Why is the following article here?

Well, it isn’t because I’m a democrat or a republican. Or even an American, though I am the latter. This article is here because we don’t go, the world doesn’t go from 2001, 2016, 2022 to Revelation 19 without everything being put in place for the rise of the Antichrist and his false prophet.

Europe has already fallen. Oh, the people in Europe may not see this or believe this, nor most of the people of this world, but Europe has fallen. Africa, Asia, South America, Canada, Russia, and China most of those places didn’t need to fall from anything as they have always been almost total utter darkness.

The last bastion of hope for this world was America. Not because any particular person was president or the political makeup of the U.S. Congress, or who was seated on the bench in the U.S. Supreme Court.

No, none of that mattered really. Oh, it did to a certain extent, of course, but not anywhere as much as almost everyone places the weight of importance.

No, America WAS the last bastion of hope for the world not by its might or how many democrats or republicans were in office, but how many people in the nation were God-fearing, Bible-believing, Christ-centered real Christians. Not merely living some external morality which now is despised and cast aside inviting every abomination under the sun, moon, and stars in.

As a result of that condition, that true state of the union rather than the nonstop babel of lies of wind produced by every president every January before Congress, our government was one that still followed the rule of law. That still upheld the foundational documents of this republic. A nation and people that still prayed. In schools. At work. In city council meetings, school board meetings, and at P.T.A. meetings. in locker rooms, and when sitting for a meal the Lord provided to give thanks to Him who provides and makes all things possible.

All that changed. Very quickly. It may not seem like it but America deconstructed and turned from God to serving evil and loving evil, abandoning God in the span of only about 40 to 50 years. That is nothing in the timeline of history except something happening so swiftly more swiftly than any other movement of its kind in history.

From having a good foundation in the ways of the Lord and the Bible, upholding the rule of law and our founding documents to in only 40 years or so ending where we now are. And this is not the ending. This is just one more piece of the puzzle revealing the picture of horror beyond comprehension descending on this land, America, and then opening the door to the end. The real end. As the world has been known.

When every eye shall see, every ear hears, and every knee finally bows as the Lord Jesus Christ returns a second and final time to this corrupt and rotted by evil, whore of Babylon earth.

The creation of a Disinformation Governance Board headed by who it furthers the tradition of every such created vehicle by a government determined to control all information. To ban and censor at will according to the agenda at large. Only what this board, the government in place, determines ought to be seen, heard, read, and known.

Easy to establish since the fascists of Italy, the fascists of Nazi Germany, the communists of the Soviet Union/Russia, China, and Cuba wrote the plan on how to do this, and why to do this.

There is no justifiable reason to create such an entity unless of fear of the truth, the fear of freedom, or the desire to control every word, and every image to increase the power and dominance over the people of those in government.

Such an entity should never have been considered in America. Let alone come to fruition.

Still don’t believe we’re in the last of the past days? There isn’t going to be an Antichrist coming to power along with his false prophet? There won’t be great tribulation and persecution of Christians worldwide including in America? Turn around three times, and if the Lord wills you’re still alive in a few years, as perhaps I also will be so I ask, please get back to me on this and let me know how the world or America is improving and our best days lie ahead of U.S. as EVERY president has stood before Congress and lied with their tongues in every state of the union address.

Let’s see what and who is correct and true and right?

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God…

…or politicians, media people, a president, a Senator, a lost pastor or priest, or any person on the street.

That’s why the following article is here. Read on…

Remembering the people, the press, and many within the governments of Germany, Italy, Russia, and Cuba, at the time said, “That will never happen here!”

To only a few years later be cramming people onto boxcars at rail stations, sending them off to camps, digging large holes in the ground for mass graves as governments changed in what seemed the blink of an eye but transpired over the course of 10, 15, 20 years or so or erosion and constant pressure from evil to put its rotted hands around the throat of free speech, democracy, and the freedom of religion in its attempt to choke such things to death.

Got news for evil — I read the Book. I know how it ends. And evil and all those who served evil lose. Not only lose but are sentenced to the worst judgment in eternal history. To hell. Forever. And even if you think it’s where all your friends will be and your favorite rock bands will be playing I have some news for you. You’re in for one helluva surprise unless you repent. Remove yourself from BEING darkness IN darkness and come to the Light, the Truth, the Way, and the Life which is the Lord Jesus Christ and not only believe in Him, but also serve Him, love Him, obey Him, and make Him, the Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of your life.

Pay attention. Think ahead. Think today. Be aware of today because it lays the path for tomorrow. Put to use that good brain the Good Lord blessed you with. Do not be deceived or so easily swayed one way or the other like a used hotdog wrapper at a ballgame on a windy day.

