The article below my comments is naive in great part. Influenced by the modern worldview. Written by a Christian man, a well known national figure.  His take on this matter is worldly expressing dismay that the leaders of Black Lives Matter and the media remain silent. Of course they do regarding this. Black Lives Matter and the media are in league with the devil. Not following God, or the Lord Jesus Christ, or the ways of living and instruction according to the Word of God.

The stance taken in part in the article below expecting the leaders of Black Lives Matter and the media to be anything but the evil which they truly are is either naive or feigned in its hopefulness and dismay. I can only believe it to be naivety due to world influence. This from people who are considered to be Christian and wise, knowing, and also educated. Perhaps that’s the problem. They are too educated. Educated too much in the world. They are expecting the lies and propaganda of what Black Lives Matter is about as spewed by the media, by the totally lost and in error athletes, coaches, celebrities, famous personalities, politicians, and any such individual who spews non-stop dung about how pure, wonderful, good, and right all this is. About Black Lives Matter being about justice, equality, removing oppression, and such when the very root of that terrorist organization is about anything other than equality, justice, ending racism (it is one of the most racist organizations in existence rivaling the KKK and other known white supremacy organizations if people truly desire the truth and can be objective and see things clearly).

I do not find it surprising at all that Black Lives Matter or the media remain silent about this matter. What do people really expect in these times? Really? Can we finally, or at least begin to come to terms and understanding of how things really are? How this is a major spiritual war we’re all encountered in? Contrary to the myths there is no gray area. Everything is black and white and truly clear. It really is if we are honest with ourselves, each other, and everything we know regarding this world and the people therein.

I like Dr. Michael Brown and many of his articles have appeared here on A Crooked Path, but it is clear Dr. Brown thinks there is a humanity to Black Lives Matter. To their leadership. He either refuses to see or cannot see that Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media are nothing more than divisions within the legions of divisions, within the army of the devil in the spiritual war all on this earth are participants within. Dr. Brown is sincere. Dr. Brown is a Christian. And Dr. Brown is spot on when he writes below what took place outside the emergency room of the hospital the two sheriffs deputies were taken to was evil and demented. He got that right. But he is being naive in ever thinking the leadership of Black Lives Matter or the media will feel remorse. Ever repent. Ever admit the evil within them and who they truly serve. And do not be misled — Black Lives Matter, at least at its leadership, at its core is evil.

Enough of the “alleged,” and “why aren’t Black Lives Leaders speaking out,” and “they can take this opportunity to show their humanity, why is the media silent” in something such as the pre-meditated murder attempt on two Los Angeles County Sheriffs, and the blocking of the hospital emergency room entrance by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists, all of whom are nothing more than foot soldiers for the devil. One division out of many in the army enlisted and serving the Evil One.

They are not about justice, or freedoms, or ending oppression, or out peacefully protesting. This is not about ending racism but adding to the hated and increasing racism! About dividing rather than bringing together and the vast majority of people are taken in by the lies and deception. This is not about the outrage drug-addled men with warrants out for their arrests, with past criminal convictions resisting arrest in Minneapolis, or Kenosha being either killed or shot by police initiating all of this. Please already. Enough of that lie! If it’s about outrage over suffering, violence, injustice, and oppression against black people where is the outcry and words and actions with regard to black on black murders, violence, and crimes which far surpass by thousands of percent all of the accounts of black people facing death or being shot by police officers? Hypocrites. Liars. Ministers and minions of the devil. Leading millions astray and deeper into darkness rather than light.

This was pure evil fermenting and plotting and building and organizing merely awaiting its proper entrance onto the world stage to undeserving applause rather than boos and bad reviews it ought to have received. And the blind, ignorant, unknowing, easily misled, gullible and worldly have fallen under the spell — and make no mistake — the vast majority are cast under a spell, even many professing to be Christian — that Black Lives Matter is a wonderful thing. A necessary thing. A thing doing good and needed to bring about equality, justice and to end racism.

What utter nonsense and ignorance!

First to totally deny human nature, as if the hearts and minds of all the people of the world can be wiped clean like a harddrive and easily reprogrammed as the masses live in total denial of God, Satan, the spiritual war that began in the Garden of Eden and has not abated, has not let up, has not diminished —and only increased continually — ever since. To where we are this very moment.

Would I love to live in a world where there was no injustice? No hatred? No murder? No suffering? Where there was equality and everyone knew their station and embraced it, got along, and there was no tyranny, no oppression, no pain? No race distinctions?

Yes, I would.

And that world existed at one time. It’s the world God created for man and woman and the world of perfection of Paradise man and woman destroyed! By their disobedience. By our innate sin in our natures given our free will as created by God. God our Father if you are truly one of His, and most, contrary to the lies and propaganda are not one of His as they belong to Satan and his lies, his legions, his foot soldiers doing his bidding creating more smoke and confusion and destruction than the current fires burning throughout the entire Western disjointed, not even close to being united states of America.

