Photo by: Bonnie Porche

INDIA: Our Brothers & Sisters in Christ


by Ken Pullen


Tuesday, February 20th, 2018


Photo by: Bonnie Porche


It is ironic and terribly sad that professed Christian churches in the West, in America, turn ever increasingly to false worldly faiths created by men, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and every other manmade worldly belief under the sun inviting in all manner of apostasy, false teachers and unsound doctrine that in India, the birthplace of Hinduism, more and more individuals there are seeking and finding the Lord Jesus Christ, the One True God — and suffering mightily, being persecuted mightily for their faith. And even sadder is the professed Christian church in America remains silent and absent from the persecutions of brothers and sisters in Christ occurring in India and elsewhere around the world

While many of us, most of us sit here in America protected. Well fed. Well inoculated. Well insulated. Well clothed and provided for our every need. We do not live in fear of arrest, bodily harm, or having where we worship destroyed as our brothers and sisters in the faith in India.

Are there some persecutions and suffering in America for faith in Jesus Christ and the One True God? Certainly. More and more law suits are being brought forth and the freedom of religion, the true Christian faith is being challenged in the U.S. courts. Persecution of true believing and practicing Christians in America will increase — but that persecution is already present in India and increasing there daily. Our brothers and sisters in Christ in India need our help today.

Ironically and horrifically it is Hindu based government in India, this same Hinduism infecting and impacting more and more professed American “Christian” churches which is attempting to rid India of Christians similar to what Rome and Saul of Tarsus attempted to do in Judea, Samaria and Galilee.

While I do not limit God’s power and all things are possible with and through God I do not see the Hindu government of India having a conversion on the road to New Delhi as Saul did while on the road to Damascus. I see increased suffering and persecutions for our brothers and sisters in India. Life and the ability to worship becoming more difficult.

While I have not been to India and I have no connection to the following organizations, what I do witness is the smiles of pure true joy on the faces and sincere fervent worship. Love and awe of the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ with all their hearts. A fervor not often seen in America any longer.




I wonder how many of us give any of our brothers and sisters in Christ in other parts of the world any thought during our daily lives? Any prayers? Any other form of support and help.

We may not be sheep led to the slaughter all the day long presently and yet have to suffer persecution for our unyielding faith in Jesus Christ and the One True God, but that does not mean if we are aware of a need, of help for a brother or sister in the faith elsewhere suffering, being persecuted for their faith — even on the other side of the earth — that we turn our backs, say how busy we are, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and do nothing when we are able.

We are to not only pray earnestly and fervently for each other.

We are to be there for each other. As best we can according to how things are measured out to us.

Especially for those brothers and sisters in need. Suffering and enduring grievous hardships and persecutions.

it is my sincere hope and prayer each person reading this will open the included links above, read over what is there, and determine in their hearts to do what they can to help our brothers and sisters in India, in the faith of Jesus Christ the Lord and the One True God.

If only more professed believers in America had the fervor, the love of the Lord, the faith of those brothers and sisters in the faith of Jesus Christ in India do imagine what we could accomplish through our faith and obedience to the One True God and our Lord.

Photo by: Bonnie Porche

Photo by: Bonnie Porche

Photo by: Bonnie Porche

Photo by: Bonnie Porche