A young women mourns for the victims of the blast at the Coptic Christian Saint Mark's church in Alexandria

A young woman mourns for the victims of a blast at the Coptic Christian Saint Mark’s church in Alexandria in another church attack in Egypt (Photo: MOHAMED EL-SHAHED / AFP / Getty Images)


Christian Forced to Pay While Muslim Attackers Let Free (VIDEO)

Nineteen members of a Muslim mob that were found guilty of attacking an unlicensed church south of Cairo were given suspended sentences by an Egyptian court, reported the Associated Press.

The men were each given a one-year suspended sentence in a misdemeanor court. The incident happened when dozens of demonstrators stormed the church, destroyed its interior and assaulted the worshipers.

Meanwhile, the court fined the Coptic Christian who set up the church 360,000 Egyptian pounds (over $20,000).


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