And this is all — every bit of it, every word, every action, every inaction, EVERYTHING, all of all — is due to one thing and only one thing. One clear thing the overwhelming majority refuse to see and even now the majority of so-called Christians refuse to see and acknowledge, to know.

It’s all about the escalating spiritual war kicking itself into dire frenzy mode, the next higher gears as evil, as the Evil One senses the times. And knows his days are numbered and growing fewer and he is determined, as are his ministers (he appearing as an angel of light and they as ministers of light to the spiritually blind walking in utter darkness — the greater portion of men, women, and young people on this earth, including at this time the majority of those professing to be Christian; see http://2 Corinthians 11 (verses 14 & 15)

Let’s stop trying to be so sophisticated imagining we are so much better, nobler, kinder, gentler, compassionate, and such than any peoples who have preceded us. Imagining in grave error our natures are in any way different from any man or woman who lived before us.

To those who think in such a manner, and perhaps believe the Dark Ages, the times of the Barbarians, any other ancient times was more brutal, more deadly, more unkind, more discompassionate, less noble, refined and educated? Know this — that it has only been since the dawn of the 20th century in which the greatest number of atrocities, the highest number of murders, the greatest brutalities, those killed in wars and violence has escalated — greater than any previous time in world history. More human beings have been murdered, killed in the past 100 years than in all of the world’s previous history.

We’re better than the Barbarians? The Vandals? Better than the brutality of the Dark Ages? Hardly! Between 50,000,000 and 80,000,000 human beings died as a result of World War II alone, with the overwhelming majority of those being civilians. Not soldiers, not sailors, not people in any uniform. We’re merely living out our sinful natures and most are falling in lockstep, blindly, foolishly to the beat and tune of the world’s wisdom, the world’s views, the world’s beliefs, the world’s ways — which are Satan’s dear ones. Not God the Father’s wisdom, views, or ways. Not the wisdom, view, or ways of the Lord Jesus Christ, not the wisdom, views, or ways of the Holy Spirit and what is contained within the inerrant living and active Word of God!

There is no having your spiritual cake and eating it too! There is no adopting the ways of the world and also living a godly life according to the Word of God dear ones!

Wise up! Become truly informed and aware! By and through the Holy Scriptures! Through the careful praying upon, the study of, reading of, meditation upon the Word of God!

And hopefully more so-called Christian writers, pastors, leaders, and individuals professing to be true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ begin to do the same and no longer attempt to please the world, act all educated, sophisticated and refined desiring not to upset anyone as they refuse to speak or write bluntly, openly, honestly about all these matters taking place on this fallen broken, corrupted consumed in lusts, evil and sin world!

The time is short. There is less of it than more of it remaining. No time to waste.

We have no time for playing games, for appeasement, for placating, for attempting to play both sides, to live within both sides and there are only two sides in this spiritual war which every person on earth is enjoined no matter what they may believe, are told, or tell themselves.

And one person cannot abide or reside in two places, or be solidly among two different warring armies.

So what armour do you wear? What army are you enlisted in and fighting with and for?

There are only two available.

And it’s either fully in or a pretender. And pretenders will be cut off as unfruitful branches and cast into the fire.

Not according to me. According to the inerrant living and active and oh-so-timely and now and forevermore Word of God!

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the media, an overwhelming number of athletes, actors and actresses, coaches, sports teams, politicians, corporations, and individuals have revealed the truth regarding their truly black darkened hearts ensnared and serving evil in this matter. Make no mistake. Do not be taken in or deceived dear ones. We’re at war and if you can’t see this, and see clearly what this is all about and who is who and on what side? I fervently, faithfully are in daily prayer the Lord will work in you and open your heart, open your eyes to the truth.

When will the leaders of Black Lives Matter, when the media, when athletes, celebrities, politicians, corporations, sports owners and teams, coaches, managers, pastors and church leaders, and individuals begin addressing the black on black senseless killing and violence? The culture that creates the problems to begin with? The true source of these matters?

When will they begin to finally speak and write and take a stance regarding the real problems within? The root cause? What is really going on and what all this is really about?

Because then and only then could there ever be any real change. And nobody is willing to come forward and say these truths.

