Havana, Communist Cuba

If you’re watching, listening and another watchman on the wall you have certainly noticed in 2019 the escalating erosion and demise of accuracy in speech and writing. I’m not writing about 8 year old’s using profanity on a regular basis, or the decline in speech and writing on TV, so on (which is horrendous and in freefall but that’s not why I’m here tonight).

I’m referencing how on a regular basis — the norm — increasing in usage and acceptance — when evil and its legions of minions and ministers throughout the world speak or write of “evangelicals” they are now regularly including the word “fascist.” Imagine that. Let’s pause a minute and let that sink in.

True believers, those transformed in their fleshly lives to allow Christ to take hold of them, to renew their minds and spirits, transform their lives are now called fascists. Because we place God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the inerrant living Word of God above all else. Above the worldview. Above the deluge of rising false teachers and the hundreds of millions with itching ears, the billions around the world now given to reprobate minds indoctrinated that the New Age (rebranded and repackaged Paganism) political correctness, which has brought about sedition, rebellion, heresies, an endless storm of misinformation and out and out lies is the only way — and anyone adhering to the Holy Bible and what God teaches us we are to do, practice, live, walk & make our daily lives is now fascism.

And if you’re pro-life? Now the latest epithet automatically attached to those who are against premeditated murder of our children are branded “racists.”

This is the present condition. Which did not exist only a year ago.

The decline, the escalation, the erosion is roiling and moving along at the speed of light. Something more vile, insane, evil, immoral, lying, deceptive and accepted by the majority of the world appears daily.

Gird your loins. Maintain and wear well the full armour of God.

Allow the Lord to take hold of you — you take hold of Him and His unchangeable Word and stand boldly, strong — not of ourselves but of our God and Jesus mightier than any in all creation to lead us through it all. May we each follow Them. In complete faith. Every minute of every day. For the days grow more evil and we’re either getting stronger, seeing and hearing what is occurring and witnessing the Biblical prophecy and end times we’re living in — or we are going to get caught. Swept up and away due to weakness. Weak faith. Weak in the Word. And none should be found in such a way.

Pray. Pray diligently in your quiet prayer place. Pray unceasing wherever whenever. Pray corporately and if you are no praying corporately ask why not? Strength in numbers.

And do not allow the true fascists, the true racists to pervert and corrupt the truth in your presence. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words and courage if you feel unable. The Lord will provide. He desires to help us in all things at all times — if we trust Him. Believe on Him and His Son. If we place Him and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Word of God above all else.

God will provide. God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bible and all the saints will prevail and come out victorious. In the meantime we’re in the war with the most causalities, violence, atrocities and greatest losses and gains in world history.

Fight the good fight.

Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Saturday, July 20th, 2019


Cuban regime prevents evangelicals from attending international conference on religious freedom



July 19, 2019

By Evangelical Focus


Evangelical leaders Moisés de Prada and Álida León were stopped by Emigration officials of the Cuban government on Sunday 14 July at the International Airport José Martí of La Habana, when they tried to take a plane to attend a religious freedom conference in the United States.
Prada is the President of the Assemblies of God in Cuba, and León heads the Cuban Evangelical League, the first and fourth biggest evangelical denominations in the Caribbean country.
Both denominations helped to create the new Alliance of Cuban Evangelical Churches (AIEC, in Spanish), an independent body formed to become an alternative to the official list Council of Churches of Cuba. The Alliance started in June to “defend the biblical values”, according to its foundational document.
Reacting to the unity of evangelical churches, the Metropolitan Community Church and the Council of Cuban Churches, both close to the government, attacked the Evangelical Alliance calling it “fundamentalist” “anti-lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender” and “fascist”.
Both León and Prada had been invited to the second edition of an international conference on religious freedom organized by the US government in Washington D.C.
The obstacles to the participation in these event organized for civil society groups is “clearly linked to the creation of the AIEC and the 16 petitions to the state made by evangelical churches during the recent constitutional reform”, said an anonymous church source to local newspaper Diario de Cuba.
“Evangelical churches were the main group opposing the Communist constitutional project and helping to put an end to the traditional and fearful unanimity in the voting’s of the revolutionary period”, the source added. Then, more than 10% of the population abstained or vote “no” to the official position.
Christian churches and their leaders were pressured to vote “yes”, several Christian communities denounced.
Evangelicals had asked for more freedom of conscience, the non-criminalization of what the regime understands as an “accumulation of wealth”, the understanding of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and more religious freedom.
Restricting freedom of movement without justification or “regular” (“regulate”, the way Cuban authorities call it) is one of the most common Human Rights violations used by La Habana against the Cuban civil society.
Álida León said in her Facebook profile that the Immigration Office banned her from travelling because the Cuban administration alleged the religious freedom conference in the US was a “counter-revolutionary event”.