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CERN Searches Inner Earth For Interdimensional Particles – The Occult Connection

While Gods truth provides answers, the enemy works tirelessly to cover them up. With the enemies primary goal of usurping Gods position, he manipulates the Word and uses the truths provided within it to get his way and infect the minds of others. Satan’s kingdom in these end times is being built for his short reign on this earth. It’s being built by science and technology. One of the leaders in both of those fields is CERN, as they created the world wide web and run the Large Hadron Collider.

Reprinted from: The Christian Truther

While Gods truth provides answers, the enemy works tirelessly to cover them up. With the enemies primary goal of usurping Gods position, he manipulates the Word and uses the truths provided within it to get his way and infect the minds of others. Satan’s kingdom in these end times is being built for his short reign on this earth. It’s being built by science and technology. One of the leaders in both of those fields is CERN, as they created the world wide web and run the Large Hadron Collider.

CERN has partnered with a whole host of similar facilities around the world. They examine the consistency of the planet, it’s history and creation, among other things. By partnering together, they relay their findings and expand their experiments. In this post, we will discuss various facilities on the hunt for what they call neutrinos. By researching the locations and ancient histories of these facilities, we will come to understand what they are really hunting for and their desired final destination.

What are Neutrinos?

Physicists find neutrinos so fascinating that they have constructed multiple facilities just to detect them. They call them ghost particles because the neutrino only interacts with the weak subatomic force and gravity (two out of four forces), leaving them undetectable via the electromagnetic and strong forces.

Neutrinos, which have no charge and very little mass, form out of nuclear reactions and particle decays. They come in three types, called flavors—electron, muon and tau—and shape shift from one flavor to another as they travel along.

“Neutrinos are really pretty strange particles when you get down to it,” says John Conway, a professor of physics at University of California, Davis. “They’re almost nothing at all, because they have almost no mass and no electric charge…They’re just little whisps of almost nothing.” Ghost particles, they’re often called.

The fascination with neutrinos is traced to their shapeshifting nature and that they can travel through pretty much anything. Most interestingly, scientists have come up with a hypothesis that there is a fourth type of neutrino that they have yet to find. And this neutrino would have the ability to travel in and out of extra dimensions.

Scientists who are proponents of the string theory, want to unify the laws of gravity with quantum mechanics

“Some physicists have proposed that nearly all the particles in our universe may be confined to a four-dimensional “brane” embedded within a 10-dimensional “bulk.” But a putative particle called the sterile neutrino, which interacts with other particles only through gravity, would be able to travel in and out of the brane, taking shortcuts through the extra dimensions” says PBS Newshour.

In traveling from one realm to another, scientists will find the answers they have been seeking. The occult symbols that mark portals and gateways can be found all throughout the field of particle physics. Recently physicists even opened a “light source for peace in the Middle East” named SESAME, even stating that it was named after Ali Baba as the door opening code! With the sterile neutrino, scientists could continue their journey into what they think to be other dimensions by creating black holes.

Sanford Labs in South Dakota Black Forest

The partnerships between physics facilities continues to flourish, with CERN acting as a parent providing and coordinating the new efforts. The latest project underway is a collaboration between Fermilab near Chicago and Sanford Labs in South Dakota.

According to Fermilab, this is the “largest new project being undertaken in particle physics anywhere in the world since the Large Hadron Collider, LBNF/DUNE will be the most ambitious undertaking at Sanford Lab.”

The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment commonly, referred to as DUNE, is meant to find sterile neutrinos (inter-dimensional particles). Scientists at Fermilab near Chicago will fire a beam of neutrinos at near-light speed that will carry the subatomic particles through solid rock 1,300 km away to the Black Hills of South Dakota, where scientists deep underground at the Sanford Lab hope to “catch” the particles using sophisticated detectors.

The DUNE collaboration will use state-of-the-art Liquid Argon Time-Projection Chamber (LArTPC) technology for the massive neutrino detector planned at the Sanford Lab site. Interestingly, the interior of the DUNE detectors will have the same average temperature as Saturn’s atmosphere.