Imagine that…


Ken Pullen

Monday, September 14th, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path


Black Lives Matter Leaders & Media Silent After Protest Supporting Attempted Murder Of Sheriffs


September 14, 2020

By Michael Brown

Reprinted from Prophecy News Watch / ASKDRBrown
As of this writing, two young Los Angeles sheriffs are fighting for their lives after being shot in the head and face. One is just 31 years old and a married mother; the other is only 24.
They were ambushed and shot in cold blood by a single suspect last night, but as of now, there has been no official statement from BLM leaders condemning the shooting. Why?
We have no idea who the shooter was. But we do know that when word got out that ambulances were racing the downed officers to an LA hospital that protesters showed up to block the emergency room exits and entrances.
We do know they reportedly shouted, “We hope they die.” And, “Death to the police.” And, “Kill the police.” And, “I hope they [expletive] die.” And, “Y’all gonna die one by one.'”
A witness told ABC News that some had even tried to break into the hospital’s emergency room.  For what purpose can anyone justify this?
This is evil, sick, and demented. And at this moment, these sentiments are being associated with BLM.
Now is the time for BLM leaders, both nationally and locally, to issue clear and unequivocal statements declaring, “We deplore the coldblooded shooting of these two officers of the law. We condemn this without qualification. This is antithetical to our values or our goals, and our cause is not advanced by the attempted murder of these two police officers.”
In the past, when misguided anti-abortion activists have shot and killed abortion doctors, pro-life leaders around the nation immediately said, “We denounce this killing. We are pro-life. We are not murderers. We condemn this act of violence without equivocation or caveat.”
At such times, you don’t dance around the issue. You don’t even talk about the horror of abortion at that moment. You simply say, “This killing was wrong, and it does not reflect our values or goals.”
That’s what BLM leaders and their supporters need to do right now, especially when the main picture we are getting is the one of alleged BLM supporters hoping these officers die.
That is the headline story on conservative news outlets all over the Internet today. And tweets like this are going viral: “This video shows 2 police in Compton being ambushed and shot while they sat in their car. BLM activists then blocked the ambulance entrance of the Hospital ER shouting ‘We hope they
“If you’re an undecided voter, I hope you just made your decision.”
BLM leaders, where are you? Prominent BLM supporters, where are you? Where are your voices now?
As a nation, we were sickened by the video of the death of George Floyd to the point that staunchly conservative, pro-police voices like Dan Bongino spoke out against the actions of Derek Chauvin.
Yet I don’t believe for a second that Chauvin set out that day to kill a Black man. And I don’t believe that the vast majority of police officers are looking for opportunities to engage in acts of brutality against unarmed Black suspects.
Even so, when we see something horrible like the death of George Floyd or the death of Ahmaud Arbery (which I wrote about immediately upon seeing the video), we raise our voices and say, “This is terribly wrong, and those involved must face justice.”
Even President Trump called for an immediate investigation into Floyd’s death, while around the nation, we were saying Floyd’s name.
Yet, to repeat, as reprehensible as Chauvin’s actions were, I don’t believe he saw George Floyd that day and said, “I want to kill him.” In contrast, last night’s shooter clearly had one goal: to murder those two officers as they sat in their car.
Where is the condemnation? Where is the acknowledgment that the life of a young mother and a young man also matter?
I’m looking right now at headlines on CNN and MSNBC and Huffington Post. None of them mention the protesters outside the hospital trying to block the doors or shouting for the death of the wounded officers. In fact, none of the stories mention this at all.
Over at the New York Times homepage, I do not see a single headline about the shooting, let alone about the ugly, death-desiring protests. Not one. Why?
Back in June, the heartbroken 16-year-old daughter of a slain cop – also ambushed and murdered – posted this moving tribute to her dad: “Words cannot describe the pain I’m in, but I’m glad my dad is at peace. You were an amazing man and anyone who ever came across you knew that. I’m going to miss you so much. you died doing what you loved most, you died a hero. I love you, daddy, see you soon. #bluelivesmatter.”
In response, she was savaged by critics and mockers on social media. “Multiple users declared that ‘blue lives don’t matter,’ while others posted laughing emojis and messages such as, ‘[expletive] you and your dead daddy.'”
It got so bad that this grieving teen deleted the tribute to her dad. What kind of sick world are we living in?
The fact is, by condemning the attempted murder of these two officers, the BLM movement can show its humanity, its concern for justice, its desire for equal treatment for all under the law.
And by condemning this horrible, cowardly act, the leaders can reiterate that saying “Black Lives Matter” does not mean that other lives do not matter.
Right now, however, many of us honestly do not know where the radical leaders of this radical group stand. (For those unfamiliar with my viewpoints, I absolutely affirm that Black lives do matter and call for equal treatment of all in our society. But I reject the BLM movement.)
BLM leaders and major supporters, where are you? Or is there so much hatred for the police that you cannot bring yourselves to condemn this murderous attack on these officers of the law? Your responses (or lack thereof) will be very telling.
For the moment though, let us not forget the victims. May God grant them a complete recovery, and may the shooter be brought to justice.