Many in the world, most likely the overwhelming majority, will applaud this and say how wonderful it is! As they continue on in darkness deluded it is enlightenment and that men are gods, men can replace God, men can deny God, that men can dictate life on earth.

Just building a different Tower of Babel…

Which will come falling down all about them in the end.

It’s all about God. Not men, not women, not the brainpower of men, and certainly not about the Artificial Intelligence systems devised vainly believing they can and will solve all the world’s problems and ills.


Ken Pullen

Saturday, July 24th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


DeepMind unlocks the protein secrets of life

British pioneer’s AI system opens a new era of drug development, Rhys Blakely and Tom Whipple report


Saturday, July 24, 2021

By Rhys Blakely, Science Correspondent & Tom Whipple, Science Editor

Reprinted from The Times (London)


Demis Hassabis turned his AI program to try to understand the complex chains of amino acids that make up the proteins that power life


Demis Hassabis stunned the world of science this week when he and his research team opened a window into how life works.

The British artificial intelligence pioneer, 44, revealed an AI system that had solved one of biology’s great challenges — how to predict rapidly the 3D structures of proteins, an advance that promises to open a new era of discovery and drug development.

But his plans go much further. Hassabis told The Times that his company, DeepMind, was making good progress on problems related to nuclear fusion, potentially a source of essentially limitless energy, as well as quantum chemistry and weather prediction.

“When I say that out loud, it sounds crazy,” he said. “But we’re actually working on all these things. And we usually complete the job when we start working on something.”

For the work being done on weather and nuclear fusion, there were “promising signs of progress”, he added — “above and beyond the state of the art”.

After co-founding DeepMind in 2010 — and selling it to Google in 2014 for a reported £400 million — Hassabis and his team became best known for creating a program called AlphaZero that taught itself from scratch how to master chess and Go, the complex Chinese board game. In each case the system became the strongest player in history.

Hassabis said yesterday that these headline-grabbing feats were stepping stones towards AI systems with more profound implications.

The new programme, called AlphaFold, has set a new benchmark for how AI can revolutionise science. Proteins are the molecular machines that power the processes of life. They are formed of chains of amino acids, like beads on a thread, which fold into precise 3D structures.

A tiny flaw in a structure can cause a genetic disease. For a coronavirus variant, the precise shape of the spike proteins on its surface determines how well a vaccine will perform.

Understanding protein shapes is key to combating disease.

We previously knew the structures of about 180,000 proteins. In a single paper this week, DeepMind released more than 350,000 — including almost every protein coded by human DNA. In the coming months the AlphaFold team plans to release 100 million more structures.

“What’s amazing to me is that this thesis that I had when I started DeepMind — build AI, prove it on games, then when we’ve done that, to use it on these difficult scientific problems — seems to be working,” Hassabis said.

He added that the ultimate grail — a so-called “general intelligence” AI that has a human-like flexibility in how it can apply itself — “is coming into sight”.

On nuclear fusion, DeepMind is looking at the problem of controlling a chaotic mass of plasma in a reactor that is, essentially, looking to recreate the conditions found in the heart of the Sun.

Hassabis said that for weather, the hope is to provide forecasts for the next few days that would be “much more accurate than the current weather systems that are used”.

He said: “We have some pretty cool work on that too, I think. I mean, I don’t really want to over focus on that. I mean we’ve just made a ginormous breakthrough in biology.”

Already, the AlphaFold advance is supercharging the work of researchers around the world, such as Marcelo Sousa, a biochemist at Colorado Boulder University.

Sousa had spent a decade on one problem. His team had painstakingly carried out scores of experiments to gather data on a single protein — a piece of cellular machinery necessary for antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

Knowing its three-dimensional shape might allow better methods to tackle dangerous superbugs but efforts to visualise it had failed.

So Sousa decided to collaborate with DeepMind, which used the AlphaFold system to predict what the protein would look like.

“We then used the prediction to solve the structure,” Sousa said. “And that process took about 15 minutes.”


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