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It is difficult to put one thing above another in importance regarding the erosion and degrading of Western societies according to all the worldly experts and talking heads, but it is very clear, or should be, to even a professed genuine Christian paying more attention to the world than to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the inerrant word of God — sin. Increased sin across the board in every institution, aspect nook and cranny of Western governments, institutions, businesses, you name it. The world is broken and we are living in the biblical times of Romans 1, men, women and the young given over to reprobate — unrighteous minds.

A massive, overt turning from God, from Jesus, from the Holy Spirit (the latter all but forgotten even by those professing faith in Jesus) and the Holy Bible. A broken world. An eroded, corroded and perverse world. It’s citizens turning in droves daily to lies, to he who rules the air and the earth for a season over the Truth of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the living word of God.

All one has to do, even in moderate attention, is to look, hear, smell the erosion and rot which has taken place in elevating and pushing sexual immoralities and depravities, in the massive rise of false teachers and their unsound doctrine passing for Christian teachings and Christian churches— the Great Falling Away, the apostate church before the revealing of the son of perdition. In all this mayhem, confusion and cesspool of lies is the utter blindness in permitting Islam to spread, to overtake, to consume and thus suppress and oppress Christianity wherever it lands and takes root and grows like the most invasive weeds.

I am all for impartiality and not showing favor, as God exhorts and instructs us we are to be in His word, as in the wonderfully written commentary by Peter Barnes of The Banner of Truth: LAW: WHAT IS PRIMARY AND WHAT IS SECONDARY;  for the way of love the apostle Paul exhorts us all is NECESSARY, not an option, not a selective, but NECESSARY. Do not ever mistake the love the apostle Paul exhorts us in and the love God instructs us in with the modern-day worldly conception, definition or understanding of “love.”

What has transpired in the West in the past 20 years is nothing short of utter blindness, total ignorance of the subject at hand, naivety on a grand scale the likes of which is rarely seen — except prior to a major worldwide collapse, crisis, war, so on due to the great majority of people walking in complete darkness, being lazy, being seduced and beguiled by he rules the air and this earth for a season, and his minions, his ministers appearing as angels of light, enlightenment, wisdom and progress from a constant history of pain, suffering, anger, disparity, war and afflictions. Man vainly imagining he is god and can create paradise when he had it in the beginning and lost it due to his vanity, his ego, his nature to disobey God and serve sin.

Yes, we are and ought to pray sincerely, fervently, humbly daily in pureness of heart and spirit for our enemies, that while they are blessed with breath from the Lord they turn from evil and turn to the One True God, the Triune God, the One who is Three and the Three who are One. Repent. Become transformed by the power of the Spirit of God. We ought not deny the Spirit of God to work in infinite ways we cannot even begin to comprehend. We should never deny the power and plan and will of God our Father. Yes, we are to pray accordingly for those that spitefully use us, persecute us, revile us and refuse the truth for the same applies with them as with our enemies. As long as they inhale, exhale and their heart beats life in them we do not know, cannot know God’s will, God’s plan, God’s power to work in their lives.

That said though God has also blessed men and women with BRAINS they should be using! The ability to observe, learn, remember, see, hear, figure out and come to know. Yet in the subject of Islam all reason, all logic, all objectivity, all rational thought is tossed aside like a three week old soiled diaper.

Europe has already succumbed. Granted, in the most recent elections in the European Union, and especially in the United Kingdom, there appears to be substantial pushback from what has been permitted for the past 20 plus years. But Europe has already thrown open the gates and wheeled in themselves the Trojan Horse and changed their laws to lawlessness to appease, accommodate and allow Islam to ascend, grow and also at the same time persecute and remove Christianity.

This has spread to Canada and other nations.

This is coming to America. Unless — unless enough people of genuine, sincere increasing faith begin to repent, our nation begins to repent, and genuine, sincere believers pray fervently individually BUT ESPECIALLY CORPORATELY. 

Make no mistake. Do not sit idle, relaxed and deluded vainly imagining “It can never happen here!” or “It never has happened so it can’t ever happen!”

I have been a lone voice more times than I can recount in my lifetime. Back in 2006, 2007 I saw the great economic collapse that was coming and told people I knew about it. I studied it daily for hours and at that time wrote and administered a solely political — world events — website. And I was telling people, and writing articles on the website that the real estate market was going to collapse. Big time. All I heard when telling someone in person, or read in comments sent to me through the website at that time was — “It’s never happened before! Real estate NEVER goes down it always goes up!”

