Don’t Quarantine Yourself from Spiritual Nourishment!


Dave Miller, of Apologetics Press, in the article below makes a very important point at this time. Do not quarantine yourself from sound, faithful Christian spiritual nourishment. Now perhaps more than before since so many appear to be living in fear of the things of this world rather than the fear of the Lord.

Not only are there all manner of wonderful resources on the Apologetics Press website, but if you’ve never let anyone know about this place? A Crooked Path? Why not let at least one or two other people know right now this place exists?

Don’t be fearful, timid or shy.

With churches closing due to the government edicts and executive orders this is not a time to isolate or remove oneself from God, God’s people, the word of God, news pertaining to end times and prophecy, from sermons found here both in audio and video, from hymns, from various Bible translations.

Please, let someone know this place, A Crooked Path exists.

Let them know there are over 5,700 individual articles / posts containing a wide range of topics and information.

When arriving here? Finding an article on the Home Page one finds interesting and then clicking on it?

Every person when then on their chosen individual article will find on the right hand sidebar 46 working links to anything and everything from numerous hymns and hymn authors, audio sermons, video sermons, historical texts, maps and documents, to various online Bibles and Bible translations, along with news links pertaining to what is going on related to these Biblical times. A wealth of varied information to select from.

So, let someone else know.

I am not begging money. There are no ads found here. No soliciting of money. Yes, there is a “Buy me a coffee” button found at the top of the page for anyone so inclined to assist in the ever increasing operating costs of maintaining a website, but to date? No one has even donated or given so much as a dollar. Nothing. And, yes, there is a book available for sale also, That link can be found at the top of the page. But I’m not living on proceeds from book sales. To date? From the time that book became available in 2011? It has sold fewer than 100 total copies.

This place isn’t about money. Never has been. Never will be.

It is a place, hopefully, about serving God my Father, Jesus my Lord, the Holy Spirit and living according to the word to the best I can each day. About pleasing God and Jesus and being an instrument in Their service.

I hope and pray you find this to be so. If so? Then, please, let someone you know, know this place exists. What is needed more, oh so much more in the world, in America right now? Turning to God. Repentance from our sins. Honoring God our Father, Jesus our Lord, and placing our faith and trust in the Holy Spirit, in the living, active inerrant and infallible word of God.

To come together as a community of true disciples of Jesus Christ.

I believe what we are experiencing is going to last a long, long time. There will not be any returning to normal. We grew complacent, arrogant, and we thought what passed for normal over the past 19 years was what “normal” life was, not heeding, not remembering, not thinking on how what passes for normal since 9/11/2001 would have been thought utterly insane as of September 10th, 2001. And we’ve never returned to what passed for normal on September 10th, 2001, or days prior to that date. Such will be the same now.

Only even more so. As this is much more widespread. This is global. This is longer lasting. This goes much further. And it will last much , much longer. There will be no return to “normal” from this point onwards. The world, the people, oh will adjust and a new “normal” take the place of the old. And, again complacency, arrogance, laziness and forgetting will envelope us.

Let us not allow it to be so to the extent is has in the past and can.

Let us come together greater as a community of true disciples of Jesus Christ the Lord.

To continue to bring the life-giving message of the gospel to one and all throughout this world. We all can continue to witness. We all can continue to spread the gospel.

We only have to have the desire, the will, the heart to do so. And as churches are shuttered and closed, as people become more and more isolated, let us open our hearts and minds and turn to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the word with the ways and means God has made possible?

Rather than fear, panic, whine or complain? Rather than think we cannot be of service? Why not reach out to someone you know and let them know there is no need for isolation, fear, being without in these times.

Also, let each person know if they do comment on a specific article I see every comment sent, and I will personally reply to each comment made.

Thank you.

Let us all diligently, fervently, humbly pray for all our leaders, for all our people and give thanks to God our Father continually.

In Christ,

Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Monday, March 23rd, 2020


Don’t Quarantine Yourself from Spiritual Nourishment!


byDave Miller, Ph.D.



As our nation experiences the occurrence of a threatening virus and the unusual call for everyone to quarantine themselves from social gatherings—including worship services—Christians need to be reminded not to distance themselves from ongoing spiritual nourishment. The Web site of Apologetics Press is loaded with a variety of enriching materials to maintain one’s spiritual health. In addition to a host of free articles, the site offers free access to both Reason & Revelation as well as our kids’ magazine Discovery. Also, the “Multimedia” section of our site contains a great many videos that may be viewed for free. What’s more, our “PDF Books” section has some 25 books that may be downloaded—also free of charge. We even offer a free curriculum. In the “Other Languages” section of our site, you may access AP materials that have been translated into eight languages in addition to English. Further, we have an entire Web site that is packed with materials offered in Spanish. Simply click on “Version en Espanol” on our home page. We also offer several study materials via our “Home Study Courses”—also listed on our home page. A variety of additional free resources are available as well. Although the physical safety of relatives, neighbors, and ourselves is of serious concern to us, let’s remember that our spiritual health, safety, and nourishment are of far more eternal importance.

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