CERNs contribution of the ICARUS detector will play a large part in DUNE, as it is the best neutrino detector in the world. The ICARUS detector was brought to life at the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics’ (INFN) Gran Sasso National Laboratory in 2010, where it recorded data from a beam of neutrinos sent by CERN. Now that that experiment has ended, ICARUS has been refurbished and shipped overseas to Fermilab right in time for the sterile neutrino hunt.

“Nailing down the question of whether sterile neutrinos exist or not is an important scientific goal, and ICARUS will help us achieve that,” said Fermilab Director Nigel Lockyer.

Just as we have connected the name of CERN to the horned Celtic god Cernunnos, the ICARUS detector is named after the Icarus of Greek mythology. They say that Icarus was the son of a famous craftsman Daedalus who built a labyrinth for King Minos, a half-bull half-man hybrid. After being imprisoned by Minos to keep the secret of the labyrinth, Daedalus crafted wings for he and his son to break free. He told Icarus not to melt the wings by flying too high or to drench the wings by flying too low. But after breaking free, Icarus forgot his father’s warning and flew too near to the sun. His wings melted, and he fell into the sea and drowned.

By reading the myth, it sounds very much like Icarus is a fallen angel. CERNs 2015 TEDx conference was entitled “Breaking the Rules,” this is a recurring theme used to subliminally tell us that they are going against God the Father, breaking His rules. To complete their mission of exploring the unknown, physicists are using fallen angel technology. Icarus went against his father and fell to his demise, and if CERN keeps ignoring God the Father, the true Creator, after breaking the wall, opening star gates, and portals, they will likely meet the same fate as the fallen ones that they worship and set free.

Let’s zoom in to examine the Sanford Underground Research Facility, located in Lead, South Dakota. This is the facility on the receiving end of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. The facility originated as the Homestake gold mine, that was until its closure the largest and deepest gold mine in North America. Deep in the Black Forest, the Sanford facility doesn’t just focus on neutrinos, but also dark matter.

In the late 1960’s scientific experiments began at the gold mine, as Raymond Davis, Jr. observed the first solar neutrinos and discovered the solar neutrino problem.

We have shown the significance of why the Large Hadron Collider is located where it is, and with that information came further evidence as to what exactly the physicists are after. The location of Sanford Labs is no different.

The Standing Rock Indian Reservation is located in North Dakota and South Dakota and is occupied by ethnic Hunkpapa Lakota, Sihasapa Lakota, and Yanktonai Dakota.

The Black Hills of South Dakota are in the center of the reservation. Claimed to be the oldest mountains in the world, the Black Hills are considered sacred to the Sioux who call them “holy ground,” “the center of the world,” and worship the hills as Paha Sapa – “the heart of everything that is.”

The Great Sioux Nation believe that the Black Hills are the birthplace of their nation, and where their ancestors rose from the inner earth, or “mother earth’s womb.” Many Native American peoples believe that their ancestors were sent by the gods into mother earth’s womb to escape past cataclysms that were taking place on the earth’s surface, and that they later resurfaced through openings of the earth.

The Lakota perform rituals that align with the cycles of the earth and universe throughout the forest to appeal to its sacredness. They evoke the forces of creation and recreation at Inyan Kara Mountain in the worship of the god Inyan, their creator and first of the powerful spirits, in their traditional sun dance ceremony. Inyan Kara is a sacred mountain connected to birthing.

“The Black Hills itself is a terrestrial mirror of the heavens above and thus forms the basis of our ancient star maps and Lakota astronomy,” says Indian Country Today.

Oglala Lakota cosmology teaches that their ancestors descended from star people, spirits of the sky. The Lakota’s belief system is rooted in the spiritual connection between the stars and the land. They were originally drawn to the Black Hills because they identified multiple natural features that correspond with constellations.

This spiritual location has been logged, mined and paved in recent years. The government seized the land for its gold more than a century ago and then polluted it with mine run-off. The Homestake mine was one of the destroyers of the land, and since the federal government has taken it over to run scientific experiments, local tribes have even less trust in what’s going on in the Black Hills.

