Climate change is a real problem

I know I wrote earlier in the week we’d be going to the Garden of Eden, and we will. Soon. But something came up meantime…and things are not what they seem, so, read on…


Thursday, November 4th, 2021

by Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path


Climate change is a real problem. It is a manmade problem. But the climate has not changed due to Highland cattle, beef steers, dairy cows, plastic straws, the internal combustion engine, or double cheeseburgers.

The climate has changed, grown darker, colder, become a much more hostile and difficult environment, truly.

But not due to any of the above, or the seemingly endless list of causes and reasons put forward by all those lost clueless souls that jetted into Glasgow, Scotland for COP26 [over 400 private jets landed at airports in Scotland with all those concerned environmentalists]. Just one of those over 400 private jets spewed more polluting gasses from its exhausts than 1,000 internal combustion engine vehicles emit in a year’s time, and each private jet emits much more toxic gas than do 10,000 beef or dairy cows in a years time.

The face of American environmentalism and attacking climate change, John Kerry, owns 12 vehicles, 2 yachts, 6 homes, and a private jet. Not that he and his wife, Teresa, add anything to the “carbon footprint” or anything with their whopping size 87,966 hobnail boots! Snopes the so-called “fact-checker” says the above facts are a “mixture” since John signed a prenuptial agreement with his multi-billionaire Heinz Foods heiress wife, Teresa. But dear John lives in the 6 homes at various times, uses the 2 yachts at various times, enjoys the 12 vehicles at various times, and flies all over the world — frequently — in their private jet.

But, dear John and all those in utter darkness such as he wants and is demanding everyone begin paying over $10.00 a gallon for gas, be unable to afford to buy and eat any type of meat, pay so much for electricity, natural gas, and heating oil that a person either makes the decision to freeze to death in their abode, or starve to death, but at least while they are starving to death they won’t be freezing to death!

All of this, all of those professing all these radical changes to a one preach “do as I demand not as I do”. Since across the board celebrities, politicians, all those making a noise poking the public eyes constantly, relentlessly regarding climate change, climate change, the sky is falling, save the earth, we’re killing the planet, blah, blah, blah, and more blah are among the greatest perpetual violators of polluting this world. With both their lifestyles and their words. Doubling down on the amount and types of pollutants they add.

So much noise, clamoring, shouting about climate change.

And if only we do this or this, and this we can begin to save the world!

Meanwhile, the climate grows ever more hostile. Dark. Rebellious. Tense. Stupid. Mean. Ugly. Selfish and utterly lost in the darkness as to the climate changes needed.

Yes, as I stated right from the beginning — climate change is a real problem and it is a manmade problem! No doubt about it. No debate is necessary.

But it has nothing to do with plastics, fossil fuels, or cheeseburgers.

It has to do with SIN.

With man and woman’s ever-increasing SIN.

Our increasing lust for and turning to more immoralities [if such were possible, and it always shows it is — there is no end to the depravity, the sickness, the immorality a man a woman can devise in their mind and cold dead hearts]. That changing climate, though the currents, winds, and storms of sin have been within the whole atmosphere of this earth since Adam and Eve determined they didn’t want to obey God, they imagined they knew better, and that serpent was so beautiful, so seductive, so convincing [but then, the father of lies, the devil would be wouldn’t he]?

What needs addressing is the climate within an individual’s heart. What is the environment within an individual spirit and mind?

I realize for regular readers coming here they are probably weary of my continual references to Romans 1 NIV but there is a reason for my redundancy. And I am a firm believer in no one can ever read, study, pray about, meditate upon any part of the Word of God too much. That there comes a time when a passage, a verse, a chapter, a book no longer needs read or studied with the person imagining foolishly that they know all that can be known. My experience is that whenever I read anything in the Word of God I always am fed some new nourishment. Even when very familiar with the text. The Holy Spirit always provides what I need in seeing deeper, thinking deeper, hearing something not perhaps heard before — or forgotten and in need of hearing again.

When individuals are “given over” or the text reads that God “gave them over” or the same context in every translation it is about God giving them up to themselves. Turning them over to their unrighteousness.

The dishonoring of God, the idol worship, the contempt cast upon and vomited up towards God, His name, His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God grows to such a degree God spits them out. God is God. God determines to whom He gives grace or withholds His grace.

Whenever, as this growing dishonoring of God, this idol worship, this contempt towards God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word rises and is given occasion, the worse others are being we are to in these matters be better. The worse people become the better we need to be.

Talk about climate change! What a glorious climate that would be! To bring the light of truth and life into the damp, black moldy darkness of swirling darkness.

God gives people up to their sin. To their lusts. To their wickedness, their unrightness, their ever-growing immorality, lies and rebellion.

God shows mercy on whom He shows mercy and withholds mercy and His grace on whom He withholds. He is God. Not to be questioned. Not to be argued with. Not to be lowered to our level.

God knows the hearts of all men and women. God knows every thought of every man, woman and child.

God knows when and to whom to “give them up” and remove, withhold His SPIRITUAL grace from an individual due to the dark, lost condition of their heart. They are the walking dead and God knows they have no turning to Him ever. They are thus “given up” to their lusts, their immoralities, their lies, self-delusion, and depravities. As they imagine themselves the progressive, enlightened ones.

God knows the climate within each spirit, soul, heart and mind.

He knows the degree of light and darkness in each person.

In the words of Matthew Henry, “God gave them up in a way of righteous judgment, as just punishment of their idolatry — taking off the bridle of restraining grace — leaving them to themselves.”

They are left to themselves by God.

Look around. Listen. Inhale. What is the climate dear friends?

