“Happy is…”


Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

Proverbs 3:13 — King James Version


People readily accept and promote the universal idea that unless an individual actually experiences something they can’t possibly then know what it is like to understand. No matter what that something might be. The consensus is, “Well, if you haven’t experienced _____________ then you can’t possibly know what it’s like, or what I’m talking about.”

This is generally done in a civil and convivial manner. Sometimes not. But for the most part, it is.

People immersed in the world that have not experienced true, authentic, genuine regeneration within, a transformation within not of their own ability or doing other than to seek it, ask for it, and understand how it can happen to them — people immersed in the world not experiencing this can’t possibly understand a person that has experienced such a makeover, a renewal within the heart, mind, and spirit of an individual. Thus, a person in the world and not transformed by the power of the Spirit of God by the individual’s faith alone, belief alone in what is contained in the word of God cannot understand the meaning of words such as wisdom, understanding, love, born anew, transformed life in Christ, repentance and the sacrifice the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ made for the sinner who comes out from the darkness of the world and into His Light, His Life, His Way, His Truth to become a disciple of His.

The man or woman who finds themselves as the person described in the verse above from Proverbs does not walk around all giddy, all smiles, jumping for joy continually. The happiness is found in the understanding and wisdom within the living word of God. Spiritual wisdom, spiritual understanding.

I sought intently “happiness” daily when I was outside of Christ, alien to this wisdom and knowledge written in Proverbs and throughout the Holy Bible.

There were glimmering moments, like the bursting of a firework in the night sky, like a gleaming trout breaking the water’s surface to shine in the sun for a moment before disappearing beneath the surface.

Moments. Rarely in truth coming and fading fast. Always seeking. Thinking I was living but in truth I was dead. Among the walking dead. In darkness filled with all the scum this life accumulates that portends to be wisdom, knowledge, what is needed. And once a genuine transformation occurs in a person’s life by their faith, their seeking, their belief all that they have accumulated in the world over the years then appears like all the debris, the muck and dark gray and black scum floating on the surface in harbors, ports, along the breakwalls and beaches. You’ve seen it if you’ve been near a large body of water near a major city. The knowledge of the world appears like that once renewed of mind and born anew in Christ.

And while a Cheshire cat smile isn’t pasted on the faces, there is no doing perpetual cartwheels and all is ease and no pain, no sacrifices, no trials, tribulations, suffering, and travails (all those necessary to build endurance, strength, increased wisdom, and understanding — hope in the knowledge of…) there is within the heart, mind, soul, spirit, and life a pearl of wisdom, an understanding, a joy unspeakable in part now that will be beyond our feeble comprehension such joy and understanding upon being truly, completely perfected in Christ, with Christ when the true believer finds themselves no longer of this flesh, this temporal fleeting world and in the reality of the spiritual world of God’s heaven. For eternity.

Sadly, most refuse to believe and they rely on the world’s faulty understanding which is so limited and negative and is determined to deny the reality of God, of Jesus, of the Holy Spirit, of all that is contained in the Bible, of eternal life and heaven. The people of the world turn to their own understanding which has been implanted in them by the lies of the world. And this is the supposed bedrock foundation they build their lives upon.

When in truth they have constructed their lives on a vapor. On mercury. At the most on sand. There is nothing spiritually solid beneath them within them to truly build upon. Their lives are an illusion and delusion of understanding and wisdom and knowledge — all due to the source from which they go to. A polluted well of in truth bitter and deadly water. A well in which they always must go to and with the passing of time the polluted toxic water within that well changes and becomes more and more toxic and they become addicted to the polluted water. As they make false claims about its viability and healthful ingredients.

They walk in darkness. Captured by lies. The walking dead.

I know. I was among them for many, many years.

I thought I knew but I came to learn I was not wise in the least. My understanding was to enslave me not to free me, make me whole, help me, or to save me as it had always said it would. As the wisdom of this corrupt and perverse world also teaches that the word of God is foolishness and a myth. And only Cretans and fools would believe in such things.

When in truth?

It turns out that all the world imagines and believes is true is in fact a lie. The opposite of how it has been given to them and they accepted it.

And that which they think is false and foolish is in truth the REAL TRUTH, the ONLY WAY, the ONLY TRUE WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, and path to LIFE.

I lived in error, in darkness so long. Believing the lies of the world.

To thankfully, joyfully, humbly come to see, know and hold within all of my being the source of REAL wisdom, REAL understanding, THE ONLY TRUTH THAT IS TRUE ON THIS EARTH — God’s word, God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ as an individual’s Redeemer, Saviour, and Lord.

What REAL happiness is. It is possible. It can be found. It can be had. And not like the happiness of the world that is like mercury passing through your fingers, or the air within a balloon.

I don’t know where you might be reading this, what your age is. If you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ or not. If not though? I ask you in love and care to open your heart to the opportunity of hearing the Lord, hearing the words of the word of God. Asking the Holy Spirit to explain, to guide you, to help you. Seek God. Seek God earnestly. With all your heart. In faith. And come to find. Come to know. That which any and every person refusing to do this can then never know what real happiness is, what real life is, what real wisdom and understanding are.


Ken Pullen

Monday, July 12th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path