The government has offered to pay the Lakota for the land, but they have refused to accept because, as Oglala spiritual leader Rick Two-Dogs explains, “all our origin stories go back to this place. We have a spiritual connection to the Black Hills that can’t be sold. I don’t think I could face the Creator with an open heart if I ever took money for it” (Corbin).

Scientists from the Sanford Lab attempted to create a cultural advisory committee to include the Native Americans the project, but few accept the scientists of Native American descent attended. Kevin Lesko, principal investigator for Sanford Labs, explained, ”We really want to understand the tribal colleges’ perspective.”

That perspective is made clear by simply reading Native American mythology. They believe that the ancestors of the Mandan people came up to the surface from inner earth through a cave at the north side of the Missouri River, the same area that Sanford Labs is located. There are various other tunnels and openings throughout the United States like a Sipapu opening in the Grand Canyon, and a tunnel in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.

The real concern is why the particle physicists that run CERN, Fermilab, Sanford Labs, and other facilities are interested in locations that Native Americans and others refer to as star gates and openings to inner earth. The evidence leading us to believe the “neutrinos” they claim to be looking for are more spiritual than what they are willing to admit continues to grow.

As stated above, DUNE’s detectors will be around the same temperature as Saturn’s atmosphere and will use state of the art Liquid Argon Time-Projection Chamber to detect sterile neutrinos or inter-dimensional particles.

Along with that, there have been many who have said that CERN is creating wormholes to Saturn due to their 2015 startup date aligning with Saturns closest distance to earth, their obsession with time-Saturn being known as Kronos god of time in the occult world, the blatant Saturn symbolism CERN uses, among other things.

Digging deep into the pit that is DUNE, we find more relations between particle physics and Saturn. The surrounding location of the Native American Black Hills is one indication, but the specific location of the experiment being in a defunct gold mine in Lead, South Dakota says just as much.

According to Illuminatiwatcher:

“The Great Work” is the journey to be god-like and make something out of nothing. It is initiated with the first step being the alchemical Black Sun. The Black Sun is the first stage in the achievement of enlightenment or immortality, which is accomplished through the philosopher’s stone.

The philosopher’s stone is known for making lead into gold, and the planetary association of Saturn to metal is lead. The planetary association with the Sun is gold, so turning Saturn into the Sun is the alchemical process of the philosopher’s stone, based on metal transformation.”

How does this relate? Alchemy is the act of transmuting base metals like lead (Lead, South Dakota) into gold (former Homestake gold mine, now Sanford Labs). The symbolism of alchemy is in the nature of the Deep Underground facility. The alchemical planetary association for the sun is gold and for Saturn is lead. The ICARUS detector, planned to be used in DUNE, was originally used in Gran Sasso, Italy. Gran Sasso translates to “the big stone,” making another correlation between DUNE and the philosophers stone. Alchemists teach that turning Saturn into the sun is the alchemical process of the philosophers stone, a step on the initiates journey to “enlightenment.”

Saturn is the god of this material world, Satan (2 Cor. 4:4). In Secret Teachings of all Ages, high-level Luciferian initiate Manly P Hall calls Saturn, “the father of the gods and the true illuminator of all humanity.” The false illumination that takes place within an initiate further dedicates them to the father of lies, Satan/Saturn bringing out their carnal nature.

The ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans all worshiped Saturn as the sun god.

Manly P. Hall notes, “The solar system was organized by forces operating inward from the great ring of the Saturnian sphere; and since the beginnings of all things were under the control of Saturn, the most reasonable inference is that the first forms of worship were dedicated to him and his peculiar symbol—the stone” (Secret Teachings, 319).

Because ancient mythology is so highly revered by occultists, this further proves the point that Saturn/Satan is their god, and has connections to the field of particle physics that can’t be ignored.

Neutrino facilities from Siberia to South Dakota are all working toward the same goal. Fermilab and Sanford labs follow the same theme as other neutrino facilities like IceCube in Antarctica.


The IceCube Observatory, located in a cubic kilometer of ice at the South Pole, detects when neutrinos interact with atoms producing charged particles that give off light as they travel through the ice.