Don’t believe this or me? Read the Book of books and get back to me because comments are now working.
Ken Pullen

Monday, May 9th, 2022

ACP — A Crooked Path


Biden Blitzkrieg

In fundamentally transformed America, the people don’t get what they want.


Monday, May 9, 2022

By Lloyd Billingsley

Reprinted from FrontPageMag


On April 27, the Biden Junta officially launched its Disinformation Governance Board, headed by Nina Jankowicz, as Roger Kimball explains, a 33-year-old “anti-Trump hack,” already on record that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation.

Politicians and journalists alike called out Biden’s board as Orwellian, Stalinist, and Maoist. That is entirely valid and should come as no surprise. Recall, for example, Biden’s choice for comptroller of the currency in the Treasury Department.

Saule Omrova attended Moscow State University on a “Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship,” and 30 years after the fall of the USSR was still an apologist of the Communist regime. “Say what you will about old USSR, there was no gender pay gap there,” the former Kazhak Komsomol proclaimed. “Market doesn’t always ‘know best.’”

In the old USSR, the all-male Dictatorship of the Proletariat always knew best, but if Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov ever did anything with which Omarova disagreed, it failed to emerge in testimony. She basically wanted to replicate Soviet banking, and Sen. Tim Scott could not think of a person “more poorly suited” for the job.

Omarova didn’t get the post but her nomination says a lot about the Biden Junta. So does Biden’s choice for Department of Homeland Security boss.

The pasty faced Alejandro Mayorkas gave the U.S. southern border an existential problem, and on his watch people have been streaming in from all over the world. The DHS ships the “migrants” around the country in secret night flights, with no notification to the American people or their elected representatives.

In effect, Mayorkas heads up a policy of lebensraum, providing foreign criminals and terrorists with living space in the USA. As embattled Americans may recall, the DHS failed to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009 (14 dead, more than 30 wounded); San Bernardino, California, in 2015 (14 murdered, more than 20 wounded); Orlando, Florida, in 2016, with 49 murdered and more than 50 wounded.

Under Mayorkas, the DHS ignores Islamic terrorists and targets anyone less than worshipful of the Biden Junta. In that cause, the Biden Junta has added a powerful new player Mayorkas hails as a “tremendous authority” and “dedicated to the mission.”

Biden disinformation boss Nina Jankowicz is already on record that Hunter Biden’s laptop is a “Trump campaign product” and “Russian influence op.” Jankowicz is also a big fan of Christopher Steele, author of the eponymous dossier, a Clinton campaign product now exposed as pure disinformation.

As head of the Stalinist disinformation board, Nina Jankowicz will suppress any news less than worshipful of the Biden Junta and as Roger Kimball explains, she will “foster and disseminate competing disinformation.” In that cause the board will enjoy “the full cooperative power of the state behind them.”

Like Hitler with Goebbels, the Biden Junta deploys its minister of propaganda. Americans must contend with a domestic Nazi-Soviet pact, with tactics characteristic of both totalitarian ideologies. As F.A. Voigt explained in Unto Caesar, the Nazis and Communists both hated the middle class.

For Marxists, the “petit bourgeois” is worse than a counterrevolutionary because he is “unrevolutionary.”  The impoverishment of the German middle class “was contemplated with the utmost satisfaction by Communist observers, who saw therein hope of the so long delayed German ‘proletarian’ revolution.”

Like Marx and Lenin, Voigt noted, “Hitler is an anti-capitalist” and “anti-Semitism and anti-capitalism frequently go hand in hand.” Hostility to the middle class and anti-Semitism are both on the rise under Joe Biden, a puppet for the composite character David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.

He is all about fundamentally transforming America from a constitutional democracy into a place where the outgoing president picks his successor and deploys the organs of the state to suppress the opposition. In fundamentally transformed America, the people don’t get what they want. As in all socialist states, they get only what the government wants them to have.

Countless millions of Americans, from all classes, reject that transformation. With crucial mid-terms on the horizon, the Biden Junta impoverishes the people, menaces their security, and deploys a Stalinist board to crush free speech and freedom of the press.

Meanwhile, as Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals, on emails to his son Joe Biden used the pseudonym “Peter Henderson,” which has a history of sorts. In several Tom Clancy novels, including The Hunt for Red October, Peter Henderson is the name of a Soviet spy embedded in the U.S. government. Joe Biden started using the pseudonym in October, 2016, to forward a YouTube video to Hunter.

For Nina Jankowicz, that’s all Russian disinformation. Maybe she’ll clear it up in her powerful new post, the realization of a dream. As the wannabe chanteuse once crooned in a video, “I want to be rich, famous and powerful, step on all my enemies and never do a thing.”