvation, grace, and love. His peace. His ways.

So, let us pray these souls find those people, those places, those things in their life to help them receive the Lord’s free gift of grace, free gift of faith, free gift of salvation.

And all they need to do is repent, confess their sin, believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ with all their heart, all their mind and be baptized. To be truly transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To be corrected and know correctness and realize it is the lies of this world, the lies of Satan that is the real oppression.

Not what is correct, what is truly true. What is right.

And there is a right and a wrong to everything. Everything.


Ken Pullen

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


It isn’t oppression to ask for the right answer

Academics who see maths and correct spelling as elitist are wielding a cultural wrecking ball


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

By Melanie Phillips

Reprinted from The Times (London)


In another era precision in language was recognised as important for comprehension and clarity of thought and as a means of unifying the country. No longer. Correct English, it appears, is a tool of cultural oppression.

A number of universities have decided not to dock marks for spelling mistakes because requiring good English could be seen, in the words of Hull University, as “homogeneous north European, white, male, elite”. More prosaically, the aim is to narrow the gap in achievement between white and ethnic-minority students and reduce higher dropout rates among those from poorer backgrounds.

As critics have pointed out this is deeply patronising towards these students as it assumes they are incapable of reaching the same level of communication as everyone else. Lowering the achievement bar for them will undermine standards in general and render language increasingly incomprehensible.

The attack on precision, like the general lowering of standards to pretend that below-par students are making the grade in ever-increasing numbers, is far from new. The move away from the concept of “correct” answers goes back at least to 1980. The teacher’s red pencil lines were often replaced by encouraging remarks in the margin. So that no pupil should feel they had fallen at any hurdle, the hurdle of the incorrect answer was often removed.

Hostility towards accuracy, however, went much deeper than this. Some educationists viewed precision as an attack on children’s autonomy and creativity. During the 1990s a primary school head told me: “We try to get across that exactness in maths is not the right answer but the process by which we play around with numbers.”

Whatever merits that approach may have had it didn’t produce mathematical exactness but the opposite. Requiring precision was regarded by many as oppression. One lecturer around that time wrote: “Any conception of accuracy in the teaching of reading will be based on unequal power relations between the reader and the arbiter of accuracy” — that is, the teacher. Such ideologues, therefore, claimed that reading failure was evidence of success.

Since that period ministers such as Michael Gove have made Herculean efforts to cleanse the education stables of such destructive idiocies. However, the attack on accuracy, precision and the “correct” answer has morphed into a weapon deployed by social justice warriors. It derives from the post-modern replacement of objective truth by subjective opinion. As a consequence no hierarchy of values is permitted. So any such differentiation, such as between correct and incorrect statements, can be claimed as proof of discrimination or bigotry by an oppressor class.

In education the potential oppressors were teachers. In the West more generally oppressors are deemed to be white people. Now education and race are being spliced to identify a racist pedagogy based on the cultural crime of precision.

In the U.S. Rutgers University’s English department claims that correctly spoken and written English is racist. Its graduate writing programme emphasises “social justice” and “critical grammar” and offers an internship entitled “Decolonising the Writing Centre” to make writing “more linguistically diverse” — in other words, unintelligible.

Oregon’s education department has promoted a toolkit focused on dismantling racism in maths teaching called A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction. This handbook says maths teaching centres on “western, Eurocentric ways of processing and knowing information”. White supremacy shows up in the classroom in various ways, including when “the focus is on getting the ‘right’ answer”. Mistakes should be termed “miscommunicated knowledge”. Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers merely perpetuates “objectivity” (horrors!) as well as “fear of open conflict” — even though the handbook admits on the same page: “Of course, most math problems have correct answers.”

According to Carol Swain, a black former Princeton and Vanderbilt political science professor, this is itself racist. “Saying teachers can’t correct math problems,’’ she says, “means that you’re training people who cannot be engineers, scientists, pharmacists or even cashiers.”

Serving the interests of minority children, however, isn’t the point. The Oregon toolkit tells teachers to challenge the ways in which maths upholds “capitalist, imperialist and racist views” and to “provide learning opportunities that use math as resistance”. Rochelle Gutierrez, an education professor at the University of Illinois, has stated: “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness.”

In George Orwell’s 1984 Winston Smith is tortured for insisting that two plus two equals four. Yet on Twitter Laurie Rubel, a professor of maths education at Brooklyn College, wrote that the 2+2=4 equation “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy”.

But why? The connection is baffling. The only explanation appears to be a ludicrous syllogism which goes like this. Accuracy and precision are at the heart of science and rationality. Western society is the apogee of science and rationality. The West is white supremacist, patriarchal and bad. So accuracy and precision are white supremacist, patriarchal and bad.

The rationale for attacking the “correct” answer doesn’t even pretend to any coherence or logic. It’s simply a cultural wrecking ball. And the reason this weapon of destruction is swinging so damagingly against its targets is because the custodians of our culture are either giving it a push or looking the other way as it brings the West’s masonry crashing down.