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Erosion, capitulation, sin, Chik-Fil-A, Franklin Graham & the way it is and will be…


There is an article by Mat Staver, the Founder and Chairman of the Liberty Counsel responding to Franklin Graham and others below my comments here.

To those familiar with A Crooked Path this will be redundant, but not nearly as redundant, and certainly not of the same destructive spirit and not of evil as the fascist, militant, concerted, orchestrated and redundant work of the homosexual movement to remove the foundation of morality, of decency, to remove the laws and make the laws lawlessness, and with its primary white-hot focus and desire — to remove or pert God, to remove or pervert Jesus, to remove or pervert the Scriptures, to remove or pervert authentic, genuine Christianity from America and from the world.

We are witness to the people, the masses of people walking in complete utter darkness and serving Satan and evil. Sin. Sexual immorality. Depravity. Making the laws lawlessness.

We are witness to those professing faith in Jesus and as being children of God serving mammon, serving the world, serving evil. Openly. Blatantly. Relenting. Capitulating.

This constant hot evil wind, this torrential relentless flood of erosion has not truly been resisted. It has been bowed to.

For fear of appearing “different” from the world. For fear of LOSING MONEY. For fear of LOSING CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS, MEMBERS, and whatnot.

For fear of “not being liked” in this fleeting temporal (temporary for those not understanding this) realm forsaking the fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom and knowledge — and life!

This fascist, militant, concerted, now permitted to be appearing ever so powerful on earth and almost all bend, break, erode, fall and bow to it homosexual agenda will never rest. Never be pleased, happy, or appeased. Whatever is given to them as tribute will be devoured, laughed at, mocked, and they will devour and require more, and more and more. Matching their insatiable depraved immoral lusts. Their drunkenness to cope and mask with their sins and abomination, their lies and way of life.

And we have contributed greatly to this massive ongoing erosion. This capitulation without ceasing replacing prayer and study within the Word of God without ceasing. We have permitted and contributed to this appeasement. We have allowed the laws to become lawlessness.

Why, as one of my most  casual readings last week showed me what is going on politically in America with regard to who is who in the stew of so-called democratic candidates? The openly homosexual Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana — a small American city amok in disaster, mess and disarray — is the LEADING democratic candidate in the most recent Iowa straw polls.

And the people are not walking in darkness? With scales on their eyes? We are not living Romans 1? Remove the homosexuality and just think on the pure political, effective leadership, ability to be an executive keeping the laws, taking a community, a place, a nation forward equation on that man and it shows how people are now mindless. Gone totally graven, senseless, walking in darkness — for they ARE thinking, ARE voting in favor of the depravity, the immorality, the sin, the abomination and their approval of such, for they would not, could not, if of good mind and seriousness be voting for him due to his mayoral and political ability to operate a small to medium sized American city, which he has failed miserably at accomplishing. So, it stands to reason for those thinking? Seeing? Knowing? Many solely approve of him and desire him to be their leader based primarily on the fact he’s a homosexual. For it cannot be otherwise due to the facts of what he has done, and has not done during his tenure as South Bend mayor!

We have, permit, celebrate practicing lesbian, homosexual and transgender “PASTORS” in so-called “Christian churches!”

Are you kidding? Seriously?

And this nation wants to be blessed? To thrive? To prosper? For the stock market to hit 30,000 and keep rising? For their every selfish earthly desire to be granted to them?

And this is what we now are, what we have become, promote, allow, permit, elevate, celebrate and push in our lives, in our communities, in our churches, schools, government and every institution? And so-called “Christian values” corporations and companies who were built upon those values and built a strong customer base on their values now due to the shift to U.S. becoming a predominately, openly evil serving, Satan serving, immorality serving people and nation due to their lust for mammon now turn 180 degrees in their desire for profits from the instruction, the VERY CLEAR instruction of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible? And expect what? Customer loyalty? That God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible are changeable to fit the sinful and immoral times of man and woman?

And still what? Truly be called Christian? Truly be called disciples of Jesus? To attain the hope of eternal life in heaven?

Better turn from the TV, turn from the media, turn from what you’re being told in most so-called Christian churches these days, turn from the school curriculums, from the government decries and making the laws lawlessness, turn from your fear of the fascist, militant ever powerful for a season homosexual movement and turn back to the Holy Bible. Turn back to God. Turn back to the one true only Jesus of the Bible, as opposed to the myriad Jesus’ it is seen every person is making, every denomination is making rather than the one and only Jesus of the Holy Bible. Turn back to the Holy Spirit Who has been grieved and shrinks from those part of the erosion, the appeasing, the pleasing and serving Satan, evil and this world!

