Before feet touch the ground upon leaving the bed, unless some dire and urgent physical need must be met, it is a good thing to begin each day acknowledging God. Through the only Mediator to the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Going to God from the beginning of the day, each day, humbly, faithfully believing, confident and consistent and Alistair Begg writes below.

And thankfully.

To make the most of each day each new day a person is blessed with, and to receive the vision, the sounds, the sensations of animated life upon awakening is surely through the blessing and will of the Lord. Who knows how many hairs are on each head, knows every thought, knows everything at all times, and makes the breath, the beating heart, the salvation through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ possible.

Yes, thankful, humble, faithfully believing going to the Lord first upon rising indeed! A wonderful way to begin each day!

Develop the habit, the discipline, the consistency of joyfully, expectantly, humbly, thankfully, and confidently beginning each new day going to the Lord in prayer.

The world presents myriad self-help solutions of “Do this for 14 days and…” or “Do this for 30 days and…”

I’m telling you firsthand, the greatest help is not found in self, or any man or woman on this earth, or in some quick fix so-called solution, and if an individual faithfully, confidently, consistently, humbly and joyfully, with awe, wonder, and reverence, so thankfully begins each day in prayer to the Lord they will witness changes in their day, in their life not afforded by anything of this world.


Try it. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

Yes, routines, we do each have one every morning upon rising whether we acknowledge that fact, realize it, or not.

What’s yours?

God is listening. Take everything to the Lord in prayer.

Fervent, faithful, humble prayer of one individual…more powerful than all the nuclear warheads on this earth.

Really. Ever think of that? Ponder that truth?

Read on…

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Tuesday, May 16th, 2023


How to Start Your Day


By Alistair Begg from his book Truth For Life 365 Devotionals



O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice.

Psalm 5:3


Every day begins with a routine. Even if we think we don’t have a routine, we all in fact have some habits and patterns that take up and shape the first few minutes or hours of each new morning. Psalm 5 encourages us to make our morning routine a godly one. Here we discover that David begins his day with God and demonstrates for us five postures for approaching Him: directly, humbly, personally, consistently, and expectantly.

Verse 1 shows us that David takes God’s name upon his lips and comes to Him directly: “Give ear to my words, O LORD.” We can approach the triune God in this way because of our Lord Jesus. “For … there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5), and this mediator grants us the ability to “draw near to the throne of grace” (Hebrews 4:16).

Though we can approach God confidently, we must still come to Him humbly. In Psalm 5:2, David cries out to God for help and addresses Him as “my King and my God.” David is himself a king, yet he bows before the one who is sovereign over all. He puts himself in the right place. One of the great challenges at the beginning of every day is to put ourselves in a proper perspective before our almighty yet benevolent God.

We also draw near to the Lord personally. He hears the sound of our cries (Psalm 5:2) and listens to our voice (v 3). What a wonder it is that the God who created the universe would be mindful of us, giving ear to everyone who calls upon Him!

With these first three postures in mind, we will approach God consistently. David mentions the morning twice in Psalm 5:3, implying that for him, beginning the day with God is a priority. Psalm 145:2 states the principle clearly: “Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever” (emphasis added). We miss out on the richness of God’s fellowship if we call out to Him only haphazardly.

Finally, David comes to God expectantly: “In the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch” (Psalm 5:3). As David worships, he watches. He waits for his Lord and expects Him to respond.

However precisely or flexibly you handle the opening moments of your day, and whatever else your routine includes, don’t miss out on the privilege of casting your cares on your good God. When you come to Him consistently and directly, in humble expectation with your personal requests, He will not withhold His blessing. Tomorrow morning, whatever else you must do, will the Lord God hear your voice?