“Encompassing a cubic kilometer of ice, IceCube searches for nearly massless subatomic particles called neutrinos. These high-energy astronomical messengers provide information to probe the most violent astrophysical sources: events like exploding stars, gamma-ray bursts, and cataclysmic phenomena involving black holes and neutron stars.” (IceCube)

In 2016 IceCube began an extensive search through their data for light sterile neutrinos, and according to them, they found nothing, and so their search continues. All the while they test on the other three types of shapeshifting neutrinos with great fascination.

They may not publicly announce sterile neutrinos, but the location of their facility has to make you wonder if they are telling the whole truth. Much conspiracy has surrounded the north and south poles of Earth. The hollow Earth theory states that the poles of the earth are openings to a tunnel that flows from the north pole to the south pole, creating two internal areas on either side that are inhabited by what they call a “superior” race. They say that the earth isn’t solid, but a hollow globe containing realms within it, all centered around a central fire as a sun and this inner core magnetically connects to outer parts of the solar system allowing travel.

It is believed that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide but instead escaped most likely via submarine to a secret base at the South Pole where he traveled into the inner earth. Hitler was obsessed with the idea of an earth which contains a subterranean kingdom Agatha. Through what he was taught in Theosophy, Hitler believed he would get to Agatha by opening the gates of Shambhala and traveling through tunnels and openings.

These Nazi beliefs were inspired by Helena Blavatsky’s esoteric doctrines that formed the Theosophical Society which led to the Thule Society, ultimately leading to the Nazi Party. They believed that there was an ancient superior race called Aryans who lived inside earth from which they descended. Not surprisingly, they believed the Sioux, and by extension, all Native Americans, were Aryans because they too came from inner earth. (vintage news)

Occultism and esoteric doctrines were the basis of the Nazi Party who was working tirelessly to bring about the kingdom of the antichrist. The occultist Dietrich Eckart mentored Hitler leading him to his anti-semitic beliefs.

“By taking on Eckardt’s occult practices, Hitler became totally “demonized”. From this point on, he had indeed demonic powers. In fact, Eckardt told him that he himself was on a mission to prepare the vessel of the Antichrist, the man who would be inspired by Lucifer to conquer the world and lead the Aryan race to pride and glory. Hitler “knew” he was that man.” (Illuminati News)


Theosophy is the doctrine taught initially by occultists such as Helena Blavatsky that has carried over to influence secret societies like the Ultima Thule and the New Age movement.

They a continent called Hyperborea was the Golden Age polar center of civilization and spirituality. They don’t believe in evolution but devolution, thinking “mankind does not rise from the ape, but progressively devolves into the apelike condition as it strays physically and spiritually from its mystical otherworldly homeland in the Far North, succumbing to the demonic energies of the South Pole, the greatest point of materialization.”

Theosophists connected the South Pole with demonic and evil energy, but yet Saturn was the name of one of the kings that ruled the mystical island of their ancestors within the earth. Helena Blavatsky taught that the first continent was the imperishable sacred land and was located at the North Pole.

She referenced the idea that the polar region may not have ice, and could have habitable land.
‘Even in our day, science suspects beyond the Polar seas, at the very circle of the Arctic Pole, the existence of a sea which never freezes and a continent which is ever green’; ‘Every arctic traveller suspects a continent or a “dry island” beyond the line of eternal ice’; the expression ‘from the neck of mother-earth downward’ means ‘from the inland sea now beyond the impassable barrier of ice’.

In an article published in 1885, in her magazine The Theosophist, Blavatsky reviews the book “Hollow Globe.” The article proves the theosophical society believed in an esoteric science and that all physical forms down to atoms have indwelling spiritual entities. Because this is the belief system Hitler derived his tyranny from, and we are now seeing symbolic forms of it throughout particle physics, it’s important to understand just what they are after.

The following are excerpts from the article on the Hollow Globe, which sound oddly similar to the spiritual science taking place today.

