American Gospel (Video)

A film by Brandon Kimber


Ken Pullen

Monday, September 20th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


I bought this so that others can watch and listen to this most important film regarding what passes for Christianity in America in these last of the last days. it is my hope and prayer you will watch this, listen intently, and after viewing pass this along to someone you know.

And, if not abiding totally in the Word of God, if cherry-picking the Bible and altering God’s Word to fit worldly doctrines, if listening to, reading the doctrines of men and women more than the doctrines within the Word of God? I sincerely hope and pray you will repent and turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing and needing Christ alone. Jesus is sufficient and there is no new thing under the sun. No words of man can come close to, equal the words of God in His Word.

Jesus is preeminent. Jesus IS God. Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the inerrant infallible living and active Word of God are ALL that is needed.

Looking around, listening, it is clear we are living in times unlike any other in world history. The erosion and perversion of what is considered the family. The rise of heretical teachings in the Church being accepted and adopted as more and more make it clear they do not know what is contained in the Word of God even though so many profess to be Christian yet by their actions, their words make it clear they know nothing of the Lord Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit or the Holy Bible.

The following is what has been, is, and will continue to take place and grow in America and throughout the Western world.

What can be done? Why, go to, return to the WHOLE Word of God. Omitting nothing. Adding nothing. Turning from the philosophies, psychologies, doctrines, and words and ways of man, of this evil fallen world. A true repentance. Not mere remorse. A true repentance. A true revival.

Preaching, teaching, hearing SOUND doctrine. No more itching ears turned to fables and heretical teachers and their teachings. No imagining we can mix the world in with the Word and come up with a healthy and nourishing meal for our spirits, our souls, our hearts, and minds.

The Word of God. Solely, Only. Solidly. Purely. No variation. No deviation.

Watch. Listen. Repent. Pray. Meditate continually upon the Word of God.

Leave the ways of the world which have been brought into what passes for the overwhelming majority of “Christianity” in America in these last of the last days.

Be well equipped, prepared, and enjoined in the escalating spiritual war each person is a part of. And there are only two sides. No more. No less. Nothing is about race, or political parties, or legislation, or anything most think most vital and important. It’s all about God. All about Jesus. All about the Holy Spirit. Al about are you a true believer, transformed and renewed of mind and spirit by the power of the Spirit of God? Or are you of the world and in its utter darkness, vainly believing it is enlightened while in truth all in the world are the walking dead?

Everything else, while related is a distraction to pull people away from what it’s really all about, what’s really taking place, and those matters most important in this swiftly passing temporal life.

The spiritual realm and eternity are the REAL reality.

Everything else passes away even though considered the most important, the real, or reality. There is coming a time no one, no matter who will recall one thing that happened on this earth in this age or past ages. All will pass away and be forgotten. But the eternal spirit? The eternal soul? Heaven and hell? THOSE are the REAL eternal REALITIES. Yet the majority heed and prioritize the passing away and ignore, neglect, or deny the real, the eternal, those matters most important to EVERY person ever born.

Those are the only two camps, sides, enjoined in this constant and escalating spiritual war. The war of all wars on earth since the beginning…until the end when the Lord Jesus Christ sets His foot once again upon the Mount of Olives…