A weak-minded people


by Ken Pullen

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

ACP — A Crooked Path


Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

John 3:36 — English Standard Version


Only the truly weak-minded refuse to believe the above.

As in most things of the world that are the exact opposite as adopted, the world contends it is only a weak-minded person who seeks religion that believes the words within the Bible. When in truth it is only the weak-minded that due to their ignorance, they’re existing in utter darkness are given over to every fallacy, deception, and delusion the world has to offer.

Do a search on weak-minded, or weak-minded people and see what and who the people of the world consider in that category. The tragedy being in our boasting, in vainly imagining we live in the age of enlightenment, a time of the highest intellect, the greatest sophistication, the epitome of education and technological advancement — the human heart, the human spirit, the human mind has grown inexorably weak. Could it have been prevented? Certainly. If people did not love this world and fall for all the lies. If we the people in large part hadn’t turned from God, turned from the Lord Jesus Christ, turned from the Holy Spirit [which even few professed Christians speak of, believe in, or attribute any power or Providence].

Such a turning, an about-face in such a short span of world history — all this has accelerated at a rate never before seen on this earth — has brought about God giving people over to their lust and insatiable desire to sin. To embrace wickedness and every unrighteous act under the sun.

I am redundant, I realize, but it needs to be stated and understood the times in which all of us live.

We are living in the Biblical times of Romans 1 ESV.

If paying even a wee bit of attention one must see, hear and know this. How could it be ignored or denied if aware of what was only a handful of years ago, a few decades ago which are nothing in the timeline of world history to how rapidly every institution, every foundation, everything once considered good is now considered wrong. I realize I put Isaiah 5:20 on this site a lot. It needs to be read and meditated upon daily. For it is realized every day in every direction, in every place, in almost every act and word spoken at this time.

As are the words of Romans 1 KJV.

How many real conversations have you been permitted to have with anyone of an opposing viewpoint recently? How many folks do you encounter that are truly objective, rational thinkers, critical thinkers, speaking or writing sense, possessing logic?

The people, the overwhelming majority have already been “given over by God” to their wickedness and lust for sin due to the degree, the intensity of their love of sin and rejection of God, rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ, rejection of the Holy Spirit, and rejection of the Word of God.

Does this then mean we throw in the towel, hide, remain silent, and do not live daily to spread the gospel — which is Jesus Christ? Heaven forbid! Certainly not! What it does mean is that we had better not join the weak-minded, the weak of heart and spirit, those in utter darkness that now need to learn of the Way, the Truth, the Life, and the Light.

It is a difficult time. Since when has it ever been an easy time for a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ? And if you think, or say, “well it wasn’t so difficult in the 1950s in America, or in a few other places then” I don’t know if you have a calendar handy, but it no longer is the 1950s. Or any other time other than now. and NOW is the time at hand. NOW is the time to declare the kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ to those weak-minded, in utter darkness walking dead in their sin folks.

If not now when? If not us who?

The people of the world are always going to rebel. Resist. Hate the truth. Be repelled by the Light. The master they serve works hard to keep them bound and enslaved to him and this perverse and corrupt world. His lies. His distractions.

But our God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the Word of God are not bound. They are not limited. There is no weakness in Them. And They are more powerful than anything anywhere. Do not limit the power of the Spirit of God to work in a truly faithful disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, in one of His children of obedience.

Oh, we will be accosted. We will be persecuted. We will be rejected. As was our Lord Jesus Christ. Do we truly believe the Bible? Or are we going to continue to treat it as if it’s just a nice storybook? As if it’s some Boy Scout handbook and not in truth the inerrant infallible God-breathed Word of God?

We will be laughed at. Told we’re the weak-minded ones.

Pay no heed. Do not fall prey to thinking it’s us doing the saving, we’re somehow the savior of people.

Know the Scriptures. Be well equipped. Sound in doctrine. Pray for spiritual wisdom and strength from God. Trust in the Holy Spirit. And spread the gospel. And you know what? If each of us speaks the gospel which is Jesus Christ to 1,000,000,000 people and only 1 seed sown falls on fertile ground, takes root, grows, and bears good fruit? It would all be worth it would it not?

Are we CEOs, accountants, bankers, scorekeepers? Or are we knowing a knowing the world cannot know? Willing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ? Knowing from the get-go it’s going to be difficult. Full of rejection. Difficult most of the time, and especially in bringing the Way to eternal life, the Truth of the Scriptures, the Life only possible through Jesus Christ, and the Light which the darkness rebels and recoils from. And even if you are a CEO, an accountant, a banker, or a scorekeeper in this life you are not one in your spiritual life. It isn’t about keeping a tally of “winning souls”. Leave the soul-winning to the Lord, to God, to the Holy Spirit and merely be the light of the world, the salt of the earth, true disciples sowing seeds and planting the truth of the Word in others. Living out the Word in the best example we can.

We’re living the Biblical times, words of Romans 1 ESV. The people have been given over to reprobate, wicked minds. Persecutions and suffering for the elect, the remnant is only going to increase.

Gird those loins! Strap on every piece of well-maintained armour of God. And enjoin the battle! For no one is truly idle, a spectator, outside of the raging spiritual war at hand.

Do not become weak-minded. Do not become more importantly weak-hearted, weak in faith supping on watered-down milk. Or as bad — the doctrines, practices, ways of this dying world where unless a person is obedient to God, to Christ, to the Holy Spirit and truly renewed of mind and spirit? Truly a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ they are among the walking dead. Dead in their sin and trespasses due to their unbelief and being enslaved to this world, bound to the father of lies, the prince of the air, Satan. Alien to God, at enmity with God. Apart from Christ. Unknown with the Holy Spirit. [see Ephesians 2 ESV]

We are the vessels. We are the instruments. We are the foot soldiers in this spiritual war.

Yes, you’re going to be bloodied. You’re going to get bruised and battered.

But nothing like the Lord Jesus Christ experienced, did willingly though He was spotless and without sin, but took each of us believers sin upon Himself so we might have forgiveness of our sin, so that we may have that peace, that assurance, that knowing within being transformed and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. That we might have the hope of eternal life.

Think it’s difficult for us. Oh, it’s so hard! I don’t think I can do this! It hurts so terribly [to be rejected] imagine if you will, if you can, exactly what it is, what Jesus did willingly for you, for me, for every true believer.