The Devil Conspiracy Clip Shows Satanists & a Bioengineered Jesus Christ


There are those, many who say, write, contend and even preach that the times in which we live are no different than any other in world history. That the world has hundreds, even thousands of years left and the only real threat to human existence is man himself. This is put forward by evil in the disguise of man as the enemy of earth and all living creatures and we need to enact insane climate change and eating habits, living habits, what we’ve come to believe in order to save the earth while evil preaches there is no God, no need of God, and that men and women are their own gods. Worship the earth, not the Creator of all things! Worship self, and worship the father of all lies — Satan. That’s the plan and it’s being implemented extraordinarily by the overwhelming majority of men, women, and children on earth at this time.

Evil has it partly right. The earth does come to an end due to human existence. But not because of gas stoves, plastic straws, cows, cheeseburgers, air conditioning, or the internal combustion engine and petroleum — the world and humankind come to their end due to one thing and only one thing — THE ESCALATING SIN OF MAN AND OUR TURNING FROM GOD TO EVIL.

To the degree, Jesus asks in the Bible if when He returns He will find faith on this sinful and growing more wicked and evil by the hour world.

The following takes blasphemy to a new level. Under the guise of film entertainment. Perverting the Lord Jesus Christ. Perverting and corrupting God and the Holy Spirit, corrupting and perverting the inerrant infallible living and active Word of God.

Satan and his ministers twisting and turning the people mightily in these last of the last days. And the people have been given over to their lust, their love, their insatiable desire for wickedness. Not only recognizing it for what it truly is — but approving of it!

To where we are now…and where we will swiftly find ourselves.

Hundreds, thousands of years remaining? Really?

The Bible is a book of mere stories and a mythology? Really?

Like to keep busy and distracted from reality? Like to continue on in your personal delusionary world, living in your created illusions rather than reality — hiding and denying the truth? Refusing to believe in God, refusing to believe that Jesus is Lord of lords, King of kings, and the only Saviour, the True Son of God, refusing to believe in the Holy Spirit and in the whole of the Holy Bible?

Think you’ll go along living, doing, believing as you do and then you’ll be on your death bed and moments before all respiratory life exits your flesh you’ll declare you love the Lord, that you love God and believe solely in Him, His Son, and the whole Word of God and have your cake and eat it too then being swept off to heaven?

So, you like the immorality of gambling as well…

Gambling with your eternity?

All the while denying the Lord Jesus Christ, denying God, denying the Holy Spirit, and denying the whole of the Holy Bible.

Then what of this Jesus the world can’t shake from itself and must resort to maligning, hating, attempting to alter, to dismiss, to profane, or rewrite to fit their evil narrative?

What of this Jesus? Well, go to the Word of God to learn of Jesus. This includes most of those professing to be Christians sorely lacking in Biblical fluency and literacy imagining they know the Scriptures.

Do this rather than pursuing evil, pursuing the world, becoming enslaved to Satan, and leading to eternal damnation. Or led to a theater near you soon…

Ken Pullen, A CROOKED PATH, Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Romans 1


That’s Entertainment?

Don’t Believe There Is Very Little Time Remaining For Earth As It Has Been Known? — The Devil Conspiracy Clip Shows Satanists & a Bioengineered Jesus Christ


January 11, 2023

By Marco Vito Oddo

Reprinted from Collider


Collider can exclusively present a new clip for The Devil Conspiracy, an upcoming sci-fi horror from director Nathan Frankowski and writer Ed Alan. The movie is set in a future where it’s possible to clone every historical figure with only a tiny sample of DNA, which leads to an arms race for the control of Jesus Christ.

In The Devil Conspiracy, a group of powerful Satanists gets their hands on the Shroud of Turing, the sacred piece of cloth that supposedly covered Jesus Christ in his burial. By extracting the DNA from the tissue, they decide to give birth to a new Jesus Christ, the ultimate offering to Lucifer that would grant the forces of Hell the power to win the holy war against God.

The exclusive clip introduces us to Laura (Alice Orr-Ewing), the woman chosen to give birth to the new Messiah. In the clip, Laura is put inside a glass cage by Liz (Eveline Hall), one of the leaders of the Satanists. Liz tells Laura that together they will bring a new and improved Jesus to Earth as part of their evil plan to spread darkness over all nations.

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While the exclusive clip sets the tone for the movie, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of The Devil Conspiracy’s insane story. It doesn’t only involve cloning and Satanists, which would already be wacky. It also involves God sending Archangel Michael (Peter Mensah) back to Earth to fight the Satanists. However, the angel doesn’t come in the flesh. Instead, he possesses the dead body of Father Marconi (Joe Doyle), a priest killed by the Satanists. That makes The Devil Conspiracy a sci-fi horror action movie that deals with possession, cloning, Satan’s son, and fistfights. And we just have to watch it!

When Is The Devil Conspiracy Coming to Theaters?

The Devil Conspiracy cast also includes Joe Anderson (Across The Universe), James Faulkner (Atomic Blonde), Peter Mensah (The Incredible Hulk), and Brian Caspe (Jojo Rabbit). The Devil Conspiracy comes to theaters on Friday, January 13. Check out the exclusive clip and the movie’s synopsis below.

A powerful biotech company has breakthrough technology allowing them to clone history’s most influential people with just a few fragments of DNA. Behind this company is a cabal of Satanists that steals the shroud of Christ putting them in possession of Jesus’ DNA. The clone will serve as the ultimate offering to the devil. Archangel Michael comes to earth and will stop at nothing to end the devil’s conspiracy.