The Coming One World Religion…


Where you sit today you may find it utterly incomprehensible that the TRUE beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity will one day, much sooner than later, come under one roof, and not only one roof, but over all the world in One World Religion.

But the TRUE beliefs of these faiths is not what is taking place. It is the work of Satan, the god of this world for a season, the prince of the air, his legions — legions — of ministers, minions, false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing that have entered in and perverted, corrupted, and altered these beliefs beyond recognition from their past histories. Past practices.

The past number of heads of the church of Rome has made it one of their uppermost priorities to bring about One World Religion, as is the same within Judaism and what has been passing for Christianity for decades now. This is also the life’s work of Tony Blair, former prime minister of England, as well as a long list of very well-connected, very well-financed, very powerful in a worldly manner men and women.

This is now closer to reality than any other time in history and it will happen.

When? Only God knows that for sure. But this is a MASSIVE, CONCERTED, EVIL effort by the ministers of the devil who deceive and appear as angels of light, as does their master, the devil.

Do not be among the deceived. Turn to, cling to, immerse yourself in all of the true living Word of God, and do not depart from the Word, in fervent steadfast prayer. Listening to the Lord. Listening to the Lord and obeying Him. Not this fallen, lost, walking in utter darkness and the muck and death of lies it speaks more and more each passing day.

Put on the full armour of God and keep it on. Keep it on! Keep it on and well maintained. For the days are growing more evil and confusing and darker by the hour.

Be in the Light. Be the light of the world. Know what that means. And be it. No matter how or what darkness and evil comes.

Prepare! Make ready this very day!

Do not hesitate, or refuse to believe.

Don’t spend eternity in regret, unlike any possible regret that can be thought, spoken, or written about…


Ken Pullen

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

ACP — A Crooked Path


Berlin ‘House of One’ Promotes Ecumenism Between Christians, Muslims, and Jews

A project aiming to bring the three world religions “under one roof” expects to have its multi-faith space built by 2023.



Reprinted from Christian News Network


The “House of One” in Berlin (Germany) will be a large building where Jews, Christians and Muslims will have a space to worship.

According to the leaders of the project, the aim is to “make tangible that religions can be an asset – putting a model of a peaceful coexistence opposed to all atrocities committed in the name of religion”.

The ecumenical project has not only received the support from personal donors and private companies from several countries and backgrounds, but has been sponsored by the German government’s Ministries of Interior and of Environment with 10 million Euros. Other sponsors are the city of Berlin, the European Union university Erasmus+ programme, and other public institutions, think tanks and foundations.

Once it is finished, the building will have a church, a synagogue and a mosque, all connected by a central room.

The board has now been constituted, with a strong presence of politicians. Among them are the current Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, the former Federal President of Germany, Christian Wulff, and the Director of the German Federal Motorways, Gunther Adler. Theologians and spiritual leaders of the three religions are also represented in this “inter-religious project”.


House of one leaders of the three religions in a united activity.

The first activities will be an inter-religious prayer event for peace, and an online workshop with leaders from similar ecumenical initiatives from Germany and Switzerland.

Christian Wulff, said “The House of One offers unique conditions for dialogue”, and referred to Pope Francis’ recently published encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”, which “Pope Francis implied that God loves every person, no matter which religion she/he belongs to”.

“We want to show that faith doesn´t divide Jews, Christians and Muslims, but instead reconciles them”, says Bishop Markus Dröge, an ambassador of the project. Enes Canter, another ambassador and basketball player, adds: “We all believe in the same God, one God. We need to leave our differences on the table and try to find what we have in common. That’s how we can learn from each other”.

The project will try to have “a formative role in our society, in families, schools and businesses – no longer just one or two religions, as has been customary for centuries, but in a greater diversity”.