I Am Jesus Christ Video Game

Screenshot capture from the new video game “I am Jesus Christ.”

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See the article “Fend Off Satan in the New ‘I Am Jesus Christ’ Video Game,” written by Mr. Sam Mangioni, writing for Man of Many U.S., below my introductory comments:

Don’t believe we’re living only by the grace and forbearance of God Almighty in the last of the last days? Think everything’s fine. And dandy. No big deal. That we all should just lighten up and join the party of evil darkness and lies upon this earth?

Today U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is bringing the heinous abomination erroneously named as many bills are “Respect for Marriage Act” through the U.S. Senate, feeling confident that not only every Democratic Senator will vote in favor of bringing God’s wrath and judgment upon America for making such sexually immoral and against God way of living law in America — but that at least 10 Republican Senators will vote in favor of making the bill into U.S. law in the current climate. Thus, a 60-vote in-favor majority makes it impossible to veto the act and make it into the law of the land.

The U.S. House of Representatives already passed this sexually deviant and immoral act.

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. the sitting president has been salivating [more than his normal amount of drool] for months now in anticipation of this day and when he can put pens to paper making homosexual “marriage” the law of the land.

Aiding and abetting the ministers of Satan, the cult and false faith known as the Chruch of Latter Day Saints, a.k.a. Mormons is one hundred percent behind the “Respect for Marriage Act.”

And now there’s a video game coming out in the first quarter of 2023 titled “I Am Jesus Christ.”

Sacrilege. Blasphemy. And how many professed Christians will be buying it, playing, and giving it to their children as a gift?

How did we get here? Simple. Laxity. Refusal to have a spine and stand up to evil and its lies and delusions. Adopting, accommodating, accepting, and even approving of its darkness and evil. Thinking such a time could never come in your lifetime.

Not here! No way! So, let’s continue to appease the world, accommodate sin and evil, give our stamp of approval and be indistinguishable from the darkness, from the world, not appearing as a separate and peculiar people, not standing boldly for the truth, not being a light unto the world and salt with flavor in our words of our faith — let’s all say “gay” for the abomination and gross sin of homosexuality, pleasing man, fitting in, being indistinguishable from the darkness rather than being clear, straightforward and pleasing God! Think words don’t matter? There’s nothing wrong in saying “gay” instead of the correct words with correct meanings? Why? Because everybody does it?

Ever have your mum ask you if everyone lept off a bridge would you blindly follow them? When you were doing something foolish and downright wrong.

Do you know the origin of the word “gay” to supplant the word homosexual? It comes from the homosexual community. From within the dark and sinful sexually deviant and perverted homosexual community. From the 1960s. Because the word homosexual conjures up bad images in the mind and at least did in the majority of minds when the word “gay” was put forward to pervert the language. That’s why the homosexual movement changed the word and thus changed the thinking. Into something totally opposite of the original word and its image. The word “gay” is now adopted by almost every person. Not just the pagans and lost of the world but by almost every person professing to be a Christian rather than using language correctly. Rather than being light in this dark and evil world being indistinguishable from the darkness. How can anyone be light and salt that uses the same perverted and corrupted language to deflect from the truth? To provide an altered reality. A diversion.

Do this little test. Say the word “gay” aloud and view the image, the thoughts that come into your mind.

Then pause a bit. And say aloud the word “homosexual” and view the image, what thoughts come to mind. You don’t have to tell me, but if honest there were differing views, and differing images that came into your mind. That was the whole intent and purpose. And the world, along with what passes for Christianity made sure to accommodate, appease, and please who? Not God but man and this world and he who has dominion on this fallen world for a season — Satan, to not only accept but approve the perversion and corruption of language. And has it stopped there? Are you paying attention?

Don’t want to appear peculiar, separate, or odd? Tell it to the Lord come Judgment Day.

See nothing wrong with using corrupted language and ill-gotten words and their perverted meanings? Tell it to the Lord come Judgment Day.

How did we come to this place and juncture? By being no different than the dark and evil world. By our laxity, our nonchalance, our pre-occupation, our refusing to truly believe the Word of God — all of it, by coming to the errant and wicked mind that we’re somehow different now and the Bible isn’t always right, it isn’t really necessary to read it, believe it, study it, and meditate deeply on it. What we “feel” is much more important than what the Bible tells us.

By adopting, adapting, accepting, and approving of evil, and perversions, such as using the words given to the world by the homosexual community to deflect from reality and the truth we’ve now reached the place where myriad pronouns are accepted and mandated for use to describe a male or a female. Where curriculums are now teaching there are more than 64 genders. Where people identify as animals. And this is all accepted and approved.

Because all those professed Christians, some almost 70% in America claiming to be one, were where doing what? Saying what? Believing what? Listening to whom?

Tell it to the Lord on Judgment Day…

…or repent, truly repent. Be a light unto the world. The salt of the earth. Separate and peculiar to the people of this dark and evil world. Unafraid. Not conforming to this world. Finally growing a backbone faithfully trusting in the Holy Spirit, guided daily, nightly by the Lord and His Word rather than this dark and evil world and standing in the face of the hot winds of evil increasing in intensity over all the land!

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

Senate poised to advance same-sex marriage bill

Mormon church backs same-sex marriage ahead of Respect for Marriage Act vote

[See Romans 1:16-32, Romans 12:2, Isaiah 5:20, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Ephesians 5:3-17, Matthew 12:34b-37, Matthew 5:13-16, and Acts 5:28-29]

Fend Off Satan in the New ‘I Am Jesus Christ’ Video Game


Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

By Sam Mangioni

Reprinted from Man of Many U.S.


Gaming has become a modern-day religion for many. However, communion bread has been replaced with Doritos, and sacramental wine has been exchanged for energy drinks. And while most of us feel like the Second Coming after a Victory Royale in Fortnite, what if it was possible to play a video game as the big JC himself? Well, there’s one game coming very soon that could answer your prayers. Just try not to get a god complex.

There’s a new adventure game that allows gamers to slip on the sandals of Christianity’s favourite prophet and act out the New Testaments’ greatest hits. Kind of.

First announced in 2019, I Am Jesus Christ is a simulation game where you play as the son of God, recreating his story as told in the Bible. That means performing various miracles like healing the sick and feeding the hungry, walking on water, turning water into wine, and much more. The game will stretch from Jesus’s baptism all the way to his resurrection, and yes, there will come a time when Jesus will have to battle against Satan. Boss fight, anyone?

Over 60 characters from the Bible are featured in I Am Jesus Christ, including all of Christ’s disciples. You’ll even be able to recreate The Last Supper,

A prologue of the game – described by the developer as a beta test – will be available to play on Steam starting December 1. The prologue is basically a free, shortened version of the game that takes place in ancient Nazareth. The full version won’t be fully resurrected until the first quarter of 2023.