Turn back now while you are able — for the Sovereign, All-Mighty, All-Knowing God Who wills and provides your next breath, your every breath, your next heartbeat, your every heartbeat — may not be so merciful, so patient, so understanding and His time and thoughts are not your time and thoughts and it would be best to repent, confess sin, turn back to, or turn to for the very first time the One True Living God and Creator, and His Son, the One Jesus of the Bible, and to the Holy Spirit — and to that only all-true book on earth, the one God-breathed and consisting of the literal words of God to U.S. and to everyone on earth. While They in Their Divine will, grace and mercy give us our next breath, our next heartbeat, allowing us to repent, to confess our sins, to walk upon Their righteous pathway and to get off the road leading to destruction, utter outer darkness and pain, and eternal death.

The message and words of God’s Word are so very clear. Could not be made more clear. A child understands. It is only the sinful, rebellious, corrupt, dark and evil heart of men and women — and EVERY man, EVERY woman, and EVERY child is born with these evil hearts, not innate “goodness” as the world lies, every person born is born INTO SIN. Of a sinful nature.

And needs to repent. To confess their sins. To turn to the One True God. To turn to the only way to the One True God, Jesus Christ the Lord, and become transformed, renewed of mind and spirit, to be regenerated and to come to commit, dedicate, believe and obey as a disciple of His, Jesus Christ the Lord and the words within the Word.

Or suffer the consequences.

Which will make whatever profits are written on the bottom of spreadsheets, whatever worldly friends and relationships had, whatever was written on the subway walls and tenement halls fade into eternity.

And in case unaware, or uncaring?

Eternity is long, long, long, long, LONG time…


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019


Mat Staver Responds to Franklin Graham


Friday, November 22, 2019

By Mat Staver

Originally written for Christian post & reprinted from American Family Association



Mat Staver Responds to Franklin Graham: Chick-fil-A Is Now Funding Pro-Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual & Transgender Group

Franklin, you have done a huge disservice by not doing more investigation into Chick-fil-A’s betrayal and capitulation to the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender agenda. While Dan Cathy may say the company has the same values, the company’s statements and actions tell a different story. The President and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Tassopoulos continues to serve as an advisor to the Atlanta Boy Scouts. This alone should raise a red flag considering the Boy Scouts also capitulated to the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender agenda. He stated: “There’s no question we know that, as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are.” “There are lots of articles and newscasts about Chick-fil-A, and we thought we needed to be clear about our message.”

In 2012, Chick-fil-A decided to stop funding the Paul Anderson Youth Home because it was accused of being “anti-lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender.” But it still had funding commitments with the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, both of which are also falsely accused of being “anti-lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender” because they have biblical policies on marriage and sex outside of marriage. Now that the funding commitment has expired, Chick-fil-A says it will no longer fund the Salvation Army and FCA, even though the Salvation Army fits within its giving priority of funding organizations that provide housing and food banks, and FCA provides education. Instead, Tassopoulos states Chick-fil-A will now fund Covenant House International, which is much smaller than the Salvation Army (in only 31 cities) and a lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer activist.

Tassopoulos, speaking of funding Covenant House, states: “This provides more focus and more clarity.” At least he is correct, and this clarity reveals the betrayal.

The founder of Covenant House, a Catholic priest pedophile, was sued for allegedly sexually abusing the youth who were seeking shelter and food. Covenant House proudly promotes lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism on its website, referring to “Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender Inclusion Initiatives,” and even doing an “inclusion assessment” at every one of its facilities.

Covenant House also proudly supports the New York City Homosexual Pride parade with its own float, banners, t-shirts, and hashtag #CovUnity. Covenant House is recognized as a national funder of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender causes.

Chick-fil-A dumps the Salvation Army because it wants to expand into new markets and now shuns originations the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender activists falsely call “anti-lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender,” and then turns 180 degrees to announce that it will now fund Covenant House, a radical lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist organization that celebrates the entire lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer agenda.

And Covenant House does not stop at lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer activism; it also takes girls to abortion clinics.

To save its own corporate skin, Chick-fil-A has thrown good, biblical, organizations under the bus and legitimized the false narrative of the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender activists. I attended a meeting yesterday in Washington, D.C., with national leaders, and although the meeting was not about Chick-fil-A, the leaders expressed outrage and betrayal over Chick-fil-A’s betrayal.

But Chick-fil-A’s betrayal of the Christian community will not satisfy the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender activists. These groups are calling for more, including employment benefits.

Chick-fil-A voluntarily surrendered to gain entrance into more liberal communities. In doing so, the company has caused incredible damage to the greater Christian community.


Mat Staver is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit, litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family since 1989, by providing pro bono assistance and representation on these and related topics. Mat has filed numerous briefs and argued in many federal and state courts, including two landmark cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mathew D. Staver, Esq., B.C.S.*

Founder and Chairman

Liberty Counsel