In One Lifetime


by Ken Pullen

A Crooked Path — ACP

Saturday, February 24th, 2018


In one lifetime, still not over, only sixty-five years, the Old World has been swept aside just as one sweeps debris away with a broom. I was born in 1953 and in a span of sixty-five years every belief system, every foundation, every institution and many of the laws and values of entire societies which were in place for centuries, for millennia have been removed or altered beyond recognition.

What had existed permitted evil to push aside the Old World and replace everything. EVERYTHING.

And while we imagine if we’re strong, vigorous, true, have ‘a positive attitude!’ — if we take a stand we can make a difference, perhaps turn the tide it is already far too late. The tipping point occurred many, many years ago without anyone really noticing and now it is beyond setting things right.

Some will now stop reading this because it isn’t the positive message they only seek — not realizing it is in truth one of the most positive and honest messages period.

While I do not ever limit the power of God and believe all things are possible with and through God all this talk and hope of some great sincere revival of true Christianity and restoration is not going to occur.

Most use God and Christ’s name in vain in our day imagining they are doing God’s work as they do so. These are the ones Jesus Christ spoke of in Matthew 7:19-23. We are so rife with false teachers, unsound doctrines and out and out heresies and abominations within the church, what is called Christianity in these days there could not be a genuine revival. Is it possible? Yes, but where is the repentance going to come from if so many imagine they are right in following their false teachers with their itching ears turning to fables? Where is the pure and genuine, the contrite repentant heart? Instead of being Nineveh we are Tyre, Sodom and Babylon.

You can surely disagree with this but I must ask if you have really been paying attention? I don’t ask this facetiously but sincerely. If you as a professed believer in Christ and do not see these things all around us daily what are you paying attention to?

What I do here, although at times misunderstood, is not an attempt to change the world or people but to only be a watchman. A messenger. “This is what is taking place right now.” And how it all reveals the Biblical end times in which we all live.

You want a hard truth? One people dare not broach or want to think about yet is very real? Many young people are just waiting for people such as me, as you, to die out. For all the people who still hold certain beliefs, values, know the history, have the foundations, turn to and trust God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the inerrant living word of God above all else to die out. Vanish. They will celebrate just as the world will celebrate when the two witnesses of God are murdered by the Beast and left dead in the streets (see Revelation 11:3-10). Perhaps not with gifts and a worldwide holiday but make mistake when people such as myself and you and Old World people of Old World foundations and beliefs die off they will celebrate.

So they can finally imagine their getting close to achieving their imagined Nirvana. Only as they walk in darkness with their dead spirits and souls they will fail to realize they are living in the chapters in the book of Revelation, living in the last days of Biblical prophecy.

Why do I say it is beyond hope and restoration? Besides there not being any genuine repentance?

Every institution from all branches and departments of our government, every branch of our military, every institution from schools, business, media and churches are now infected beyond a majority to follow the New Age teachings. The brave New World Order doctrines. Worldly pagan ways turned from God and the inerrant word of God.

One example? Just yesterday I read how Secretary of Defense Mattis, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Pentagon are making recommendations to President Trump that existing policy regarding transgender individuals which was put in place by Barack Hussein Obama should not be changed. Their unanimous recommendation is that all existing transgender military personnel should remain in the service and the policy of permitting transgender individuals into all U.S. military branches must continue.

Think about this. It does not take long and hard thought. If you did not understand what having a reprobate mind was before hopefully you’re learning the meaning each day that passes with the clear examples shown to all who can see, know and understand.

Think about this in relation to the timeline of world history, our American history. The short timeframe this turnaround in beliefs and values took place. Didn’t even take a blink of an eye sixty-five years compared to our American history. The turnaround took place within a span of about 10 years.

Think about what Christian churches were like only 30, 40 years ago and what they are like and espouse and teach today in comparison.

Is the word truly preached? Is sin called sin? Is the whole word of God being taught by men placing their trust in the Holy Spirit to lead them in what to say to their congregations? No, more and more worldliness has crept in. False teachings. Unsound doctrine. It’s jokes, stories, illustrations, entertainment and messages to make one feel good. Not to reprove, chastise, instruct, uplift in the instruction and word of God. Just scan the information here on A Crooked Path to see what is taking place right now in so-called Christian churches. Learn the truth. Then tell me I’m off base. Out of line. All wet.

