Below my comments is an article by Michael Brown, which he wrote after learning of the most recent information gleaned from LIFEWAY RESEARCH.

I’m commenting here because it is very clear, or ought to be to any person of sound mind, sound doctrine, of clear head actually using the brain given by God, of rational thinking, logical, possessing even a modicum of sense and able to discern, to think critically about what is going on, and why such as the following is taking place in our times. A terrible sentence in an English class, certainly, I’ll admit, and not what anyone wants to read or hear — but needing to be stated nonetheless.

When the time has arrived in which 47% of mainline professed Christian pastors support homosexual / lesbian “marriage” it is time to realize all those churches we all drive by in our daily travels, all those folks wearing all those shiny little crosses, or large bejeweled ones around their necks, all those people, oh so many people who now claim with their lips, “I’m a Christian!” are no such thing in their hearts.

Not accoridng to me. Not being “judgmental” here. According to the Word of God.

This includes at this time 49% of Presbyterian or Reformed pastors claiming to be “Christian” (see all the information by either clicking the LIFEWAY RESEARCH link, or reading the article below my comments).

A person, no person, no matter who, no matter what they may espouse with their lips, no matter if they attended a theology school, a Bible college and thus garnered a piece of paper stating they are now eligible to be called a “pastor,” or ANYONE thinking or stating they are a “Christian” who also professes there is nothing wrong with homosexual / lesbian “marriages” IS NOT A CHRISTIAN.

Let’s be very clear.

Not according to me. According to the sound and very clear doctrine within the God-breathed Scriptures, which are for our instruction.

No person can add to or omit from the inerrant Word of God.

No person can alter, remove, or change the very clear message of the Word of God.

All who do will suffer severely. Not me being “judgmental” or “intolerant,” or “unloving.” Me merely stating what the inerrant, infallible living and active Word of God says very clearly regarding false teachers, apostate people, liars and deceivers in the church, sexual immorality, perversions and sexual deviancy such as homosexuality. Search the Scriptures on your own and learn if doubting what I write here.

To be a true child of God, a true servant of Jesus Christ is not, has never been about being popular, accepting and embracing any sin or evil. In fact being a true child of God, a true servant of Jesus Christ the Lord (which is what being a true Christian is and means) is about the exact opposite. To be hated and shunned by the world. Not adopting its lies, its sin, its evils! Not following false teachers. Unsound doctrines. Not following he who has dominion on this earth for a season. But believing and following the whole of the whole Word of God.

Know something never mentioned? Just how many people that call themselves “Christian” sit and dine at the table of Satan. How many eat everything he serves up, refusing to sit at the true table of the Lord’s, refusing to dine at the Lord’s table because they disagree with the food He serves up. For they are picky eaters. They only like this particular dish, or that one at the Lord’s table but refuse to ingest and digest and know the palette of meat laid out in which to partake and become a strong, healthy, sound of spirit and mind disciple of His. These and their kind, who are “picky eaters” and refuse to sit and dine at the Lord’s table prefer the lies, the dainties, the savories served up by Satan while convincing themselves they are still “Christians.” They devour every plate, every morsel, every dish the devil serves up to them as it may taste sweet and good on their lying tongues as they have the deadly, toxic juices drip from their lips, their gluttonous desire to devour whatever he dishes up, every morsel of the devils they ingest only turns to poison leading to death once inside of them. Just how many people calling themselves “Christian” are in truth nothing more than followers of the Evil One — not God, not Jesus, not the Holy Spirit and not the Bible? According to what many, and now almost a majority profess when asked what they believe (read the information below my comments here, or the LIFEWAY RESEARCH link)?

There is no pleasing, appeasing and accepting the lies and evil of this world and also being a child of God, a disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord.

No matter how one might delude and deceive themselves, allow the devil to delude and deceive them, allow others with their lying tongues to delude and deceive them.

Read and believe what the very clear Word of God has to tell every person what will happen to such for eternity. Not just a little while. For eternity.

I realize I am more redundant than an unsold parrot in a pet shop with my constant writing there are only two paths, two ways to go in EVERYTHING. Each of us either can take and walk the course in this life, the path of Truth, Life, Light — the Way of Jesus Christ and God the Father knowing Their will for us from Their Word. And to the eleven people who will read this out of a world populated by over seven billion, forgive my redundancies.

Or, we can walk according to the ways and teachings of the world. To those eleven? Maybe let someone in the over seven billion you know, know about this article, this place and then perhaps there can be as many as thirteen people reading this article.

