A Crooked Path has been suspended on Twitter



A Crooked Path isn’t even considered small potatoes in the whole scheme of the Internet or any social media platform. I only established accounts on Facebook and Twitter to offer a wider net for any possible visitors to this place. A Crooked Path doesn’t even amount to the smallest French fry in the bottom of the bag on any platform or the Internet. Few people know of, or come visit here. few subscribers. Few read ACP on Facebook. If 100 folks a day drop by and view or read the contents on A Crooked Path that’s an average, or good day. 100 people in a world of over 7,000,000,000? And ACP gets suspended for its content? Think a while on this. Please.

I just discovered I was suspended from Twitter in creating a Mailchimp account to hopefully increase subscibers, and when I clicked on the button to activate Mailchimp, allowing them access to the Twitter account I once had I received the message — “Whoa! This account has been suspended!”

And, upon further investigation it has been suspended on Twitter.

Someone didn’t like the truth about Islam, or homosexuality, or abortion, or our ever increasing immorality, our turning from God, our blasphemy of Jesus and the Holy Bible, and or someone didn’t like Scripture on Twitter, or something — or much of what is posted on ACP appearing on Twitter. Any or all of the above. What appeared on ACP was so awful to someone it had to be removed in order to preserve the world? Their sanity? Whatever?

Certainly it was one of those “compassionate,” let’s have “tolerance” types, no doubt — as long as what is tolerated is only their fascist ways banning free speech, religious liberties, and open dialog which is necessary in any healthy culture.

But none of us ought to be surprised as to how fascists operate. They only tolerate their narrow ideologies and beliefs and work diligently to silence, incarcerate, burn, destroy, or kill anything opposed to their narrow views.

We have many outspoken proponents of real hatred, of real threats, of real immoralities and out and out vile liars and miscreants now on Facebook and Twitter permitted to post whatever they desire.

But the selective censoring party employed by Twitter has deemed A Crooked Path a real threat to civilzation and life and liberty! Can’t have anyone against the sexually immoral practices of homosexuality, or speaking the truth of Islam, or including actual Scripture regularly on Twitter can we now?

I am not going to appeal the suspension. Even if I somehow were able to remove the suspension? In little time someone else, some other “compassionate, ” and “tolerant” type would come along screaming about how I spew nothing but hate, bigotry, mythologies and present a dire treat to the advancement of mankind — and I’d only get suspended, banned again.

I’ve posted in the past all the folks who out of habit only view anything via Facebook? Twitter? A social media platform?  All those refusing to go directly to a website? To forego social media such as Facebook? Twitter? All people so inclined and acclimated are going to need to adjust their thinking and habits and mark specific websites as ones they want to regularly visit, or they need to subscribe on the website to receive email updates of articles posted, and they need to break this already ingrained habit of only using Facebook, Twitter or a social media platform for everything. If they want to receive such news, information and commentaries in the future.

This is not some fantasy, some Orwellian “It’s going to happen in the future” statement. This has happened repeatedly, continually, more and more each week now for the past few years. Speakers being banned from engagements they had because of their faith-based beliefs, their beliefs that don’t align with the fascist majority on Twitter and the sociial media platforms, in the media, claiming to be so “compassionate,” “loving” and “tolerant.”

Christian speakers and writers banned and removed from Facebook, Twitter and social media platforms. Legislation being proposed and pushed through various state houses and proposed nationally to ban what is determined to be “hate speech” — and, of course, the monitors of such, the ones deemed qualified to determine what consists and does not consist of “hate speech” are the very same who have banned, want to ban, incarcerate, remove utterly, and even propose the killing of those opposing their narrow, vile, evil ideologies and views.

Such is not the stuff of fantasy, myth, or some horrid dark and sinister future world. Such is the place we live in presently. And it grows more repressive and evil by the day, by the week. Do not be lax, do not be lulled. Do not be deceived.

Here, I’ll even make it very easy and help you out if you’re one of the above (not the fascists, but those solely dependent on social media platforms to get your news, information and places you like to visit and or read), and you desire to keep reading what is posted on: A Crooked Path.

And once you’ve clicked on the above link? Scroll down the page, through the over 25 individual posts, and once at the footer of the Home Page? On the left hand side at the bottom of the Home Page you’ll see in very large and easy to read text a place to subscribe to A Crooked Path.

