When will the singularity occur? According to new research, humanity may achieve singularity within just 7 years—much sooner than we originally thought.

When will the singularity occur? According to new research, humanity may achieve singularity within just 7 years—much sooner than we originally thought.© John Lund – Getty Images


Ironic and bizarre that the editor and or writer of the article below chose the word humanity to include in the heading of the article. How much humanity is witnessed in this world presently? With the rise and push of transhumanism and AI?

Still refuse to view ALL THINGS with a Biblical view? Still don’t think things are quite along as they are? Things have been and are well along and on their way. Much, much further along than most know or want to know. It’s the overwhelming majority of people, humanity, that ignores, denies, hides, lies, and refuses to face the truth. Reality. Preferring instead the lie, living banality, and desiring to appear as part of the insanity. The Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau [a key figure in promoting transcententalism] wrote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” which tells a bit of truth, but as in every lie delivered from Satan, or one of his legions of minions and ministers that truth is twisted, perverted, and sorely lacking in, well, THEE TRUTH. A truth in part. Refusing to go to the root; the foundation of things. And we all ought to know then what that truly is. This truth only rings true in so many because the mass of men and women live lives of delusion, illusion, pretending, putting on a good face, a good front. Their desperation isn’t in where they live and not living in a small shelter in the woods, but in not living with an understanding of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ, of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God.

Instead, even knowing as Romans 1 tells us, deciding to turn from their knowledge of God and to follow the wisdom of the world, which is foolishness and only leads to destruction — thinking themselves wise they became fools.

And while the technology addiction is a massive worldwide affliction…

Does humanity reach singularity within just seven years? Perhaps even sooner as the degree and rate of sin and what men and women are doing, pursuing, and believing escalates as it all does bringing clearer by the passing hour every word within the Word of God — but why go there? Believe that, eh? Keep on the path you’re on and see where that takes you if you’re one loving this world, putting your faith and trust in men, in so-called humanity, and machine, device leading to all manner of devices of men and women known and used, in someone else who doesn’t know you and only truly cares about themselves and their status, their power, their personal wealth, and their personal wellbeing. That’s intelligent, right? That makes sense, right?

Rather than putting your faith and trust in God, in the Lord Jesus Christ Who lived, died, and rose from the dead conquering death for everyone, anyone, who would believe in Him, put their faith in Him, and come to KNOW HIM and live with and for Him as His disciple. Because He is the ONLY ONE that cares, that knows you more, better than, beyond comprehension than any other person can or will, and also is the ONLY ONE Who can forgive sin because He paid the price, the debt in full, for sin and provide a way to eternal life for all those that fear death, or pretend they don’t fear death outside of the Lord.

Anyone else die for you? Anyone else able to forgive sin and provide eternal life? Can AI? Any man or woman or form of government do such a thing?

Putting one’s faith in AI, in mankind, in technology is such foolishness. Such a lie. Such a waste. Possibly leading to eternal waste unless the sound one listens to, the place one casts their eyes, the place one places their heart, mind, spirit, and life hearing, seeing, and coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

AI isn’t going to make the world a better and safer place, an easier place to reside as its proponents proclaim. No, it’ll become a tool of Satan, of evil, as much of it has over time. This time, the final time, by the son of perdition that’ll be using it to deceive the masses as they have never been deceived in world history and never will be deceived again. What is coming is The Final Deception leading to the coming The Great Tribulation ruled over by the Antichrist and his false prophet, which leads to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of every word, every jot and tittle within the Word of God.

Sooner than later. Perhaps much sooner than expected.

But why believe that when you have such reliable, always telling the truth, so trustworthy men and women and their philosophies, their doctrines to place one’s faith, and living in a bubble, hiding, denying, pretending has worked so well, eh?

When will REAL INTELLIGENCE make its appearance? Spiritual wisdom and spiritual understanding appear? Best occur before the next seven years unfold, best appear while the Good, Gracious Lord blesses with breath and a beating heart, eh?

How about singularity with Jesus, with the Word of God? 

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Tuesday, January 24th, 2023


Humanity May Reach Singularity Within Just 7 Years, Trend Shows


Monday, January 23, 2023

By  Darren Orf

Reprinted from Esquire


  • By one unique metric, we could approach technological singularity by the end of this decade, if not sooner.
  • A translation company developed a metric, Time to Edit (TTE), to calculate the time it takes for professional human editors to fix AI-generated translations compared to human ones. This may help quantify the speed toward singularity.
  • An AI that can translate speech as well as a human could change society.

In the world of artificial intelligence, the idea of “singularity” looms large. This slippery concept describes the moment AI exceeds beyond human control and rapidly transforms society. The tricky thing about AI singularity (and why it borrows terminology from black hole physics) is that it’s enormously difficult to predict where it begins and nearly impossible to know what’s beyond this technological “event horizon.”

However, some AI researchers are on the hunt for signs of reaching singularity measured by AI progress approaching the skills and ability comparable to a human. One such metric, defined by Translated, a Rome-based translation company, is an AI’s ability to translate speech at the accuracy of a human. Language is one of the most difficult AI challenges, but a computer that could close that gap could theoretically show signs of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

“That’s because language is the most natural thing for humans,” Translated CEO Marco Trombetti said at a conference in Orlando, Florida, in December. “Nonetheless, the data Translated collected clearly shows that machines are not that far from closing the gap.”

The company tracked its AI’s performance from 2014 to 2022 using a metric called “Time to Edit,” or TTE, which calculates the time it takes for professional human editors to fix AI-generated translations compared to human ones. Over that 8-year period and analyzing over 2 billion post-edits, Translated’s AI showed a slow, but undeniable improvement as it slowly closed the gap toward human-level translation quality.

On average, it takes a human translator roughly one second to edit each word of another human translator, according to Translated. In 2015, it took professional editors approximately 3.5 seconds per word to check a machine-translated (MT) suggestion — today that number is just 2 seconds. If the trend continues, Translated’s AI will be as good as human-produced translation by the end of the decade (or even sooner).

“The change is so small that every single day you don’t perceive it, but when you see progress … across 10 years, that is impressive,” Trombetti said on a podcast in December. “This is the first time ever that someone in the field of artificial intelligence did a prediction of the speed to singularity.”

Although this is a novel approach to quantifying how close humanity is to approaching singularity, this definition of singularity runs into similar problems of identifying AGI more broadly. Although perfecting human speech is certainly a frontier in AI research, the impressive skill doesn’t necessarily make a machine intelligent (not to mention how many researchers don’t even agree on what “intelligence” is).

Whether these hyper-accurate translators are harbingers of our technological doom or not, that doesn’t lessen Translated’s AI accomplishment. An AI capable of translating speech as well as a human could very well change society, even if the true “technological singularity” remains ever elusive.