No other paths. No other options. And one path leads to eternal life. The other to eternal damnation in firey, painful, gnashing of teeth, cast into utter outer darkness and pain.

Appease and live to please the lying “Christian pastors” not questioning them, not removing yourselves to a true Bible-preaching, Bible-teaching, Bible-exhorting in truth church, a Bible-centered, God the Father centered, Jesus centered, Holy Spirit centered church not desiring to please the sexually immoral, not looking to please the liars, the deceivers, not looking to please sinners and merely put backsides in pews and fill collection plates and get interviewed about how “progressive” you are by some blind, clueless, walking in utter darkness media person so you can become a “celebrity pastor,” or ‘well known Christian” — but rather live to please God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and to lead sinners from eternal death to the knowledge of eternal life and you will find yourself shaking, trembling, crying and wailing before Jesus trying to explain why you served this world, its lies, in truth served the devil and his lies rather than serving the Lord and His Truth.

Not according to me. Not opinion. Not being “judgmental” which all the liars and deceivers love to use out of context and pervert the definition of, no, not according to anything I say or write — but according to the Word of God.

Don’t believe this?

Search the Scriptures. Diligently. Daily. Like a Berean. Like a true disciple of Jesus rather than only listening to a minister of Satan who appears as an angel of light, just as the one they serve does. Instead of listening to a man, a woman, the teachings of this world which are nothing more than the deadly toxic bile, the lies emanating from the devil. Plain and simple. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Each of us chooses. Each of us has been given that free will; free choice by God and Jesus our Creators.

Each then decides within their own heart Who or who, and what they will believe, Who or who and what they will follow and serve.

And from those individual choices every soul, every spirit, every person will either reside for eternity in heaven — or in the depths of hell.

Don’t beleive this?

Keep following the world, keep believing the lying worldly, apostate “pastors” who are nothing more than ministers of Satan on the pulpits, NOT ministers of the Word of God.

Find out for yourself Who, who and what is true.

When I say, or write the majority of folks these days calling themselves “Christians” are anything but children of God, servants and disciples of the Lord, I am not being holier than thou, judgmental, or anything such as that. I am merely stating the facts as they are in these last of the last days, according to the facts, the evidence before us all if we’d only look and see, listen and hear and refuse to automatically accept any who say, “I’m a Christian!”

Or, accept and believe anyone bearing the title “pastor” or “minister” or any other such “shepherd” of a flock is a “Christian” — graduated from some seminary, Bible college, theology school in which more than 60% coming out of them, with diplomas in hand, refute and do not believe in the virgin birth, in the actual resurrection of Jesus, that Jesus was God on earth, they do not believe much of what is contained in God’s word yet they go out into the world professing to be Christians? And not only Christians, but ones knowledgeable in the Word and able to preach it to others to edify, to instruct, and to spread the true gospel!? And, now, almost half of them find nothing wrong with homosexual / lesbian “marriage?” Perhaps because more and more of these ministers of Satan are in fact themselves practicing homosexuals and lesbians following the devil in churches to lead millions astray and cause utter confusion in an attempt to dissolve and destroy the true Church.

God will not be mocked. The TRUE LIVING WORD will prevail. The Word of God is eternal. The lies and false teachings of these ministers of Satan will burn up with the fulfillment of Scriptures when the world will be destroyed not by water this time, but be a consuming fire and melt away.

Test every spirit, Are these folks of sound doctrine? One gospel? And the gospel begins at Genesis 1:1 and goes uninterrupted to Revelation 22:21 because the whole of the Word of God is about fallen men and women, who were created by God and Jesus with free will, choice, and man and woman chose to obey the devil and disobey God, chose to destroy Paradise and bring on pain, suffering and death. And the true gospel is every word within the Word and what each person on earth will do with such. Will they believe? Will they repent of their sins and serve the Lord? Or will they not? That’s what everything is all about with everyone. Nothing more. Nothing less.

These are the most important matters and considerations before every person on this troubled, fallen, broken and sin-filled earth. With sin, evil and its lies ever increasing. Don’t believe this? Then perhaps after reading the remainder of my comments, and Michael Brown’s article below, you better finally open up THIS LINK AND BEGIN TO LEARN SOME SAD HARD FACTS.

Will you place your feet and thus your heart, mind and spirit, your life, your eternity on sound doctrine? On the inerrant infallible whole of the living and active Word of God?

