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Ex-head of the Soviet Union’s KGB and current Czar of the Soviet Union, whoops, words, you know, I mean leader of the nation a.k.a. Russia; of Gog / Magog, which you may be a wee bit familiar with, heard about, read about maybe? Oh, and that Turkey country is also in all of that, as is Iran and some other places might be good to look up along the way…oh, and U.S. too! Oh, you’re a sly one, Mr. Grinch, I mean Putin… because this is real after all is it not folks? Not a movie, a play, fantasy. This is real. A history, news not told by the mainstream whatsoever. Ever wonder why that is and all the TV and radio broadcast so-called news, all the on-air “talent” and talking heads, pundits, so-called self- aggrandizing experts and such, none of the print media on newsstands, so on to the masses never venture into these waters in the stream? (caption photo & comments supplied by administrator of A Crooked Path and did not appear in original article by Gatestone Institute).



How Putin Outfoxed Trump, Pence and Erdogan

Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute




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