A Homosexual in the White House Must Be Unthinkable

I heartily agree with Mr. Fischer in his excellent article below, but instead of opening it with the line; “Americans who love America cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.” I would have written Genuine Christians who love God and are disciples of Jesus Christ cannot put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.

While it is vitally important to the future of America a practicing, unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual does not attain the office of President of the United States, we must always — ALWAYS — place God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and what we know from God’s Word uppermost in our hearts and minds. Our country is important, but must come after God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the knowledge and instruction of God’s Word ESPECIALLY when our country rebels and goes directly against the clear teachings of God and Jesus.

Ken Pullen

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Friday, May 24th, 2019


A Homosexual in the White House Must Be Unthinkable


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

By Bryan Fischer

Reprinted from: American Family Association



Americans who love America cannot afford to put an unapologetic and unrepentant homosexual in the White House.

The stakes are far too high to make a mistake of this magnitude. Christians who express this point of view must be prepared to endure a withering blast of hatred and Christophobia. But endure it we must. We will need to hold firm against the onslaught in conversations with our families, our friends, our neighbors, the folks in our churches, and the editors of our local newspapers.

To fold on this issue, and to support such a candidate out of misguided notions of tolerance and kindness, would be suicidal for our culture. We certainly can and should love homosexuals, of course. But there are plenty of people I know and love who should never become president of the United States. You can love someone without thinking that he ought to be the leader of the free world.

So how do we make a reasoned case for our view in conversation?

First, ask your friend if a president should be a role model for the nation. Should he be, if possible, someone whose life and character is worthy of imitation? Most people will say, “Yes.”

Our regressive friends on the left are consumed with outrage that an adulterer now sits in the White House. But we should point out kindly but firmly that if somebody makes that point, they have made our argument for us. By their own admission, they are agreeing with us that what a would-be president does in his private life does matter and is a valid concern for voters.

We’re at an odd place in our culture right now in which the very same people who are blasting the president for sordid sexual conduct 12 years ago are lionizing and swooning over someone who is engaging in sordid sexual conduct repeatedly and proudly today.

And while adultery is sexually deviant – because it deviates from the Creator’s design for human sexuality – homosexuality is just as (if not more) deviant, since it puts body parts to sexual uses never intended by nature or Nature’s God.

We also should gently but firmly point out that homosexual sex is far riskier to human health than heterosexual sex. According to the CDC – not a part of the supposedly vast, right-wing conspiracy – 65% of all the males who have ever contracted HIV/AIDS in the history of the epidemic contracted it through having sex with other males. Another 25% got it through injection drug abuse. Thus it is clear that homosexuality is a greater and more manifest threat to human health even than injection drug abuse, which everyone admits is a huge public health problem.

It would be a relevant question to ask my neighbor, if he is pushing back on this, whether he thinks it would be something to celebrate if we had a candidate for president who was repeatedly, unapologetically, and proudly injecting himself with heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. Would he have any reservations about this kind of a role model in the White House?

Christianity’s last stand?

In his compelling article in The Stream, Robert Oscar Lopez – who left the homosexual lifestyle and is now happily and heterosexually married – says our stand against the tyranny of the Gay Gestapo is “our last stand.” If we lose this battle, it will “be the end of freedom for Christians in America.”

Lopez says that when he came out of darkness into light and began speaking out on the issue, his main problem was that he was “too scared to speak the truth.” And he discovered that the church was too. To keep people from thinking they were mean, even Christian leaders kept trying to nuance the issue and talk about everything but what actually happens when two males engage in the act of sodomy.

The ugly truth Lopez says no one wanted to talk about is the “brutally physical” truth that “homosexual sex is horrible … unseemly and unfulfilling.” In homosexual sex, “you get all the disease, shame, misery, alienation, embarrassment, pain, filth…and self-doubt; but you get no spontaneity.”

He adds this powerful paragraph:

We should never tell people that it is normal. We should respond to any homosexual propaganda with our free speech making clear that it is wrong. And we should support laws that discourage homosexuality even if we do not impose penalties on people who engage in it. We should not expose children to it. In fact, we should teach children that it is bad for them. We should help anyone [who] falls into homosexual thought or conduct to get away from it. Because nobody is homosexual and homosexuality is not natural. Heterosexuality is a good thing that everyone should pursue.

Society has for thousands and thousands of years forbidden homosexual intercourse, says Lopez, “precisely because homosexual sex requires at least one party to be damaged and humiliated by sodomy in real time.”

Is that what we want in the White House? I don’t think so.