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Marbled crayfish



Let’s get something very clear shall we? It isn’t evolution — it’s ADAPTATION. Let’s begin to finally use the correct words in discussing matters.

Man has ADAPTED.

Numerous animals and plant life have ADAPTED.

None have evolved. At least not in the terms and definition of the world that promotes the erroneous THEORY (the most important word is always omitted — the THEORY of evolution. It is to this very day still a THEORY because there is no proof of it. Period. But people of the world conveniently omit the word ‘theory’ in any and all discussions and simply use the word ‘evolution’ perverting and corrupting the conversation. Imagine people of science doing such a thing!?) put forth by Charles Darwin almost 150 years ago, that, as time marches on science has actually put more holes in the theory than been able to provide supporting evidence.

There is no ‘missing link’ because, well, there is no missing link!

All we see and know did not evolve from nothing, from a celestial explosion and the coming together of bacteria and muck to produce the diversity of life specific to this planet called earth — and in particular man and woman with a spirit, a consciousness, a soul. And knowledge of that spirt, soul within each individual that has ever lived.

The proponents of the errant with zero proof THEORY of evolution hate to use, and refuse to use the word ADAPTATION but that is what occurs. Adaption. Not evolution. Specific species can and do ADAPT but they do not evolve. Man did not happen after being bacteria, pond scum, a fish that decided it wanted to live on land and breath air, to become an ape later on and then a man.

Didn’t happen.

Preposterous to even contend such a thing let alone support such a thing, believe such a thing.

But species do ADAPT.

And in the article below the marbled crayfish ADAPTED because it was FORCED INTO AN UNNATURAL ENVIORNMENT BY THE HAND OF MAN, put into an home aquarium and due to its will to live and survive and reproduce — which is innate in all living things from man to the one celled life of things, being in a CONFINED, MANMADE environment, an unnatural environment due to stresses and certain circumstances we will probably never learn and know the marbled crayfish ADAPTED and began to reproduce itself.

If readers were so inclined they would learn from further study into animals kept in confinement, in zoos, as pets, in cages, aquariums, unnatural habitats — in CAPTIVITY then animals alter their normal behaviors as observed in the wild. This has been evidenced for decades. For centuries. Nothing new. They adapt in behavioral ways which are not found in their species in the wild, in natural, open wild habitats. Captivity alters them. They ADAPT to it in order to survive. Reproduce. And while many reproduce in extreme measures as with the marbled crayfish in the article below, other species have great difficulty and much failure in reproducing in captivity and again man usually intervenes and forces the matter hoping for success. Which does not always come.

It’s ADAPTATION folks — NOT evolution.

Just as the world omits the word ‘Communist’ when discussing China? So, too they conveniently omit the word ‘theory’ in discussing the theory of evolution.

Let’s begin using the correct words. Especially is a professing believer in Jesus Christ, God and the Bible. If in discussion with a non-believer putting forth the fallacy of Darwin’s THEORY of evolution explain to them in a gentle, kind manner the importance of language and using the right words to define and describe all things, and it is ADAPTATION they are talking about…not evolution. Because the THEORY of evolution had never been proved and has cast more doubts and shadows upon it over the past 15, 20 years as science has expanded its knowledge of DNA and the genomes and the genetics of all living things on this unique planet which God our Father created by His will and uttering the words…”Let there be…”

Which they cannot accept.

Like the truth evidenced right in front of them that it is ADAPTATION and NOT evolution.

So it goes.

And watch, listen and prepare — because as their THEORY of evolution loses footing and is disproved even further they will not admit the error of their ways and repent and turn to God and believe — what they are going to do then is produce what they claim is evidence of extraterrestrial life that ‘seeded’ this world and that there is a superior intelligent life, alien life out there responsible for all life here on earth. And they may even produce demonic signs and wonders. What appears to be actual alien life to confuse and lead billions astray.

Do not be one of those.

Time to gird your loins. Which means pull up your loose fitting attire in a knot so as to be ready to move well in battle and the work at hand — and increase in prayer, in study in God’s inerrant Word, in faith and discernment. Make ready.

For the days grow shorter and the times more evil and the Day of the Lord is closer at hand.

Sooner that later our Lord will return one more time and set His foot upon the Mount of Olives after what is coming to this world which it has never witnessed before and never will in Great Tribulation, affliction, war, pestilence and sin.


Adapt if you are still unawares…

God will not be mocked and all those following and believing the lies will one day soon discover all the truths they refuse to acknowledge now. But, sadly, it will be too late for them then. Do not be counted in their number.

Repent if doubting and following man’s ways and words and knowledge.

Adapt if you are still unawares. Your eternity depends upon it. Whether you believe that or not.

God and Christ will not be mocked or ignored or go away. And all will have to account for their beliefs, their ways, their faith or lack of it. Their serving and obeying the Lord their God or their rebellion and serving and obeying satan.

None will escape. There is no adapting or altering the inerrant truth and prophecy of God’s Word.

No evolving future created by man as man erroneously believes as he listens to the devil always whispering in his ear.

Ken Pullen


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018



Attack of the Clones: Creature That Started as Pet Now Multiplying Out of Control


By Kristin Hugo

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Reprinted from: Newsweek



Most species of crayfish reproduce the same way that humans do: by having sex. But one species of crayfish that evolved out of the pet trade can do something unique—clone itself—and this ability has led populations of the crustacean to spawn out of control.

For a study published today in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution , researchers sequenced the genomes of 11 marbled crayfish, both from the wild and from the pet trade. They found that the genomes in all 11 animals were nearly identical, meaning that they don’t reproduce sexually, and that they are officially a different species than their North American mother species, Procambarus fallax.

“Here we have an evolutionary event that has happened only a very short time ago,” Frank Lyko, Head of divisions of epigenetics at the German Cancer Research Center told Newsweek. “Certainly there will be some changes, genetic changes over time, that will make it more normal. At this specific time point in evolution it’s very unique.”

Lyko explained that forming a new species usually takes evolution thousands of years or more. However, it was only a few decades ago that the North American species of crayfish entered the pet trade, and now a different, exceptional species has emerged from them.

The way that this new species formed is exceptional as well. P. fallax came to Germany as a pet, sold over the internet and in pet and aquarium stores. But some time between 1990 and 1995, the animals evolved into a new species. The new species had marbled coloring, and people first noticed that it was different from the original species because there was only one sex.

“People wondered, ‘it’s only females, where are the males?’” Lyko said.

It turns out that marbled crayfish only exist in female form, spawning clones of themselves two or three times a year in a process called parthenogenesis.

Because they spawn so quickly and easily, they’re easy to breed (clone) in captivity. That made them ideal for people selling the animals as pets, but it became a problem for people who only want one in their aquarium.

“You put them into your aquarium and a year later you have hundreds of them,” Lyko explained. No dad required.

Then what are you going to do? You can kill the others, sell them, or release them into nearby waterways. If the animals were once your pets, you might be inclined to release the extras—which, in turn, can create thousands more rapidly.

That’s how the species became invasive to Germany and Madagascar where they were also popular pets. The scientists concluded that there are now millions of this unique but unstoppable creature crawling throughout Madagascar and constantly multiplying.