Before you readily dismiss this, perhaps saying or thinking, Well, that such and such denomination, not the one I belong to, or some other such heinous nonsense a true Christian ought not to be thinking —as I’ve heard some say, seen some write; “They’re Roman Catholics, so they’re not really Christians are they?” Or, “I read it was happening to Baptists and I’m Lutheran so why should this matter to me?” or, “Why should I think about or concern myself with some people I don’t know on the other side of the world!?”

I strongly urge you to assume the position of the little Indian girl above and fervently, humbly, repentantly faithfully pray to God for forgiveness and increased spiritual wisdom.

I belong to a non-denominational Protestant church. And I know that our church assists in not only sending missionaries, and teachers at various times, as well as other assistance to the church in India, and to the people of India. Where persecution runs high and is terrible and deadly. And increasing.

Between the growth of Islam and the dominance of Hinduism, Christians are an endangered group. A true persecuted minority — unlike the wailing and whining so-called minorities here in America that has every freedom, opportunity, and quality of life this nation affords. If willing to take hold of it and stop the whining and posturing. Indian Christians, Christians worldwide are in dire straights.

And they need our fervent, continual daily and nightly prayers. How about setting aside some of the “God I want, God I need, God it’s all about me, me, me!” prayers, and let’s focus on others. As the Lord Jesus Christ did and does.

Did Jesus only come to certain people in certain places? Or to all the people, all the nations of the world so that they who believe and obey might have forgiveness of sin, salvation, and eternal life?

And if you imagine yourself in heaven? You just might run into some Indians, some Jews, some Puerto Ricans, some former Islamists, some Russians, even some Americans [who imagine themselves there by themselves], even some church of Rome folks who were true believers in spite of all that is and comes out of Rome…

How can one be a Christian snob and remain true? How can one be a self-absorbed Christian while also being a true disciple of Jesus? How can one not have empathy and compassion as the Lord Jesus Christ had and does for others? This has nothing do to with the whole errant social justice unsound doctrines movement brought into the church, or anything political — this is spiritual, this is Biblical! What is being a true Christian about then? Really? Placing others before self. Imagine that. Just as Jesus did and does…

Did He not heal you of eternal death and spare you from the pit of hell if you have been truly regenerated and transformed into a new creature, a new man, a new woman by your faith, by His free gift of grace, by your repentance and obedience?

That is not the end-all. That’s all folks! like the end of a Looney Tunes cartoon. That transformation by the Supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is but the first step.

Walk on in fervent prayer for the millions of fellow brothers and sisters around the world facing constant persecution for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Learning some of what they endure daily. Continually. And then let’s give them of our time, our heart, our spirit, our love, our desire to be Christ-like towards them in whatever way each of us can. Even if only in prayer. And not just once and “oh well, I forgot…”


Ken Pullen

Monday, January 10th, 2022

ACP — A Crooked Path


Indian Christians Face Persecution (AUDIO)



By John Stonestreet & Timothy D. Padgett

Reprinted from BREAKPOINT



According to the British news outlet The Guardianit wasn’t a happy holiday for many Christians in India. Radical Hindu activists raided Christian churches – smashing statues, burning Bibles, and threatening believers. This capped off an already bad year for Christians in India, a year that averaged 100 attacks on Christians in each of its first three months.

It’s vitally important that we remember our brothers and sisters around the world face great trials and tribulations. In totalitarian regimes like China, in hostile Islamic states like Iran, and even in ostensibly democratic nations like India, a public profession of faith in Christ is an invitation to harassment, persecution, and even death.

Thinking of our brothers and sisters around the world also reminds us that we need to maintain a bigger perspective about life. There’s much more to the world than what happens on social media. As important as controversies might seem, and sometimes are, the strength and suffering of Christ’s church is more important our Twitter feed.

Let’s pray for the church around the world.