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Bill Gates, the American pagan “god-man” calls for humans to eat “100% Synthetic Beef” in order to fight climate change




August 5, 2022

By Linda Kimball

Reprinted from PatriotandLiberty


“One of [Bill] Gates’ most recent promotions is his prescriptions of synthetic foods for developed countries as a means to combat climate change. In a recent interview with MIT Technology Review, Gates says he thinks “all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.”

Fake food replaces animal products with highly processed food grown in labs, like fake meat, fake dairy products or fake eggs. It is made possible by technical innovations such as synthetic biology, which involves reconfiguring the DNA of an organism to create something entirely new.” (Bill Gates: Let Them Eat Fake Meat!,” Navdanya International, Children’s Heath Defense, 4/20/21)

Rabindranath Maharaja was an Indian god-man of the high Brahmin caste who left it all for Christ Jesus. As he reflected back upon his former life and its worldview and plant-based diet, he said the entirety of it had been revealed and taught by fallen angels posing as gods and goddesses. His plant-based diet he said, had left him weak and sickly. After receiving Christ Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he began eating meat, he grew healthy and strong

Though Bill Gates hasn’t publicly professed an earth worshipping religion, his championing of depopulation schemes and a meatless prescription for fighting climate change derive from an earth worshipping perspective that elevates creation above humans. In this way of thinking, the ‘masses’ are nothing but parasites living off of Gaia (Mother Earth) and must be sacrificed on her altar.

While human sacrifice is one element, another important element within both Rabindranath’s and Gates earth worshipping religion is evolution and reincarnation. In this creed, revealed by fallen angels, humans live and die thousands of times. Death sends human spirits out into the astral plains to evolve and then reincarnate into another life form here on earth. Bill Gates and his Transhuman crowd imagine they have evolved into something akin to god-men with the right to preside over the affairs of all unevolved subhumans. This is how Rabindranath saw himself and the masses of subhumans. But Rabindranath now knows better: it’s all lies from fallen angels.

However, it might be that a human reincarnates as a cow, for example. Aunt Emily or Uncle Joe might have come back as cows. Thus cows are sacred and not to be used as food for humans. In fact, birds and animals are not to be used as food for humans since any one of them might be an ancestor incarnate as a bird, cow, or other creature.

Neither Bill Gates or any of his Global crowd are sane. All of them are mad. They walk in the darkness of their minds under the controlling influence of fallen angels just as Rabindranath did. And this is why these Mad Hatters want to force plant-based diets on all of us and are leading the West and the United States over the Gaderene Cliff.


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