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“As a little child…”


by Ken Pullen


Friday, April 20th, 2018


Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

Mark 10:15 — King James Version Holy Bible


“Amen, I say to you, no one who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will enter it.”

Mark 10:15 — Aramaic Bible in Plain English


Truly, I Say to you, that except you should receive the Kingdom Rule of God as a little child, you should never enter in yourself.

Mark 10:15 — The Pure Word Greek to English Translation


When I attempt to steer my thoughts to what I should be reading or writing about the outcome is never as when I am not even thinking, not even trying, and I pick up one of my Bibles, pray to be clear, pure, joyous, reverent and ready to receive what the Lord has in store for me as He knows what I need more than I know myself and I open that Bible and my eyes are led to what it is I need most.

This is how I began my rebirth. Born anew. Many of you who have been devoted readers and subscribers of A Crooked Path for the past 8 years know how my life was changed one winter’s night in the wee hours. I had not picked up a Bible or prayed to God or Jesus in decades. That particular winter’s night I was so compelled to get my hands on a Bible and read what God wanted me to know I was up in the middle of the night pulling an old Bible from one of our bookshelves. I went into my office. The only sounds heard were those of the wind blowing and hard snow hitting the window with frequency.

I prayed to be directed by God. I prayed to be forgiven my sins. I asked God to help me. Lead me. I wanted to know Him and be His.

My life changed forever that night as after I prayed I opened the Bible on my lap and it opened to Luke chapter 15 and my eyes began reading at verse 10.

I have never been the same person since.

When I lose myself, when I stop trying, when I trust and allow pure, clear total faith in God and His Spirit to lead me is when I find my life is best and the most amazing things happen.

Faith, wonder, awe, BELIEF, innocence, trust as a little child.

We all at times think ourselves so clever, so smart don’t we? We think the more we learn and can increase our knowledge the better we are.  We do this most of the time self-directed rather than God directed. And most of what we learn and think we know does us little good in attaining the kingdom of God and eternal life.

Tonight, around midnight, alone in my office I felt the need to turn to the word of God. The verse which I was directed to is Mark 10:15.

Unless we have the faith, the trust, the belief, the awe and pure devotion of a child with regard to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the word of God we will not see the Kingdom of God.

Pure, plain and simple. That’s how it is.

We can read every book published. Read and know every commentary written. We can increase our knowledge 1,000 fold and it is all for naught unless we approach Christ, God, the Holy Spirit and the word of God as the children did to Jesus in verse 15 of Mark 10 (also in Matthew 19 and Luke 18).

I once, a few years back had a conversation with a relative of mine through marriage. He does not believe in God, he does not believe in Jesus or anything in the Holy Bible.

After a while in a conversation which was going nowhere he said to me, “Unless I can see something I don’t believe in it. I cannot believe in God or any of that religious crap. If there is a God I want him to make my mother and father appear in front of me!”

Both his parents are dead.

I told him unless he knew faith and what faith is he would never be able to truly see and know, and he would continue to walk in darkness. I told him I believe everything in the Holy Bible. I believe every word. I just do. I trust God. I trust His word. I trust Him to have directed with the Holy Spirit the men who put down God’s words with their hands for us to know God and Christ. I don’t need signs and wonders or to test God. God forbid! I just BELIEVE. 


I have FAITH in it all.

This relative thinks me a simpleton. Crazy for believing in things I cannot see.

I believe because I just do. With all my heart and mind I just know everything in the word of God is true.

I know the spiritual realm of God is the real reality and all we see and think we know is merely temporary. It will all vanish like smoke dissipating in the air. Poof! Gone!

But the spiritual world, the spiritual realm is the only true reality. Eternal.

And unless each of us possess a faith like a little child none of us will see the Kingdom of God.

How can I write such a thing?

Because Jesus Christ the Lord said so. And I place my trust in every word Jesus spoke.

Call me a child, call me childlike — and make me happier and more joyous than anything this world could ever offer me.

The world as we see it, know it, feel it, sense it is temporary. Like a memory. Or a slice of cheese. It will go away one day.

But God? Christ? Heaven? Hell? The saved and the damned? The spiritual realm goes on for eternity.

And to enter into God’s place, to enter in to behold the Father, Son and heavenly hosts each of us must be as a little child in our faith.

How many of us can do this?

If you can’t you had better begin to learn how. Soon.

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