Go ahead. Subscribe. I’ll wait a few minutes. Not going anywhere right now…

Okay? Done? Back? Good…

Because there is coming a time, and sooner rather than later — any talk or writing against Islam, against the sexual immorality, against the increasing perversions and sin, any talk or writing against homosexuality, drug taking, sexual depravity, the murdering of babies, quoting real actual Scripture, speaking or writing the truths of God Almighty, of Creation, of Jesus the Lord and Christ, of the Holy Spirit and writing or speaking the whole truth contained within the Holy Bible will not only be banned from Facebook, Twitter and every social media platform — it will all be banned from every space, corner and place on the Internet. So at least subscribe to those websites you trust, like their content, and wish to keep reading while we all are able.


People have spurned and turned away from newspapers.

People have spurned and turned away from most printed media.

People have turned away from real books, real words printed on paper.

About half the folks at our church don’t even carry or use a real physical Bible any longer. They have a Bible translation on their smartphones and go there to read Scripture — which can and will be ever so easily added to, omitted, corrupted and perverted in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Because the Evil One, who knows the real Scriptures forwards and backwards, has those who serve him doing his work, and there is coming a time when it’ll be rare, if not impossible to find a hardcopy, an actual book of the Bible and what will appear as the Bible, in whatever translations available, will only be available on an electonic device, in which the content is ever so easy to alter. To add to. To delete and omit. So many skilled in such work is there not?

Make no mistake.

People are turned away from any and all foundations, institutions, things of the past and think this New Age of lies, deceptions and embracing earth worship, ever increasing idol worship, paganism, false teachings is the new age of enlightenment and in truth it is only the increasing age of darkness and evil come upon the people, upon the earth. Entering a new mutated Dark Ages.

The censorship of the Word, of God’s ways and truths, of Jesus, of the speaking up and pointing out of our sins, our need for repentance, our insatiable appetite for evil is going to be censored and controlled beyond what anyone wants to believe. It’ll happen right here in America. It already is. It a slow, drip, drip, drip of erosion.

The Nazi’s didn’t incarcerate and murder over 13,000,000 civilian people they deemed a threat, not worthy of living overnight. Or even in a few years. It was a slow system installed to reach an end. While it was happening right before everyone’s eyes and ears, even those in Germany, in Europe witnessing it firsthand, those that would be part of the extermination — refused to believe it was happening, that it could ever happen. No tyranny, no fascism, no dictatorial oppression ever made itself known and clear upon its arrival. In fact, each of those presented themselves as an illuminated, enlightened, better path to follow. Every single time. Don’t believe this? Then take about an hour, not more than 2 hours of your time to learn this truth in the study of real history. Do the homework if doubting this claim.

But do not be overly troubled or worry…

God’s Word will pevail. God’s Word is eternal. God’s Holy Word lives on this earth and will continue to live on in heaven for eternity. Not one word added or removed.

But — in the meantime — the Evil One, appearing as an angel of light, and all his ministers and minions work intently, feverishly, without pause 24/7/365 and in a year such as this 366 to remove God, remove Jesus, remove the Holy Spirit, remove the Holy Scriptures, and or corrupt and pervert all Them and the truth in order to enslave more and more, misled more and more. Remove the truth more and more.

Nothing new. Nothing new under the sun.

But it is all growing in intensity — and support by more and more.

We’re in the spiritual war to top all wars. Are you prepared for battle? Knowing clearly what side you’re on? What is? What is to come?

For there are no partial Christians. None exist that only believe in part, accept in part this of the Word of God, or that, but not this or that or the whole. That do not believe and accept and submit to the whole of the Word of God. No partway Christians. No fifty percent, or eighty percent Christians. It’s either all or you’re not. Not according to me — according to God the Creator, Jesus the Son and Lord and Christ, according to the Word of God.

We all either believe all. Commit to all. Serve all. Live according to all. Obey all or we are not His.

And then therefore we ought to know who we are really serving and bowing to. Even if we don’t want ot face such a truth.

It’s either all in for and with Christ, God, the Holy Spirit and the whole complete inerrant infallible living and active Holy Bible — or not.

And if not? Then we’re serving this world and he who has dominion over it for a season before he is cast into the fiery depths of hell for eternity. Along with the majority who have served him through time. Refusing the truth.

And, it’s writing such words as these that got me suspended from Twitter.

So be it. I declare to serve the Lord. To completely believe the Word of God. To place my trust in Jesus, in God, in the Holy Spirit and have the Scriptures as the lamp unto my feet illuminating the narrow truthful path to eternal life with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all the heavenly hosts.


Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020