One of the practices I used to do regularly to get the true pulse of our nation, or certain generations, of daily events which reveals more truth than any poll, survey or financed study is to read the comments posted to various articles on the Internet. I used to do this on a daily, or nightly basis. Until it reached the point I didn’t need to do it any longer because a very consistent pattern had revealed itself. The current pulse and attitudes were consistent day in and day out. They were only growing more angry and intense.

On a daily, or nightly basis I used to read more than a handful of comments posted on articles, to paraphrase them — “I can’t wait for all the old people to die so we can finally have the world we want.”

I’ve heard it said so many times I want to vomit that “Kids are our future.” And I have replied to everyone who has ever said that to me, “Please, finish the sentence, the thought.” And they would look at me perplexed as I then said, “I’ll finish for you…kids are our future, and, oh, what a future it will be and not for the better.”

This usually soured the New Age indoctrinated person of any age in front of me and they would be upset with me. Tell me I was just a cranky out of touch old man, I didn’t understand, I didn’t get it, and so on.

Problem is I’ve always been more than a casual or average observer all my life and since being renewed of mind and spirit and committing my life to God and Christ and turning to the Holy Bible and in prayer asking God to measure out in me the degree of discernment and understanding I am to have I see more, understand more, get more than I ever have and more than most people I encounter.

This is not being boastful.

I am not a boastful arrogant self-centered vain person. In this I am just being openly direct and honest.

My understanding and discernment is not of my doing. It is me serving the Lord as He created me with the mind, heart and spirit He did and blessing me with a certain measure of spiritual discernment and understanding. Because of my faith to Him and His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord. Period. Not some huge, grand ability. But more than enough to see clearly what the world has become. What is and what will be.

I’ve written about it in the past.

Many have and do.

That we are living in Romans 1. The time in which everything that was once established becomes turned inside out and upside down and the laws become lawlessness. Men, women and children are given over to reprobate minds — unrighteous evil minds due to their hostility and perverse hatred of God, Christ and the truth of the Holy Bible. They living so deeply in unrighteousness God knows there is no coming out of it for them. They will never enter into the Light, the Life, and the Truth. Darkness and corruption are theirs. Not spiritual understanding of God’s word because they do not believe and they spit upon God’s word. Or they pervert it.

Any true believer ought to be familiar with Romans 1. I’ve posted passages or the entire chapter here on A Crooked Path probably a dozen times or more.

We live in an age in which witchcraft is year in year out either the fastest growing ‘religion’ or it is second fastest growing. Sorcery. Witchcraft. Mocking and attempting to remove the patriarchal system with the pagan matriarchal goddess system in which nature is worshipped rather then worshipping the Creator of nature. Denying the Creator. Imagining oneself a god not in need of God, or Christ and not ever knowing about or believing in a Holy Spirit. While the Bible is never viewed as a source of truth. A truly holy thing which is literally the word of God given to chosen men.

If you’re Old World like me, one of those that so many young people wish would just die right now and let them rule this world as they see fit then you will know, if honest and even half aware — what is a daily occurrence now NEVER HAPPENED EVEN 30, 40, 50 years ago. And if there was something evil and heinous? It shook one to the marrow of their bones and hurt their heart.

One of the most overused words in the past 20 years is ‘shocking.’ The media and people have overused that word to the point of making it meaningless. If you’re over the age of 55, 60 and been paying even a modicum of attention? Nothing that happens now is truly shocking. Because evil has grown to such proportions and become such a part of daily life. Standards, values, beliefs and foundations have been eroded to such a degree that nothing is truly shocking.

I graduated from high school in 1971. In the entire 100 year span of the 20th century there were 227 recorded school shooting incidents. Some just accidental because an immature student took a loaded gun to school to show off with no evil intent.

History of school shootings in the United States of America since the 1700’s

In a 100 year period, the 20th century, the most violent century in world history there were 227 recorded school shootings.

It isn’t guns responsible for the evil since April of 1999 and the shootings at Columbine. It is evil. Reprobate minds. No one, or few will even broach the truth, the core problems, the root of our problems in this nation. Because since Columbine there have been over 207 school shootings. In the nearly 19 years since Columbine there have been OVER 207 school shootings.

And those with evil intent. Planned. Methodical. Diabolical. Sinister. Truly evil. Not some accident due to some kid thinking he’d be considered cool by showing off his father’s handgun or rifle.

