It is a well-worn phrase, but it never ceases to amaze me just how off track, derailed so many professed Christian writers, sources, outlets are. Focusing continually on the political while also perpetuating the worldview of blind optimism and idealism refusing to acknowledge history, facts, or the Word of God along the way.

While it is rejected, denied, disbelieved and almost all people must add to the portfolio, the noise, what’s in their polluted heads — there are only 2 paths any person can ever be on in life. Only two. Either the path walking closer towards God, the Lord Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit and the Word, the path of rightness, truth, the way and words of the Bible, God’s righteous way — or, the way of the world. And he who is the god of this world for a season, the devil.

That’s it. That’s what it’s ALL ABOUT. Contrary to the neverending flow of dung about this philosophy, that one, let’s try this, let’s go down this road for a while [in utter darkness oblivious to the reality every little side trip, diversion, off-road will always, always, always lead back to the big wide main Interstate of lies, delusion, and darkness. Where every traveler imagines themselves enlightened and heading in the right direction when in truth they are plummeting into the abyss, the second death, eternal pain, and darkness, separated from God and lacking the understanding of what that really means.

And massive corporations, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Coke, Nike, and on and on exist in total darkness while inundating the world with their propaganda of how enlightened they are. And professed Christian websites, writers, preachers continue in their blind optimism that these dens of corruption, evil and a fixed agenda will somehow repent. See the error of their ways. And become something alien to what they are and why they exist — as powerful tools for the coming worldwide fascism, the coming worldwide tribulation such as the world has never seen and never will again [see Matthew 24:21].

All the while focusing more on the political, the temporal, the here and now in a ridiculous idealism and optimism rather than being strong and understanding in the Word. Knowing the times. Reading the signs. Looking to the heavenly, the eternal rather than thinking vainly man is the answer and can somehow create paradise, or God’s kingdom on earth. Removing God, removing the Lord Jesus Christ, removing the Holy Spirit, and pushing the Bible aside.

I realize to speak, to write the truth and to say everything is black and white, that there are no gray areas, and that EVERYTHING relates to sin, the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit cuts into the revenue and most likely puts the kibosh on buying that vacation home in Vail and the new Bimmer. Awww.

Apple is rotten. To its core. And it will never “see the light” and come out of the pit of darkness they are in. They don’t give a rat’s backside about “human rights” and all the other nonsense they give lip service to. They, like the others, care only about two major things. Greed. Profits. Amassing more money and thus more power. And with that power pushing their agenda. Which is evil and dark in its nature while appearing as angels of light and progress and creating a brave new wonderful world.

Everything is either of God, His ways, His Word, and His rightness or…

…it’s of this perverse, corrupted, and fallen world. And he who made it so. The devil and the sinful hearts and minds of man.


There is no off-ramp. Park to visit. Alternative site. Alternative way.

It’s all about God.

It’s all about the sinful nature of men and women, and it is innate within children. Contrary to the lie human beings are NOT inherently good. There are NO good people. We’re all sinners. We’ve all fallen short. We all are condemned and deserve nothing more than God’s judgment and condemnation.

THANKFULLY, in faith, in belief, in repentance, in the confession of sin, in being indwelt of the Supernatural Spirit of God a person can be forgiven, justified, beginning the path of sanctification. Salvation is possible.

But only through the Lord Jesus Christ. And not mere belief. Satan BELIEVES in Jesus. Satan knows Jesus. Satan has been face to face with Jesus. Satan KNOWS Jesus is the Son of God. But the devil’s vanity, ego, arrogance, and fear [aware his time is limited and he must mislead as many as possible before being cast into hell for eternity]. Only through faith and obedience. Bearing fruit. Living as a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ a person can be forgiven of their sin due to their faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, their faith in His being fully God and fully human, their faith in His resurrection, their faith in the whole Word of God.

There is no halfway. No other way.

Only Jesus.

Only the Holy Bible.

Only God.

Only the Holy Spirit.

No other way.

And things, people, events on and around this world are not going to get better. They will continue to erode, be further corrupted and things and people get worse. Much much worse.

Only repentance, true repentance [not merely remorse, feeling bad], and genuine revival can and will alter this.


Ken Pullen

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


Apple Enables Communist China’s War On Christianity In Its App Store


October 20, 2021

By Arielle Del Turco — Family Research Council

Reprinted from Prophecy News Watch


Last week, it was reported that a Bible app and Quran app had been removed from Apple’s App Store in China following pressure from the Chinese government. This is hardly surprising behavior from the Chinese Communist Party. But now, an American company has been enlisted to do its dirty work.

The watchdog group Apple Censorship was the first to report that the apps, Bible App by Olive Tree and Quran Majeed, had been taken down. When Apple removed the Quran app, the app makers were told it contained content that is illegal in China.

China’s restrictions on religious texts have affected those of all faiths, sometimes brutally so. In Xinjiang, Uyghur Muslims who are caught with religious content on their phones can be detained without trial in an internment camp.

Leaders at Olive Tree removed the Bible app themselves. “Olive Tree Bible Software was informed during the App Store review process that we are required to provide a permit demonstrating our authorization to distribute an app with book or magazine content in mainland China,” a spokesperson told BBC News. “Since we did not have the permit and needed to get our app update approved and out to customers, we removed our Bible app from China’s App Store.” They ultimately hope they can get the app back on the App Store.

This seems unlikely, as the Chinese government has ramped up restrictions limiting Chinese citizens’ access to the Bible overall. Physical copies of the Bible can no longer be purchased online in China, Christian businessmen have been prosecuted for selling audio Bibles online, and the Chinese Communist Party has announced that it is developing its own version of the Bible that will embrace socialist values.

China has already shut down Bible apps and Christian WeChat public accounts last May, stating that they “violated China’s Internet User Public Account Information Services Management Provisions”, so that must be “blocked and suspended”.

The country ranks 17th on 2021 Open Doors’ Persecution World Watch List, down six places from the previous reporting period.

According to Christian aid organizations, around 97 million of the approximately 1.4 billion Chinese identify as Christians.

With Apple’s removal of the Quran app and Olive Tree’s self-censorship, Chinese government pressure is now forcing American companies to do the censoring for them.

This comes at a time when free expression online is under attack around the world. Freedom House’s Freedom of the Net 2021 report found that “more governments arrested users for nonviolent political, social, or religious speech than ever before.” And for the seventh year in a row, China has the single worst conditions for internet freedom. Instead of enabling this problem, American corporations like Apple should be fostering freedom of expression abroad, including religious expression.

Although American corporations regularly advocate for progressive policies at home, they often neglect to take strong stances against authoritarian regimes abroad. Last November, Apple went so far as to lobby to weaken the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, a bill that would block products made using the forced labor of Uyghur Muslims from entering the United States.

Apple seems to be putting profits before human rights, whether it comes to removing religious apps at the Chinese government’s request or profiting from modern-day slavery in China.

Last month, Apple and Google deleted a Russian political opposition app from their app stores after Russian censors demanded it. These acts of cowardice are troubling. Do American corporations really want to take on the role of censors for freedom-hating regimes?

Apple and other American companies need to grow a spine and stand up to authoritarian regimes intent on exerting control at the expense of basic freedoms such as freedom of expression and religious freedom.

They must do a better job at pushing back against the Chinese government and other bad actors. Otherwise, they will make themselves complicit in facilitating human rights abuses against people around the world. American companies can do better, and American customers should demand that they do.