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SPECIAL EDITION: CERN — The Hadron Collider Has Its Foundations In Evil (VIDEOS & ARTICLES)

  SPECIAL EDITION: CERN — The Hadron Collider Has Its Foundations In Evil (VIDEOS & ARTICLES)   The Large Hadron Collider ( LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider, the largest, most complex experimental facility ever built, and the largest single machine in the world. [1] It was built by the European […]

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What Don’t You Get?

  What Don’t You Get?   by Ken Pullen ACP Thursday, July 9th, 2015   What don’t you get about the Iranian nuke deal? The deadlines are meaningless. Each deadline will be pushed back until the ultra-left Islamist sympathizing anti-American Barack Hussein Obama White House and the anti-American U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sign […]

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The Only Antidote: The Power of the Spirit

    The Only Antidote: The Power of the Spirit   By McMahon, T.A. June 1, 2015   These are troubling times for every born-again Christian. The apostasy seems to be increasing exponentially. Biblical Christians are having greater difficulty finding churches that preach and teach the Scriptures. Extra-biblical content has captured the imaginations of growing […]

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The World Is Broken

  In This Edition: Jonathan Cahn: ‘Follow Baal and go to hell’ ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: Words of Caution The Harbinger-A Matter of Critical Discernment Israelis Who Hate Israel – and the Christians Who Fund Them The Great Falling Away: Christians Leaving The Faith In Droves ‘The Time Is Coming That Whoever Kills You Will Think That […]

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Apostasy, Firsthand

  Apostasy, Firsthand   by Ken Pullen ACP Friday, April 10th, 2015   I have a Facebook account, but it is used solely for posting this website, “A Crooked Path” and I do not use it for any other purpose. At various times, because I am not enthralled with the whole idea of Facebook being […]

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So…you really believe this world will still exist 100 years from now?

In This Edition: Hundreds of ‘Churches’ to Celebrate ‘Evolution Sunday’ as Others Celebrate ‘Creation Sunday’ Ford Contractor Says He Was Fired for Speaking Against Company’s Support of Homosexuality Barack Hussein Obama’s Comparison of Islamic Terrorism to the Crusades Receiving Heavy Backlash Students opposed to Homosexual, Lesbian, Trans-Gender, and Bi-Sexual agenda shamed in classroom Blaming the Jews for […]

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