If we’d only read our Bibles, and believe what we’ve read…


by Ken Pullen

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path



What? This isn’t about COVID-19?

No, it isn’t. It’s about something more important and widespread, although connected to what the people of the world are participating in with regard to COVID-19.

There will be nothing on ACP about COVID-19, unless it is mentioned in a posting, such as the one found on this website by Anne Graham Lotz.

What will be found here is far more important to every individual on this earth, and far more widespread and deadly than COVID-19.


A whole heapin’ helping of a lot of ignorance.

I’m providing some links containing a lot of very good information immediately below, but please bear with me in this column before clicking on those. I will provide a brief summary, which is the whole reason the idea for this particular column entered my mind.

Okay, for the two people still on this page, first, here’s something very recent (March 12, 2020) from Pew Research Center that will let you know what this particular column I’m writing is about.

Let’s also include some facts rather than conjecture and work from a basis of facts. I think working factually is so much better than attempting to build something from smoke, mirrors,, hearsay, rumor or assumptions. Don’t you?

According to the most recent information, from one of the world’s most reliable research places, Pew Research Center, we need to include this information in order for accuracy rather than vain imaginings to fill our minds.

One third (27%) of Americans, according to the most recent information, believe God’s hand, God’s will is in American presidential elections. While according to the most recent viable information collected claims that 65% of Americans consider themselves Christians (a decline of 13% in only 12 years time — as of 2007 78% of Americans considered themselves Christian), but writing about the Great Falling Away, the rise of false teachers and an apostate church, the last of the last days doesn’t sit well with all the New Age (Pagan) indoctrinated in our nation, in our world does it? And I address this to those remaining who do consider themselves Christian but can’t abide the truth. It all has to be only positive, sugar-coated and sweet dreams to them. Sorry, but if paying attention one can clearly see, hear and small the rot. Not only in Denmark, dear ones, but in America and throughout the Western world.

This column is about everything taking place and the how and why of everything. From COVID-19, to who becomes a leader of a nation, to, well, everything that occurs every minute of every single day.

And, no, this will not be a 32 billion word column that could be turned into a 3,746 page book.

Because we’re going to go right to the core, the only place any person ought to go with regard to anything on their mind, within their heart, because no matter what may be on or in their hearts or minds it all can be found within God’s word. The Holy Bible. That’s where we’re going.

And why I asked the question that is the title of this column — “If we’d only read our Bibles, and believe what we read.”

Do you? Really?

Answer that within your individual heart and mind. With conviction. Not in deluding oneself as we so often do. How is it people vainly imagine they can lie to themselves? Lie enough to oneself and what, it becomes true, even though totally false? An illusion? Just more delusion? Answer knowing that you and God know the true answer to that question. And no one can lie to God, nor to oneself, truly.

If a little over 6 out of 10 Americans claim to be Christians how then is it that only fewer than 3 out of 10 believe God ordains all leaders? And, when you read the information in the above links you’ll also see that the mindset is that God chooses leaders only based on Him thinking those leaders are “good” and are godly and will work on policies that are good according to God. Are you kidding? Any person professing to be a Christian who believes God only ordains “good people” to be leaders and conduct godly and “good” policies has not read their Bibles, nor do they comprehend what they are reading, if reading. But then, most folks only read selected verses that make them feel “good” and ignore about 99% of God’s word. Not even living on milk these, those, whose are they anyway?

Most of the time the people receive what they deserve in leaders. God ordains them with His purpose. in the hope we somehow come out of our fog, our selfishness, our delusions, our ignorance and finally see Him, hear Him, know Him, turn to Him, believe Him and His Son and His word!

Sometimes when people ask for something they get it not heeding the words be careful what you ask. And when a bad leader comes along the people wail, moan and blame God when it is they which have wrought what has beset them!

It’s exactly like a person seeing their hand in the way of their car door and slamming that door on their hand and then wailing in anguish blaming the car door for their ignorance, actions and suffering!

It’s also like getting into that same car at some point in time and expecting the vehicle to start on its own, know where it is you need to go, or want to go, and drive you there safely, swiftly and perfectly without you putting forth any effort whatsoever. Expecting everything to be done for you while you remain idle!

And you get upset? Don’t want to read what’s here because I state people are ignorant? Well, if a person doesn’t know something, or is working from misinformation, rumor, vain imaginings, lies, anything not factual and they don’t know? That is ignorance. It isn’t a dirty word. It’s merely a descriptive word, and contrary to the popular myth, we’re not all brilliant, smart, knowledgeable, wise, aware and knowing. Are we? I certainly know far less of what there is to know than what I do know.

I imagine you fall into that category as well. Let’s all begin to finally be honest, shall we?

Okay — the point.

Let’s go to the Bible for the ultimate facts and truths.


Regarding EVERYTHING. EVERY THING! Every thing possible. And those things we cannot comprehend but need to believe. Because God tells us. In His word.



See? Wasn’t even 1,000 words.

And is in truth a DETOUR SIGN — sending all those here to God’s word first, foremost, every day, repeatedly during the morning, day, evening and late into the night if need be, and the need always is present in every heart, in every life, in every heartbeat and breath.

Go to God’s word. All of it. From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 leaving nothing off limits, unread, unimportant. For in that book, in all those words are the history of the world, past, present and something no other book can provide — future. In that book is every instruction, evidence, example of and for anything and everything that can happen to anyone anywhere at any time. Learn from its examples and lessons, from its Rock Solid truths regarding human nature, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the world, sin, evil, the true hearts of men, what it required to attain eternal life. Discover life, truth, light. Discover forgiveness, aid, comfort, security and peace found nowhere else. Discover the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ and the merciful Father, providing every breath and heartbeat in the hope of drawing each of us closer to Them.

Do more than open a Bible.

Dive into it. Dive into its ever refreshing life-giving, life-instructing waters. Eat of it. Eat and drink of it deeply, daily, continully. Prayerfully.

Dear ones…

Live within the book the instructs and provides life to those who seek it, ask of it, believe and obey it, and live it.

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