The Theosophist, July 1885, pp. 245-6

“The forces which pre-existed and gave form to the accretions of materialized particles, being invisible to us, may be properly termed the spiritual essences (elementals) that exist in all forms of matter, through which they express themselves to our vision, and if such forces may exist separate and independent of the visible material forms, then it follows that such forms or aggregated atoms do not add to the original power of the pre-existing spiritualized forces. Thus all forms or aggregations of matter must have had a spiritual (elemental) essence, which acted as a preordinate cause for the production of form, and if so there must have been a spiritual essence or form to the globe we inhabit, containing all the forces that now exist in the structure; and the particles which compose our world have taken their respective places in accordance with these pre-existing forces, and these forces have been governed and directed by an intelligent power in a spiritual condition, exercising Will.”

Here they reference the spiritual nature of matter, the existence of an elemental inner earth, and particles being put in place by a force. CERN and their affiliates obsession with the primordial universe, what keeps particles together, and inner dimensional travel aligns them with theosophy.

“Magnetism and Electricity are the two great positive and negative powers in nature. They are contained in all substances and are evolved from the mineral kingdom. The original granite contains all that there is in the universe. Hence it will be difficult to find the dividing line between matter and force; for both are one and the same indivisible element (the positive and negative poles of one eternal principle). Aura is evidently an element that bears a very close relationship to the above named forces, and being far more sublimated in its character, it acts in various capacities, where the magnetic and electric fluids would be powerless. The latter act on a lower plane, but there are higher duties which call for more refined and etherealized powers, and it has long been understood that the human organization was pervaded by an element variously called nerve aura or odylic force, which occupies the brain and extends to the remotest corners of the physical body. This etherealized essence is the offspring of the Electro-magnetic fluid, and frequently displays its glories in the polar regions of this hemisphere and is known as the Aurora Borealis.”

The odylic force Blavatsky refers to above gives us the idea of a spiritual life force that surrounds all living things and can only be seen by psychics, they have named it the aura. The Odic force was named by Baron Carl von Reichenbach after the Norse god Odin in 1845. Odin is the father of all the Nordic gods, a god of war and death, as well as a sky god. Hitler worshiped Odin as the “Christmas or Solstice man.” They believed that every life force was given from Odin and shows up as a spiritual essence of electromagnetic fluid. She also notes that the odic force shows up at the polar regions.

The author also states, “all material forms (including atoms) have indwelling spiritual entities.” If they believe that’s true, then it’s possible that they aren’t looking for particles like neutrinos at all, but what they think to be the spiritual entity within the neutrino.

In a question and answer session, a theosophist was asked about the inner earth and what it consisted of. He responded:

“I am now talking more particularly of the center of the Earth, and the region surrounding the center of the Earth. It is elemental physical substance. Now, I simply could not undertake to explain to you what elemental material substance is because I have no words in which to express it. It is not exactly electrical. It is much more condensed than any electron of an atom is. It is physically speaking neither molten, nor solid, nor is it gaseous. It is not hot, nor is it cold. It is another kind of matter entirely, and the only way by which I can give you any idea of it at all is by saying, as I did before, that it is elemental physical substance – physical substance before it has reached the peculiar type of concretion which we call physical matter.”

Further quotes on the elemental kingdoms:

Question by A.P. Sinnett: We understand that below man you reckon not three kingdoms as we do (mineral, vegetable, and animal) but seven. Please enumerate and explain these.

KH: Below man, there are three in the objective and three in the subjective region, with man a septenary. Two of the three former none but an initiate could conceive of; the third is the Inner kingdom – below the crust of the earth which we could name but would feel embarrassed to describe. (The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, 2nd ed., p. 79)

It’s clear that they thought the inner earth was a way to access the gods of their ancestors, but they were unclear as to what it was made of, most likely it was a secret revealed after an initiate climbed the ranks. If these scientists are working toward the same goal in the Arctic region and elsewhere, then it could be that they are attempting to open the gates or study that region, believing it would advance our age. In all reality, they are studying the demonic realm and bringing about the kingdom of the antichrist.


In the Bible, the prophet Amos proclaims that during the end times a sinister group will try to enter the underworld and climb into heaven.

2 Though they dig into the hell, thence shall mine hand take them: though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down.

