Do not be lulled or deceived by record breaking stock indexes, touted tax cuts and all the gushing prosperity talk.

A financial crisis and collapse the likes of which have never been seen are coming to America and the world. A collapse which will make the crash of 1929 and the resulting depression pale in comparison.

Do not be deceived.

Reality and the information passed on to the public, words spoken in speeches, and words written in articles are vastly different things.

Are you aware that energy and food prices are omitted from inflation calculations in the United States of America? How can a nation of self-proclaimed intelligent people think themselves wise when they do not include the two most required, used, bought and integral parts of their economy into their inflation data?

While the news gets giddy about the number the Dow closes at keep in mind it’s all illusion. All smoke and mirrors. And can come totally apart and crashing down in an instant. In a matter of days.

Just because something has not happened before does not mean it will never happen.

And what is going to happen will be far worse than any other economic collapse in history.

Pensions and monies paid out by the municipalities, states and federal government cannot be sustained.

When fewer individuals work and pay into the tax base and money exponentially is being removed at a rate that cannot be sustained what makes anyone think there will not be a dire consequence to such actions?

We live as blind people. Deaf people. Merely spending, spending and spending more and more. Blind and deaf to the debt we incur.

It’s all going to come crashing down.


Unlike anything ever witnessed in history before.

Just another piece of the puzzle which will make the ushering in and acceptance of the Antichrist and his false prophet all the easier. They will sweep in with their signs and wonders and appear to save the day like the old Saturday cartoon character Mighty Mouse.

Only this is reality.

A sinister, bleak, dark, fascist evil reality.

It is coming.

Don’t get caught in the riptide of deception lulling so many.

A time in history is coming unlike any other time in human history. Worse than any other time in human history. And man’s blindness, deafness, arrogance, greed, ignorance and foolishness in their economies, the lies they told as a result will be just one of the many factors in everything coming to a head and the worst time in human history unfolding.

The article about Illinois below is only a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg America is about to ram into ripping her apart like some Titanic nightmare.

As we have turned from God we have also destroyed our economy, our values, our foundations and our wisdom has left us. We have become a selfish, blind and foolish people. And a Great Tribulation is coming. And, no, Jesus isn’t coming back TWO MORE TIMES in order to spare you so you can go party and feast in the sky. Jesus is only coming back one more time as the Bible says. Only man says He is coming back twice because they refuse to face the reality of suffering, of sacrifice, of having to stand for the word, stand for Christ and they cannot face the truth so they created this mythology of Christ returning to spare them any suffering, persecution or having to live and potentially die for Christ. It was okay for men and women throughout history to be persecuted and to suffer and die for God and Christ, it was okay for Christ to die the most painful death on earth for their sins and to suffer as no man ever has for their sins — but modern-day men and women can’t bear the thought of having to stand for the faith. To suffer. To endure persecution. To die for Christ.

I wonder what Bible they actually read, or if they’ve read the Bible at all…?

Our debt will be our undoing as a nation. It corresponds with our turning from God even though most can’t see the connection.

The debt Christ paid for every man, woman and child will be their undoing if they do not repent, obey God and become renewed of mind and spirit taking Jesus Christ to be LORD of their lives.


For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Matthew 24:21 — King James Version Holy Bible


Ken Pullen


Wednesday, January 31st, 2018




Illinois’ Debt Crisis Foreshadows America’s Financial Future

By Clint Siegner

Reprinted from: Activist Post



Those wanting a glimpse into the future of our federal government’s finances should have a gander at Illinois. The state recently “resolved” a high-profile battle over its budget. Taxpayers were clubbed with a 32% hike in income taxes in an effort to shore up massive underfunding in public employee pensions, among other deficiencies.

But, predictably, it isn’t working. People are leaving the state in droves.

In fact, Illinois now leads the nation in population collapse. Statistics show people leaving the state at the rate of 1 every 4.3 minutes and the state dropped from 5th place to 6th in terms of overall population.

Turns out that people with options aren’t planning to stand there and take the epic tax increase.

Illinois officials’ hands are tied. Decades ago, public employee unions successfully lobbied for an amendment to the state constitution which prevents cuts to pensions. The taxpayers are hostages.

Illinois officials are instead considering one final gambit, one well-tried by many insolvent governments through history. They will address the problem of too much debt by borrowing even more money. Specifically the plan under review calls for selling $107 billion in debt in the largest ever municipal bond offering.

Worse, the state would use the borrowed funds to invest in financial markets. The state would purchase stocks and other securities near their all-time highs.

The Illinois credit rating has suffered in recent years, so borrowing costs will be higher. That means the state will need to take on even greater levels of risk to generate returns. What could go wrong?

Illinois is demonstrating a universal truth which certainly still applies at the national level. Governments do not voluntarily shrink. They grow until they can no longer be sustained. Then they get desperate – just before the default.