The group claim a student who wanted to make performance art from her experience of abortion was told to “get a puppy”

The group claim a student who wanted to make performance art from her experience of abortion was told to “get a puppy” ALAMY


The late writer and host of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling, always opened each episode of the TV program with the words, “Imagine if you will…” and that program, as were all of Mr. Serling’s writing, and the writing of those producing teleplay scripts for the program wrote of strange and bizarre times, events, places and beings — all fantasy. All fiction. Things unreal and only imagined.

Imagine if you will…where words are made up, such as “cis-gender” which is used derogatorily to describe a person who actually realizes and knows the gender they were born as and identifies as such? How dare they! How dare they be permitted to teach, to have a mind, their beliefs! How dare they in this new world order! The times in which we live to be labeled “cis-gender” is spoken or written with a hissing sound accompanying, venom, intolerance and revilement the stench of death and evil seeping through the bleached white teeth and declarations of tolerance, compassion and equality. Derogatory. Condescending. To actually identify as the gender born, the gender God knitted one in the womb with is akin now to being a leper with an overbite and persistent body odor, well, to be such is actually considered worse than any of all that!

Was a time for someone to be considered an artist, be they in the discipline of music, art, theatre, what have you they actually possessed true talent. They knew and produced true art or they had to go find another vocation. They had talent and put the time in study, practice, honing their creative talents the Good Lord blessed them with. And to be an artist of any ilk did not mean you could urinate on a crucifix, deficate on canvas, or celebrate an abortion you had by holding a block of melting ice and calling yourself an artist, or what you were doing art. And be taken seriously. Have any credibility.

No, such in previous times than the time of great human decline of the past 80, 90 years would have had one either run out of town, put in their place, or sequestered in an asylum where they belonged. Now they are celebrated as wonderful, sensitive, knowing, creative artists!

Makes me want to vomit. Perhaps if I place a canvas under my retching head and throat I can get a grant into an esteemed art school?

The massive decline in the arts is but testament and evidence of the massive erosion and decline in standards, attitudes, behavior, morality, skills, talent — you name it in every adjective that once meant something and were to be aspired to.

Now the gutter is the place to dwell.

Evil not only now wants all to bow and serve it, but to now apologize and pay up! Evil wants its tribute and indulgences paid to just as Rome did and still does. No longer satisfied to reside in the shadows, in disguise, evil now screams boldly from the darkness demanding all serve and worship it.

And it uses the weak, the clueless, the easy prey as its instruments, its vehicles.

Sadly, the majority quiver, shake, tremble and relent. They do bow. They do serve it. They cave in and conspire with evil. Eventually.

Sickening. Truly sickening.

Today what passes for art, talent, creativity is but truly dung and disgusting.

Yet more and more have no trouble walking directly into the dung heaps and falling face down in it all accepting it, serving it, downright worshipping it and making it the replacement for all the used to be known as right and good.

These are the last of the last days in which we all live. These are the days of Romans 1 dear ones.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20 — King James Version


Dear ones, we must pray humbly, fervently, not amiss for the weak among us. The lost. Those banging about in evils darkness. Pray for those in position of authority and power to stand boldly in the Light, in the Truth, in the Way. Pray for those lost, as many as possible before the door of grace is sealed shut for eternity to come out from their void, their certain death and into the fulness of God’s mercy, grace, love and salvation and into the light.

Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019


Diversity row after Conservatoire is accused of ‘ableism and transphobia’


The Sunday Times — Scotland Edition


Its fêted alumni include the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender activist Alan Cumming and the mental health campaigner Ruby Wax. Yet Scotland’s most prestigious arts school has been accused of “ableism, queerphobia and transphobia”.

Performing arts students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow claim that their tutors are mostly “white, cis-gender, able-bodied and heterosexual” and are insensitive to minorities.

The students have demanded compensation and an apology for “systemic abuse” and called for staff to undergo “mandatory anti-oppression training”.

It is a far cry from the activism of former students including Cummings, who was appointed OBE for his work as a homosexual rights campaigner, and Wax, who has spoken about her depression. One of the Conservatoire’s rising stars is Ncuti Gatwa, who received critical acclaim for his portrayal of a homosexual teenager in the Netflix series Sex Education.

One member of staff was singled out for criticism from students in an open letter circulated on social media. They were accused of assaulting a student, ridiculed another who wanted to express her abortion as art, misgendering a trans woman and mocking the mentally ill. Five signatories, who say they have the backing of several unnamed students, claim they have suffered or witnessed “serious discrimination or abuse” and “institutional violence”.

One student recovering from an abortion claimed the staff member told her she “should just get a puppy”. The student wanted to interpret her abortion as a performing arts show by cradling a block of ice until it melted. The lecturer allegedly suggested that it would be more interesting if she “smashed baby-shaped pieces of ice to show how she destroyed them”.

A non-passing trans woman — a biological male with traditionally male characteristics who identifies as a female — said the lecturer persistently referred to her as a man.

The students complained that staff were “all white and all cis-gender”, a term for people whose gender identity matches their biological sex. The letter said: “Most staff members fit a white, cis-gender, able-bodied and heterosexual mould. As a result . . . an overwhelming majority of the students of colour who studied on the programme have, at best, experienced alienation and, at worst, disturbing cases of racial discrimination.”

A lecturer also allegedly “grabbed a student by the scruff of the neck” for criticising someone else’s work, and is said to have claimed people with depression simply did not get out enough.

Chan Teck Guan Egan, the lead signatory, claims that he was subjected to “racially and culturally insensitive remarks” from another tutor who mispronounced a Cantonese greeting.

Professor Hugh Hodgart, director of drama, dance, production and film at the Conservatoire, wrote to Mr Chan in March saying that he was keen to re-establish trust between staff and students.

The students complained that they had yet to receive an apology for the “unpaid emotional labour” they expended in the complaint and have decided to go public.

A Conservatoire spokeswoman said that it had “zero tolerance of discrimination of any kind”. She added: “We continue to review the quality and effectiveness of our programmes and procedures.”

Award-winning alumni
Ranked fifth in the world for performing arts education, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is talked about in the same company as Juilliard in New York, London’s Royal College of Art and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Founded in 1847, it has become the busiest performing arts venue in Scotland. Graduates include the Hollywood star James McEvoy, Bodyguard’s Richard Madden and the Bafta award-winning actor Robert Carlyle. Last year Laura Donnelly, one of the latest crop of students, won the best actress prize at the 2018 Olivier Awards for her role in The Ferryman.