It is also thought that Jesus went down into the subterranean realm between the time He was crucified and ascended into heaven.

1 Peter 3:18-20
18 For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, and was put to death concerning the flesh, but was quickened by the spirit.

19 By the which he also went, and preached unto the spirits that are in prison.

20 Which were in time passed disobedient, when once the long suffering of God abode in the days of Noah, while the Ark was preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved in the water.

The Following is a segment of the blog Echoes of Enoch regarding the inner earth:

Isaiah 26:13-14
13 O Lord our God, other lords beside thee, have ruled us, but we will remember thee only, and thy Name.

14 The dead shall not live, neither shall the dead arise, because thou hast visited and scattered them, and destroyed all their memory.

They are dead and deceased and will not live or rise is stating their natural demise and judgment. The word for “deceased” is rapha, which are the “ghosts of the Giants”. Their fate is set and they will not be apart of the resurrection. But then they are “visited”. This word signifies something of an intervention or alteration of a natural process. This same word is used when Sarah was visited in her old age and conceived Isaac. This visitation is part of Jesus descending into the lower realm.

The second part of the word Paqad for “visited”, has a very wide meaning; the most common use is that of drawing or mustering up an army. I believe the meaning here is twofold. It is a divine intervention of a normal process to allow for a resurrection of these giants, the angels that sinned and their offspring for the express purpose to be mustered up as an army to their final destruction. There is also the strong emphasis that this action is under control and part of God’s plan. The Hebrew word amad is used for destroy and perish in Isaiah 26. It is the root word for the name Abandon or in the Greek, Apollyon, who is the destroyer that comes out of the bottomless pit with the army of “locusts” (a figurative term for nations). This is the same army mentioned in Joel 2:1-11 and Rev 9:1-11. In Rev 19 they are destroyed by just one word from the returning Lord Jesus.

In context these are a people as fugitives, fleeing God’s judgment. There is every reason to understand this as a literal prophecy and not some allegorical statement. “Why would anyone desire to dig into hell?”, you might ask. If you believed some of the ideas of Koresh, Bulwer-Lytton and Blavatsky you would desire to dig into this area in search of allies. In the mindset of the Nazi’s Theosophical ideas, they believed themselves to be the diluted genetic strain of a subterranean super race, which held the power of Vril. Their goal was to form an alliance with their underground “brothers” obtain the knowledge of the Vril to form new super weapons and lead the World into a New Age for the Aryan. At the same time by the elimination of the other races they would regain their Psychic powers. They did act seriously upon these crazy sounding beliefs by securing a portion of the Antarctic, and perhaps attempted to “dig” into the earth in search of allies.

Soon after Hitler came into power the expedition and partitioning of an area of the Antarctic was claimed by the Nazi’s and renamed Neu-Schwabenland. Their enemies or their fellow countrymen never understood these actions and motivations. Throughout the war submarines continued bringing equipment, supplies and men to this area. Submarines that were captured in southern areas possibly in route to the Antarctic were reported to have as many as 50 people in them compared with what was normally an 8-10 person crew It has been speculated that an underground complex was built. From operation Redoubt, (The tunneling and placement of a huge underground complex in the Swiss Alps.) We do know the technology was there.


In Conclusion, there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to particle physics. CERN and other facilities like Sanford Labs and IceCube have been placed in locations loaded with ancient history that ultimately leads to the conclusion they are especially interested in the inner Earth and Saturn. Esoteric belief systems have invaded what they claim to be science and drawn them to manipulate the planet, attempt to enter heaven and experiment with magic. The Bible prophesied that this would happen in the end times. Once again, Gods work is proven to be accurate. CERN and their affiliates work tirelessly to reach a united goal of bringing about the end times, and the reign of the antichrist.

We seek God for salvation and forgiveness, but God has given us so much, even more than that. He has given us answers, about the times we live in and the way the world works. We must be wise in these times to understand the deception that runs rampant. The only truth and the only freedom comes from the Word of God. No physicist, no philosopher, and no occultist can surmount Gods truth. He is the Almighty, the one and only God forever and ever.