Well, what happened?

Don’t be complacent. Don’t be naïve. Don’t be asleep at the wheel. Don’t be caught in your PJ’S watching the telly and eating fistfuls of popcorn.

Put on, keep on, maintain the full armour of God. Pray. Study. Increase in spiritual discernment, spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge while also walking continually in the Light, the Truth, the Way and do not become numb or blinded to what it transpiring daily — increasing daily — in this world.

What has happened in Europe, in Canada, elsewhere IS HAPPENING HERE in America. True Christians and true Christianity are being removed. Slowly and methodically. Daily. In politics. In schools. In government. In every institution in every way. The fascist homosexual movement has at its center the total removal or complete perversion and corruption of genuine Christians and Christianity. Islam has at its core the complete removal of Christians and Christianity. Islam teaches — do not be deceived, read, learn what is really in the Qur’an and what is believed and followed by true followers of Mohammed and Islam — the complete removal of all Christians, all Jews. And if they cannot be removed from the face of the earth through wars, terrorism, torture, takeovers of nations, regions and states? And there are some remaining alive? Then enslave them if they refuse to convert.

Why are the truths and facts of Islam and the Qur’an refused and denied?

Just as the truths and facts of the One True God’s living and inerrant word is refused and denied?

Satan. He who appears as an angel of light as do his ministers. Evil rising. Sin increasing. And the people wallowing in it all, immersing themselves in it deeply like hogs on a Southern or Midwestern August day with the air temperatures in the high 90’s and the dew points well above 70!

Sin. Increasing sin. Do not be caught in the mud bath. Do not be caught in the snare of deception and lies.

Get out of those PJ’S and put on, keep on, polish and maintain the full armour of God.

From this day forward if not already doing so.


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019


Canada: Christians Muzzled While Islamists Get Funding


By Raheel Raza

May 28, 2019

Reprinted from: Clarion Project



A  proposed law in Canada will result in Christians muzzled. Meanwhile Islamists (including those tied to terrorists) get government funding.

These days we wake up every day to disturbing news in both the U.S. and Canada.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently released a report titled: Hijacked by Hate: American Philanthropy and the Islamophobia Network in which it claims “hate groups” have used American charities to propagate a message of anti-Muslim bigotry.

According to this report, any critique of Islamism and Islamist activities is deemed racism and bigotry (i.e., “Islamophobic”). This includes any and all legitimate criticism of extremism, terrorism and jihad. According to CAIR, it’s all racism.

Meanwhile in Canada, MP Iqra Khalid — the architect of the divisive M103, the anti-“Islamophobia” motion — announced less than a year ago that the Trudeau Government (due in part to her hard work) would invest $23 million into a multiculturalism program.

The catch:  What is this “multiculturalism program?” Much to our horror, the two groups who are among the recipients of the program’s money are:

If the two above pieces of news were not disturbing enough, there is more troubling news: Legislation has been proposed in the Canadian province of Ontario that would criminalize public displays by Christians deemed hateful to Muslims, the LGBT community and other victim groups designated by the Left.

The bill, Prohibiting Hate-Promoting Demonstrations at Queen’s Park Act, 2019, bans any demonstration, rally or other activity on the grounds of the Ontario Legislative Building that is deemed hateful by the Speaker. The word “hateful” is not defined.

What does this mean in practical terms? Islamists can get a free pass to celebrate a hate fest called Al-Quds Day in a public space, while Christians, who are the most persecuted faith in the world today, are muzzled. There is horrendous persecution of Christians and their places of worship in many parts of the Muslim world, yet if this bill passes, it will be illegal to address this publicly in Ontario.

I have seen ethnic groups get special status, but it amazes me and boggles the mind that one faith always receives special accommodation. And I thought coming to Canada was about freedom of speech and expression.

Have we not learned anything from Europe? The European Court of Human Rights recently became the enforcer of sharia blasphemy laws. The court declared in a ruling that defaming the Islamic prophet Mohammed was prohibited and exceeds the permissible limits of free speech in Europe. (This is in contrast to a ruling by the same court which allowed the insulting of Christianity in 2012.)

If we don’t want to end up with Europe’s level of “free speech,” we must challenge these divide-and-conquer policies to ensure they will not reach their objectives.

This will only happen when Americans and Canadians stand up together and speak out against these tactics.



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