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As Religious Influence Ebbs in America, Incivility Increases

  As Religious Influence Ebbs in America, Incivility Increases The Right embraces populist nationalism, the Left embraces identity politics.   Reprinted from: The Patriot Post Written by Louis DeBroux March 22, 2017     Is a post-Christian America a kinder, more tolerant America? It would not seem so. For decades angry progressives have attacked religion […]

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Benzodiazepines Dangers and Lies

                  Introductory comments: Many people happening upon this page might wonder, “What is this doing in a place like this?” THIS is about an epidemic. About a profession, an industry, a nation run amok. The United States of America comprises less than 1/5 of the worlds population […]

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Cloning The Future For Same Sex Marriages!

Introductory comments: The opening sentences of the article below are; “Do you ever sense that it can’t get any worse? Every so often seemingly unrelated events can put the entire quandary into a distinct perspective.” Getting worse? To anyone paying even the slightest attention they can only conclude it is getting worse by the day. […]

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Don’t Put Your Light Under a Basket!

Don’t Put Your Light Under a Basket! Monday, March 20, 2017 Written by: Dr. Michael Brown Reprinted from: American Family Association While some are declaring the Church has lost the culture war, now is no time to give in, give up, or retreat. Faith compels authentic Christians forward. “To our knees, then, in holistic repentance, […]

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