And you truly believe it’s an American thing? Something to be fixed, made better by an election? A man, a woman coming along with their words, all their words as they demonstrate every indication of being one of the ones that have been “given up,” or “given over to” utter unrighteousness due to what is truly in their heart and God knows there is no turning in them to Him. Ever.

Darkness reigns within them, There is no light and no chance of light entering. They are utterly wicked.

Let this sink in.

This lie, this blatant lie that people are inherently good is utter rubbish. More than rubbish. It’s poison. A toxic pollutant poured into the climate and inhaled, eaten, drunk in by the masses who refuse to eat beef, use a plastic straw, and can’t wait to buy a Tesla because they are going to save the earth! While being utterly lost. Spiritually lost. Spiritually dead. And it is the spirit that is eternal. Not this temporal world.

People pat themselves on the back, vainly imagining it is them doing something to plant a tree. It is God who made the tree. It is God who made the soil to plant the tree in. It is God who made the atmosphere for the tree to absorb what it needs to live. It is God who makes the rain to nourish the roots. It is God who made everything.

Yet it is man who honours himself and other men and women without a thought for God. Rather men and women revile God, deny God, greatly dishonor God with every idol, lie and sin under the sun. Which God also created and without that sun, without the gravity, the water, the soil, the trees, the food, without EVERYTHING created by God and held together by God’s will none of these would be able to curse God, dishonor God and worship themselves and their idols and wallow in their depravity and immorality.

What a climate we all live in indeed!

Talk about climate change and it being a manmade problem! No doubt! Certainly!

But it is the SPIRITUAL climate, NOT the earthly, temporal climate most in danger. Most harmed. Most in need of attention.


It begins in each individual heart and mind.

Man cannot destroy or save the earth.

All the plans and ways of man are foolish and futile.

It is God who made the world and it is God who oversees all things. It is God who will destroy the world. Not man. It is the Son of God who can save individuals in the world.

It’s SPIRITUAL, my friends. It’s all about the SPIRITUAL. It is the SPIRITUAL REALM that is REALITY and all else will disappear and fade away. Not due to beef cows or dairy cows, or air conditioners, plastic, fossil fuels, 1,000 horsepower gasoline-fueled engines — it is SIN that is killing the earth.

The earth, all creatures LITERALLY groan under the weight of the sin of men and women who have brought corruption upon this earth [see Romans 8 KJV ]

Really love the air you breathe, the water you drink that keeps you alive, the food provided by the Lord, all that is known on this earth? Love animals? Love creation? Then strongly and deeply consider this dear one…

It is the SIN of man and woman who has brought all death. All corruption. All rotting and decay. All destruction. God created perfection. Total beyond our comprehension perfection. Paradise. A Garden called Eden [see we eventually got here, but this is not what I had in mind when I wrote we’d be visiting the Garden of Eden, and we will, but not further right now]. It is SIN, it is the SIN of every man, woman, and child that brings suffering, pain, corruption, decay, rot, death, and destruction. That leads to the destruction of the earth. Not that double cheeseburger someone ate for lunch. Not those cows that farted in some field in Yorkshire. England, or on a moor in Scotland, or a ranch in Montana. The earth won’t be destroyed because of that new Corvette your neighbor bought [and you perhaps envy and that’s a whole other topic to write about!], or if every person on earth bought and drove a new Corvette.

It’s SIN. It’s only about SIN. It’s all about SIN. It’s all because of our sin.

And It’s all about God.

It’s all about the Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s all about the Holy Spirit.

It’s all about the WHOLE Word of God.

It’s all about how each individual approaches, thinks upon, holds in their heart the above, and what each individual does about the above.

Are we given over to the ways and words of God?

Or are we going to be given over by God to utter darkness and unrighteousness due to our unbelief, our idol worship, our immoralities, our depravity, our self-delusion, and turning from God?

That’s the climate the world is in.

That’s the climate change each individual can take part in saving or destroying.

And something far, far, far more important than this earth.

Their eternal spirit and soul.

Keeping in mind, faithfully believing the whole of Scripture, and Romans 1 which informs us God has “given over” the people, those not His, not His Son’s the Lord Jesus Christ to reprobate, lost, dark, unrighteous, and wicked minds. Vain imaginings. Strong delusion. They imagine themselves gods and partake of and practice and preach every abomination and immorality under the sun. They have been given over due to their turning from God and His knowing their hearts.

And this is the climate in which we now live.

And only an individual heart can change the climate in which they spiritually reside.

Yes, climate change is a REAL problem. One far greater than all those in Glasgow, Scotland at COP26 know [as they are among those in utter darkness imagining they are the power, that they determine the fate of this earth removing God entirely from the equation].

An individual spiritual problem only cleaned up, the toxins removed, the polluted heart cleansed by faith and obedience in and to the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, His life, His death, His resurrection, His forgiveness, His sacrifice, His salvation afforded by the free gift of grace.

Now that is the climate change to really change the air, the everything everywhere upon this earth if heard, adopted, obeyed and lived.

And as the world declares…

It begins with one. It begins with each person. But what the world neglects and always refuses to say in completing that wonderful beginning thought — It begins with one turning to in faith to the One that can forgive, that can save, that can renew and that creates and provides eternal life, the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father of true believers, the Holy Spirit, and knowing, living in, abiding by the inerrant infallible living Word of God.

Sure, a long sentence but what have you come to expect if coming here long enough?

And stop blaming the cows!

Look in the mirror…of the heart and soul…past the physical. To what truly matters. The spiritual.

NEXT…We’re going back to the Garden. The Garden of Eden. Really, we will be…


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