Or, do you place you feet, your heart, your mind and spirit, your life and thus your eternity on the false unsound doctrine and teachings of this world? Of he who appears like an angel of light, as do his ministers, and thusly determine where your spirit and soul will spend eternity and endure all that means in the depths of hell?

Simple really.

It’s an either or. Very clear. Nothing muddy, confusing about it. No other options. Only two roads to take and can only take one or the other. Both lead to very different destinations. One will be very narrow, yet very straight, just not easy to traverse day after day in this world as it is. It’ll be in truth a difficult road to walk. Not smooth at all if walked upon correctly, and in the end it leads to a very narrow gate of entry, where few will walk through.

Whereas the other road? The only other option to travel? Well, it’s wide, oh so very wide! Almost limitless witdth to walk upon. And it appears ever so smooth and fast and as if you’ve taken the right road and there is no getting lost, no stop lights, it’s such a smooth ride because, well, you’re in the drivers seat and you’re in control! And it’s taking you places! Oh, yes, it’s taking you places for sure.

Oh, one thing? Before you keep going pedal to the metal? Thinking the technology of today will save you? The signage on this ever so wide and pleasurable highway is everything you want to see and know? The signs lie. And there’s one really important sign not installed on purpose. Road out ahead bottomless pit ahead where you’ll spend your eternity crashing and burning.

It’s either God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the whole of the whole Holy Bible or else.

And if you do not like this? Want other choices? Don’t believe? Refuse? Think you know better?

Everyone has free will and chooses their own path.

Just know this fleshly life ends, the path walked ends and then eternity will begin and which eternity will be the consequence. The result of the path walked while in this fleeting fleshly body that will decay and turn to dust — while the spirit, the soul goes on. Either with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in eternal Paradise, or the only other place available, the only other place with space for those who opposed God and Jesus, who opposed Their Word, who opposed the Truth and listened to liars, listened to men, listened thusly to the devil.

Reservations are being accepted in either place — until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. And seats at the Lord’s table are limited. The door of grace will remain open awhile longer and then close. For eternity. For all will be done, all accomplished, and truly it will be finished here on earth. All known world history will end. Forever.

And He is going to return. With a fury. With fire. With the heavenly hosts to lay waste the sinful nations and people of this world. He will again set His foot upon the Mount of Olives and be King of kings, Lord of lords, all will be His. All will be subject to Him. All will have to give an accounting to Him.

Sooner than later seeing how we’re almost at the point the MAJORITY of those professing to be His are nothing but liars, deceivers, sexually immoral and in truth the servants of the devil.

Okay. Enough from me. Now read the article below by Michael Brown.

And after that? Get ahold of a Holy Bible. Search the Scriptures. Be a Berean. Make the Holy Word of God what leads, directs, teaches you and not the ways of this world, the lies of those who might even appear as an angel of light…the devil isn’t some little red man with a pitchfork and pointy tail, the devil appears like the most alluring, beautiful, wonderful tasty thing you’ve ever seen, heard, or eaten.

It might appear beautiful, seductive, alluring and ever so tasty — but spit it out! Spit it out and do not ingest and digest what is being served up at the Evil One’s table and learn to discern and know what is truly good, pure and true and what is not. And do not be afraid to stand boldly in and for the truth of God, of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit, of the whole of the whole inerrant living Word of God in this escalating, truly bloody, truly matter of eternal life or eternal death spiritual war there is no truce, no timeouts, no end to until Jesus does return and take His place as King and Lord of all forever.

Do not fall for the cunning and subtle seductions of this world, of Satan and his ministers. Do not ever sit at their table. For all they offer is poison and you will surely die. The exact opposite of what the devil told Adam and Eve in the Garden, as he told them if they disobeyed God, and instead listened to him they would not die. His lies always and only lead to death. ETERNAL DEATH.

Think long and hard on these most important matters. Your eternity depends upon the choices you make, Who and what you believe, how you fashion your life, what you believe and thus how you then live.

It truly does…

And, as I keep saying endlessly — eternity is a long, long, LONG time. If you don’t believe that look that up as well.

After praying fervently to God for discernment and searching His Word.


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Thursday, February 27th, 2020


Progressive Pastors Failing The Church – Mainline Churches Abandon Scripture


February 24, 2020

By Michael Brown

Reprinted from: ASKDRBrown / Prophecy News Watch


According to a new Lifeway Research survey, while 47 percent of “mainline” pastors now support same-sex “marriage,” only 8 percent of evangelical pastors do. More specifically, “Presbyterian or Reformed (49%), Methodist (47%), Lutheran (35%) and Christian/Church of Christ pastors (20%) are more likely to see nothing wrong with same-sex marriage than Baptist (3%) or Pentecostal pastors (1%).”