Forty, fifty years ago acts not even close to what transpires today, at an almost daily rate, were truly shocking. And they did not come close to shooting fellow students or teachers. Or throwing babies into dumpsters, or killing yourself with massively toxic and deadly opioids. Sure, there was drug use. Heroin addicts. But nothing close to what there is now proportionally to the population of our history.

There was not the en masse immorality and embracing of immorality and sin. Of evil. Of perversions, murders, rebellion, mayhem and abominations. Now people almost growing numb and inoculated of this ever present and carried out evil and immorality.

And don’t approach me with the lunacy and myth of, “Well, now there is more media so we know more.”

Rubbish. Utter rubbish. When something happened 40, 50 years ago I realize this might seem impossible for those under the age of 35 to believe — but we found out about it. And quickly. And in a balanced journalistic manner. Not as things are today passing for news and journalism.

People didn’t generally behave 40, 50 years ago as they do now.

Oh, sure we’ve always had murderers, thieves, despots, tyrants, crooks, liars, and sexual perversions. Human nature has not changed one iota since the Garden of Eden. But not to the degree of today. And certainly not pushed, celebrated, elevated or made ‘normal’ by society.

Was a time a man’s word was his bond.

People would not imagine doing what is now commonplace.

There are over 4,200 individual postings on A Crooked Path alone. Not to mention dozens, hundreds of other viable sources to information. Many of those shedding light on examples of the changes, what is taking place, what is about to take place to merely show how we are in the last of the last days before Jesus Christ the Lord returns and the final jot, tittle and word of Biblical prophecy fulfilled.

If you are a young person and you do not believe? Do not believe even how different the world was only 40, 50 years ago and the rapid transformation, disintegration of beliefs, values, foundations and standards have occurred? I beseech you to earnestly begin exploring real history right now.

I also beseech you all the more to turn to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible and knock, seek, ask of God to reveal to your heart and mind His truths and ways. And then be silent and humble and hopefully hear His voice in His word and then you obey Him and Jesus Christ the remainder of your days.

And if you are an older person? One of those lost thinking all these changes, all this New Age philosophy and ways are the answer? Progress? That if the New Age New World Order doctrines are adhered to and served the world will become better? Approaching the Utopia man has vainly foolishly sought ever since disobeying God and destroying Paradise, destroying the Utopia God had created for man and woman?

It’s time you wake up while you can. Turn from your delusions and worldly ways and beliefs. Turn from the apostate church you might be part of. Remain there — but open God’s word, ALL OF IT IN AN APPROVED TRANSLATION — and boldly speak the truth of the word to your apostate pastor, fellow members and church goers. Do not be afraid. Place your trust in God and the Holy Spirit to be your strength and give you the words to say, the word to read to them.

Do not be one of the to be pitied sad lemmings going along with everything. Do not be deceived.

Turn from attempting to incorporate the worlds ways with God’s ways.

Be separate. Be one of the peculiar people of God’s chosen people obeying Him and His word rather than thinking appeasement, inclusion, tolerance of sin and evil is what the Lord wants. Mortify sin rather than accepting it or refusing to call it what it is.

In one lifetime the Old World is being suffocated. Wantonly, openly destroyed. With glee and happiness. With their cold dead eyes. Dark hearts and minds, their total walking in darkness deluding themselves they are the ‘enlightened ones’ which will bring about this brave new world with their New Age doctrines.

There is no going back.

And the positive part I mentioned earlier?

Why, it is in seeing, knowing, understanding all that is taking place. Watching as much as possible and KNOWING, SEEING, UNDERSTANDING that EVERY WORD OF THE BIBLE IS TRUE and all of Biblical prophecy is unfolding and being revealed right in front of our eyes and ears. We are among the last people that will ever live on this earth as it has been for centuries. It is all coming to an end. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS GOING TO RETURN SOON!

And eternal life is closer than ever before.

Or eternal damnation for those who refuse to believe and serve the world rather than God and Jesus Christ the Lord.

There is nothing, no message, no words of man, no deeds or accomplishments of any man, no technology or New World Order thing imaginable which is greater than, or can come close to the return of Jesus Christ the Lord soon and eternal life.

I’d rather be the Old World. One in which young people rant they can’t wait to die so they can have their imagined way than to be among their number or kind, or the older folks which believe as they do.

I care what God thinks of me. Not what anyone on this earth thinks of me.

That is a truly Old World thing…a vanishing thing.

Sadly, but also joyfully as it only means us Old World folks and any true believer of any age, any place on this earth is closer to going home to be with the Lord.