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The question at the end of the article below, written by Samantha Dorisca asks;

Will time also tell if this will be good for society?

I can answer that question. Anyone possessing logic, rational thinking, reason, critical thinking, and basic knowledge of history knows the answer. Right now. If added to this is a working understanding and knowledge of God’s Word resulting from being transformed by the Supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, thus coming into a knowing not possible without the Holy Spirit the answer could not be clearer — NO, this will not be good for society. Oh, it’s being presented as a sort of silicon chip technological savior. No, this is the beginning of what is going to be large-scale transhumanism. If you’re not familiar with the transhumanist movement I strongly urge you to get acquainted. Sooner rather than later.

This will not be good. While presented as being good it is going to become pure evil. Don’t be deceived.

Oh, at the outset as presented in the article below? Sure, it sounds wonderful, beautiful, compassionate that implanting microchips into the brains of human beings can help those with severe spinal cord injuries, which is the thrust of the reason put forward for beginning this. What medical science has accomplished, by the will of God is incredible. So many lives have been saved as a result. But this? No, this is something altogether different. And the cunning, the subtly it is being presented with is akin to the serpent in the Garden. Always benign, right? Always pure, holy, compassionate, right? To introduce. To lull. To get adjusted into the minds and to make people accept whatever is presented. If doubting this pause to ponder the almost endless examples. No, my friends, while this is being marketed in its slick and orchestrated propaganda, this will not down the road be something sweet, wonderful, compassionate for human beings. Do not separate what is written of here from the tsunami humanism movement underway. The continued breakdown of humanity and mankind imaging themselves gods not in need of God and attempting to become immortal, to live to 150, to increase their mental capacities, their physical strength. Take the time to learn of the advancements in various world militaries, what research and developments have been already accomplished in the area of transhumanism endeavor. And it is being lauded and applauded by more and more people.

Implanting microchips into human brains and bodies while promoted as good is the perfect example of why and how Isaiah 5:20 is as relevant and living this moment as it was when Isaiah wrote it as he was moved to do so by the Spirit of God.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20 — King James Version

Transhumanism. If not familiar don’t forget that word and take a bit of time to become aware. You’ll find myriad articles on the subject here on ACP in the archives, and elsewhere online by viable, factual sources.

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Ken Pullen

Friday, January 7th, 2022

ACP — A Crooked Path


Elon Musk Will Reportedly Be Implanting Microchips Into Humans As Early As This Year


Thursday, January 6, 2022

By Samantha Dorisca

Reprinted from AfroTech / MSN


Leave it to Elon Musk to push the boundaries of technology.

In a recent live-streamed video interview with the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit, billionaire Elon Musk shared what’s to come for Neuralink.

The brain-interface technology company co-founded by Elon Musk in 2016 aims to begin implanting microchips in humans as early as this year. The implant has already been tested on a monkey who was featured playing MindPong.

“We have Neuralink working well in monkeys. We are also doing a lot of testing and confirming that it’s very safe and reliable and that the Neuralink device can be removed safely. People may have seen the demo that we published earlier this year with the video of the monkey playing the video game Pong telepathically using the Neuralink in its brain,” Elon Musk said, according to the Wall Street Journal. “It’s completely wireless, charges inductively, so the monkey looks completely normal and yet is playing a video game telepathically.”

But, exactly why is this happening?

Elon Musk refers to Neuralink’s implant as “profound” as it could possibly provide a solution to help individuals with spinal cord injuries revive their health by obtaining full-body functionality.

“We hope to have this in our first humans — which will be people that have severe spinal-cord injuries like tetraplegics, quadriplegics — next year, pending FDA approval,” Elon Musk said.

He continued: “I think we have a chance of being able to allow someone who cannot walk or use their arms to be able to walk again.”

When is it coming to market?

The implant is currently awaiting approval from the FDA, but Elon Musk is pretty confident the technology will surpass the guidelines required.

According to Business Insider, Elon Musk had originally promised to begin testing the implants on humans by the end of 2021. However, Musk has a history of providing overly optimistic timelines. Only time will tell if this new technology will be available for humans soon.

Will time also tell if this will be good for society?