None of this is surprising in the least.

First, as noted by Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research, “The movement we see among pastors’ views of same-sex marriage has less to do with their denominational tradition than their view of the Bible.”

Accordingly, those who hold most faithfully to the authority of Scripture will be the least inclined to change their views on homosexuality. Put another way, those who believe the Bible to be God’s inspired, unchanging Word will be the least likely to compromise their convictions based on societal changes.
“An evangelical distinctive,” McConnell continued, “is the ultimate authority the Bible has over one’s beliefs despite changing cultural perspectives. It is not surprising then that evangelical pastors across different denominations continue to view same-sex marriage as wrong through this lens.”

That’s because the Bible is unambiguous in its condemnation of homosexual unions. Under all circumstances, regardless of how much love or commitment is involved, they are sinful in God’s sight and contrary to His established order.

At the same time, mercy and forgiveness are offered for all, including practicing homosexuals. The Word is equally clear on this (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

That’s why, when I had a mini-debate with “homosexual Christian” poster boy Matthew Vines, he could not offer a single Scripture verse in support of his position. (For a graphic illustration of the scriptural bankruptcy of the “homosexual Christian” argument, see here.)

When it comes to “mainline” pastors, which these days primarily refers to “progressive” or “liberal” pastors, they are more inclined to interpret Scripture through the lens of contemporary culture than to evaluate contemporary culture through the lens of Scripture.

As a result, they are more likely to disbelieve fundamental, biblical truths, including: the Bible as God’s infallible Word; salvation coming only through Jesus; the virgin birth and the resurrection; eternal reward and eternal punishment.

That’s why it’s no surprise that these same pastors, who have waffled on the most foundational issues, will waffle on things like gay “marriage” too. What else could we expect?

Ironically, it is the Pentecostals, who are often derided for their belief that the Spirit continues to speak today, who are the most conservative of all, with only 1 percent of their pastors affirming same-sex “marriage.”

But that, too, should come as no surprise. That’s because the reason Pentecostals believe that prophecy and tongues are for today is because they believe that the Word of God means what it says. That’s also why they reject same-sex “marriage.”

Pentecostals also emphasize the importance of the new birth and life in the Spirit. This means that the vast majority of their adherents will have a greater devotion to the Lord and His Word than those of “mainline” churches, which often downplay the concept of personal relationship with God.

All this would be in keeping with a 10-country religious survey published in 2006, titled, “Spirit and Power – A Ten Country Survey of Pentecostals.”

The survey indicated that, “In addition to their distinctive religious experiences, renewalists also stand out for the intensity of their belief in traditional Christian doctrines and practices. For instance, in eight of the 10 countries surveyed (all except the U.S. and Chile), majorities of non-renewalist Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word; but this view is even more common among pentecostals than among non-renewalist Christians. Similarly, large majorities of all Christians, renewalists and non-renewalists alike, believe that miracles still occur today as in ancient times.

But this belief tends to be even more intense among pentecostals and, to a lesser extent, charismatics than among non-renewalist Christians.”

It is true that, according to the recent Lifeway Research survey, the more educated the pastor, the more likely he (or she) was to accept same-sex “marriage.” Specifically, “Those with a doctorate (27%) or a master’s degree (32%) are more likely to support same-sex marriage than pastors with a bachelor’s degree (9%) or no college degree (6%).”

But, once again, it is also more likely that many of those who pursued more advanced degrees view the Bible through a more modernist lens than those who chose not to pursue such degrees. Education, in and of itself, does not guarantee orthodoxy. This is especially so when the seminaries attended are themselves liberal.

Interestingly, “Pastors of churches with fewer than 50 in attendance are more likely to see nothing wrong with two people of the same gender getting married (33%) than those at churches with 100 or more in attendance (19%).”

This would confirm what I have written about numerous times, namely, that “progressive Christianity” is doomed to fail.

That’s why, while 47 percent of “mainline” pastors now affirm same-sex relations, they represent an increasingly small minority of American pastors as a whole as their congregations are dwindling. In stark contrast, Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity is exploding around the globe.

One group adheres more faithfully to the Word and relies on the Spirit’s power. The other does not.
The results are as expected.