Words have power. Words mean something. Words carry weight, emotion, thought and cause direction. Direction the mind and heart can take, might take, could take, perhaps will take. Or once known, learned, defined flee from rather than pursuing or partaking. Words direct. Yes, so many words defining and leading all the people of the world in one direction or another, exactly like the swirling winds blowing the leaves over winding wooded trails, and mustard stained napkins blowing along the street. Words matter.

Words matter!

Even among the numb, distracted, deluded, lost, clueless, oblivious, otherwise occupied with an attention span seemingly only a few seconds in duration. A large, standing relatively upright, fleshy covered vertebrate with an attention span, in comparison, akin to a fruit fly. Oh, yes, those exist. And they better begin paying closer attention. The sands of time keep flowing. A lot of folks we encounter appear to have some disorder. And in truth they do. A spiritual disorder. A perspective disorder. A disorder regarding order bringing about all the disorder, increasing disorder within what passes for society now as all the norms, all the standards are lowered and lost. In every battle of every war there is a standard-bearer. One at the front, along the lines, holding up that armies standard. For all to see in the battle. And when the standard-bearer falls? The standard not raised up again by any in that army? Oh, woe to the outcome of that battle, that war! For then the enemy seizes upon the moment, is encouraged, tramples the standard in the disarray of the battle and becomes more brazen, advancing, ever advancing in their attempt to conquer!

Yes, there are a lot of mental (spiritual) disorders but they are not treated by prescribing mood altering drugs, or sitting in a chair cross-legged spilling ones guys out to a man or woman billing them one hundred and twenty dollars an hour. Or listening to false teachers, preachers perverting the Word of God in their desire to be men pleasers, women pleasers, young people pleasers, world pleasers rather than pleasing God.

You know who I believe knows the Holy Scriptures word for word and could recite the Holy Scriptures forwards and backwards? With his eyes closed? Only Three Living Beings in One, in all the universe, God the Father, Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Holy Spirit know the Holy Scriptures better than he does? Still wondering? Naw, most of you know. Come on, most of you got it. You know.

Still wondering? Really? The devil. That ol’ dragon, the Evil One — Satan — knows Scripture better than any man or woman on earth. I believe he can recite the Bible word for word. Know why I believe this? Because his ability to know the Holy Scriptures word for word permits him the ability to omit, add, change the meaning, work the words, twist the words — because he knows words matter. That words have great power. And he does this within his legions of followers. In all his ministers, minions, false teachers, media personalities, government officials — any and all who listen to what he has to tell them within their spirits, minds and hearts.

You do not believe this? Then I direct you to Matthew 4:5-6 in the Holy Bible. Read those verses. Who is speaking there? What is that being doing? Besides tempting Jesus? What is the devil doing at that historical moment after the Lord was led up by the Spirit, after being baptized by John the Baptist (even though Jesus was not in need of baptism since He was and is spotless, blameless, sinless and not in need of repenting and cleansing)? The devil is blatantly corrupting Psalm 91. Because he knows every word in the Bible. Oh, yes, Satan knows the power of words. Satan knows every word in the Bible, every word in every language and how to twist, misuse, cunningly deceive and pervert every and any word he desires. That is why we must, anyone who wants to know and pursue the truth must continually, daily turn to approved translations of God’s Word.

The noise, the sounds, what we read, all the words of everyday everywhere around this world sinking into the hearts and minds of all the people —oh my. That is why we must daily, in prayer, asking for spiritual wisdom, spiritual discernment, increased understanding of God’s Word of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, words matter. Words have such power, incredible power. Words do matter.

Power to save.

Power to condemn.

Power to uplift.

Power to crush.

Words matter.

Let’s learn them correctly, use them correctly, not be afraid to speak or write or know the right words. Let’s also speak and write about the perversion, erosion, corruption and mutilating of the English language, and I am sure though I know them not, the languages of the world are also undergoing the same assault by the ministers, minsters and agents of that Old Dragon, the devil.

I love you can have enormous impact. Three words. Everyone knowing their meaning.

Words of much greater impact all ought to know and thus incorporate into daily life and keep in mind always?

You are saved and will spend eternity in Paradise with Jesus the Lord.

You are condemned and will spend eternity in the depths of hell, in the lake of fire, isolated, in eternal pain, darkness and anguish, totally apart from God and Jesus’ creation and your spirit, your consciousness residing for eternity in the realm only the devil could make. It will not be a big party with friends, rock stars, so on.

Oh, sure, I used more words. But remember — eternity is a long, long, long, really long time and to use 60 words in one ridiculously long run on sentence is nothing — compared to eternity and the words that will run through the spirit of those in hell compared to those in heaven.

Yes, words matter. They really matter. They really have power. And I’m not writing in the singular here…

(Read on and that last line will really make sense — hopefully).


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Saturday, September 28th, 2019


He, She, It, and They



by: &  David Carlson
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Reprinted from: BREAKPOINT



G.K. Chesterton said, “If words aren’t worth fighting for, what on earth would be?” How we use words shapes our understanding of reality and can even reveal the health of an entire culture.That’s why abortion supporters refuse to use the word “baby” to describe human life in the womb. It’s a word that conveys personhood and intrinsic value.

How we use words can strip reality of its meaning. Even simple words like “they,” which is a plural pronoun. Instead of saying “Harry and Sally went to the store,” we’ll say, “They went to the store.” If just Sally went shopping, we’d use “she.”

Last week, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary added a definition for the word “they.” It is now offered as a singular pronoun that refers to “a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary.”

Merriam-Webster claims to add new words and new definitions not to create norms, but to reflect the new ways language is being used in contemporary society.

Maybe. But misused words won’t remake reality. They’ll only distort our ability to understand it.


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Merriam-Webster adds ‘they’ as nonbinary pronoun

  • Rebecca Klar
  • The Hill
  • September 17, 2019


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