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Europe: The Great White Death?

  Europe: The Great White Death? by Drieu Godefridi September 24, 2017  Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11044/europe-white-death     It will take only 30 to 40 years for the Muslim population to become the majority in Europe. — Charles Gave, French financier, website of the Institut des Libertés. What is of concern, is that there […]

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Thousands Of People Around The World Are Willingly Implanting The Mark Of The Beast In Their Bodies

  PREFACE — THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE FOLKS! I am reprinting the following article in its entirety because it is timely and important in documenting where our world is, and where it is headed. That said though DO NOT BE DECEIVED! DO NOT POLLUTE KNOWLEDGE AND THE WORD WITH WHAT WORLDLY WRITERS ARE WRITING, […]

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Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips

  © The Associated Press Self-described “body hacker” Jowan Osterlund from Biohax Sweden, holds a small microchip implant, similar to those implanted into workers at the Epicenter digital innovation business centre during a party at the co-working…   Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips By JAMES BROOKS, Associated Press April 6,2017   The […]

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Europe: Combating Fake News

  Europe: Combating Fake News by Fjordman April 1, 2017 Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10037/no-go-zones-europe If present demographic trends continue, in a few decades, native Swedes could easily become a minority in their own country. Swedish ambulance personnel want gas masks and bulletproof vests to protect their staff against the escalating attacks, similar to equipment […]

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Islam, Not Christianity, is Saturating Europe

  Islam, Not Christianity, is Saturating Europe by Giulio Meotti March 26, 2017 Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute — Europe Editon https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9954/islam-christianity-europe Jihadists seem to be leading an assault against freedom and against secular democracies. Sunni Islam’s most prominent preacher, Yusuf al Qaradawi, declared that the day will come when, like Constantinople, Rome will be Islamized. It is […]

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President Trump Is Right: What’s REALLY Going On In Sweden (VIDEO)

Introductory comments: If one can shut out all the mass hysteria, illogical and irrational rantings and blathering and get to the facts one discovers President Trump was right. Sweden is a cesspool filled with problems directly resulting from un-vetted, unbridled open immigration of Islamists into Sweden (Europe) from countries and states such as Libya, Syria, […]

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News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries: March 10th, 2017 — Immigration

News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries: March 10th, 2017 — Immigration   March 10th, 2017 In a speech in Florida last month, President Trump referred to the problems Sweden is experiencing because of its lax immigration policies. As usual, there was an immediate mainstream media and social media response. Both ridiculed the President and his […]

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